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A Pastor's Perspective

A Pastor's Perspective
by Pastor Roger Margerison

As the pastor of a Baptist church I get asked often why I am anti-gun control. I usually tell the asker that I do believe in gun control and it is getting more difficult the older I get, what with my eyes going bad like they are. I can still hit what I aim at though.

People have a terminal misconception about what the Bible says about gun control. Peter did not carry a Glock or Uzi but he did carry a sword. Jesus was told by a disciple on the way to the Garden that they had two swords. He did not tell them to take them off. The disciples were in the habit of carrying arms as they went around with Jesus. They traveled in a dangerous place (much like Wash. DC) with lots of bad guys that wanted to relieve them of their coin. Since Jesus knew all things he knew they did this. This is the Jesus that could turn a bandit into a pizza if he wanted to but he chose to allow the disciples to take care of their own protection.

Peter was going to defend the Master. Good thing for the Chief Priest's servant that Peter was too occupied for good aim. Peter was trying to remove his head but the target ducked and lost an ear. Jesus then told Peter to put up his sword. He did not tell him to discard his sword.

I can conclude from this that Jesus did not believe in gun, uh, sword control.

Roger Margerison, Pastor