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Columbian Nuns Kill Thief
Columbian Nuns Kill Thief

Reported in The Washington Times, July 25, 1999
Aug 1999

BOGOTA, Colombia-- Two Roman Catholic nuns shot and killed a thief who broke into their sanctuary in central Colombia, authorities said yesterday.

The nuns, who have not been named, shot the intruder in the head with a .38-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver after they heard strange noises in the corridors of the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Miracles, the patron saint of aviators.

Police said the shooting occurred Wednesday night at the cloister in the city of Tunja but only gave details yesterday after releasing the two nuns on bail.

A police spokesman in Tunja said nuns at the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Miracles began nighttime patrols early this year following seven previous break-ins during which chickens and some religious relics were stolen.