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According to sworn testimony, 911 recordings, and eyewitness accounts, the librarian at Columbine High School had several minutes inside the library BEFORE the gunmen entered and started shooting--time in which she could have accessed a securely-stored shotgun.  Several adults were in both the cafeteria and the library who could have put a quick end to the assault on our children.  Ten children were shot to death in cold blood in that library, and one well-trained teacher could have prevented every last one of those deaths with a couple of well-placed shots of buckshot to the faces of those murderers as they entered the room.

There are people in our society who would rather have TEN DEAD CHILDREN than have a cool-handed librarian blow two punks' heads off of their worthless shoulders.  We consider such people very unstable and irrational individuals and a threat to our free society.

Angel Shamaya
Director, Keep And Bear Arms .com