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Posted on 05/16/2000 07:58:33 PDT by Texas Mom

This morning, I was no more than awake, still in my nightgown and robe having my morning coffee, when my dog started barking. It was one of those, " there is someone in my yard" barks, so I paid attention and went to check.

There at the door, I saw through the storm door, was a young man I would imagine to be around thirtyish, nice looking, clean clothes who looked kind of startled when he saw me, but then gave me a big smile and asked to use my phone, his car had broken down. I didn't open the storm door but talked through it and I told him to give me the number, I would dial it and make the call for him.

He stuttered and stammered and said that would be okay but could he use my bathroom.

I said, "nothing personal dear, but with all the crazy things going on, no," he could not use my bathroom. I wasn't about to let him in the house. He then asked for a glass of water. I thought this was strange since he had just told me he was about to wet himself. I told him to go around the corner, he was a guy, he could pee outdoors.( a bit crude huh?) Told him to get a drink at the hose at the side of the house. He mumbled something and walked away.. I closed the door but had a really uneasy feeling. I sort of half expected him to come back to use the phone. I called my son who lives on the other side if town and he said he would come over. It would take him 10 minutes if there wasn't a trian.

The next thing I know, the dog is barking again. This time at the back of the house. I looked out the back window and he was in my back yard. Usually people are intimidated by the dog but not this time.

I have a fenced in back yard with a gate. We have a fire place and my husband has a pile of cut wood in the back yard, some logs and some kindling. He had picked up one of the smaller pieces if wood and was just standing there. Like he was 'thinking' of what his next move would be. I went and got my handgun and just stood at the window, with my handgun in one hand, I tapped on the window with the gun (not pointed but wanted him to see it.) and the telephone at my ear. He dropped the wood and ran. I called 911 and gave them a description and told them what happened.. They were here within minutes and found him about a block away. He did have a record for breaking and entering and had spent time in prison.

Maybe I was just paranoid,and over reacted. I don't know what he had in mind, or if my life was in danger but I think the sight of the gun did get the message across that this was no ordinary grandma he was dealing with here. My theory is he was thinking of breaking in and was surprised to find someone at home. Most of the people on this street work, and most of the homes are unoccupied at this time of day. My car is in the garage and the door was shut, so it looked like no one was here either. He just picked the wrong house this time. By the way, there was no broken down car in the area but one in perfect running order.

My heart is still pounding a hundred miles a hour...

I saw a sign once that said," I don't call 911" . Does anyone know where I can get one for my door?