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Experiential Training in the Three Crucial Areas of Personal Safety

Warriors Integrated Training in Self-Defense (WITS) is a series of three intensive trainings in self-reliance: one in physical self-defense, another in wilderness survival, and the third in defensive shooting. Started in 1987 by Harley "Swiftdeer" Reagan, a martial arts master and expert shooter, the program has taught hundreds of men and women to be alert, powerful, and -- through their wilderness survival section -- attuned to Nature. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, WITS consists of three rigorous extended weekends that may be taken individually or as a series.

The Physical Self-Defense Training.

March 21-25, 2001 and consists of two simultaneously classes: men's and women's.

The men's course is in effective street self-defense techniques, as would happen in a male to male confrontation. In the women's course the participants spend class time learning the psychological profiles of rapists, what their methods of stalking or attack are and the best ways to avoid being targeted.

The next four days is physical training for both men and women to learn the techniques to stop the attack and get away.

There is an excellent support staff. The male instructors have high martial arts rankings and street fighting experience. There is a separate staff of "attackers" wearing protective equipment for the final segment of the course. The participants can refine their techniques under instructor supervision with full contact strikes on these padded "attackers".

These self defense techniques are the very best of Dr. Reagan's 40 years of martial arts experience, combat during Vietnam with First Force Recon Battalion of the U.S. Marine Corps and law enforcement officer career. The training for his rape awareness seminars came from his thesis on psychological profiles of rapists, which included interviews of hundreds of convicted rapists and their victims.

Even though he is a superb martial artist, he knew it took years of training to become proficient to be used as a form of self-defense. The average person does not take the necessary time to become proficient. With his students, he worked out techniques that any person -- no matter what their physical stature -- could use to stop an attack.

The training is carefully designed to instill graduates with a greater sense of physical power and a corresponding boost in self-confidence.

The Wilderness Survival Training.

Scheduled for April 11-14, 2001, teaches participants not only to survive, but to thrive in Nature. What makes this program stand out is the experience and approach of its leader, Bruce Beck. Trained by his father, a survival instructor in the Navy, Bruce started teaching survival in 1978. After ten years of teaching he noticed a missing element in most survival courses: the attitude and mindset necessary for survival in the wild. He recently changed his course name from Wilderness Ways to Ability: Wilderness Survival.

More than a course in techniques, this program models alignment with the elements and a highly creative "free thinking" approach to problem solving. Techniques of primitive and modern survival are taught with an emphasis on understanding how the elements of survival work. Five days and four nights of outdoor camping in primitive conditions train students not only how to build shelters, make fire, find food and water, and make use of natural materials, but also how to invent their own solutions to unforeseeable challenges.

With terrain experience ranging from Louisiana swamps to Arizona deserts and Colorado Mountains, Bruce imparts crucial knowledge about the physical needs of the human body in extreme climates and conditions learned as an Emergency Medical Technician. Trained assistants help participants learn and integrate during this challenging adventure into the great outdoors.

The third course, Firearms Training, is set for May 23-27, 2001. Excellent not only for beginners but also for experienced shooters, this training develops students' mindset, gun handling and marksmanship. The course includes class instruction and four full days of practice on a live shooting range include training with handguns, shotguns, rifles and carbines.

Like the Wilderness Survival course, this program emphasizes mind set as the most determinative factor in surviving a crisis situation. Students are taught to deal with panic through rigorous mental preparation. Beginners receive careful, expert instruction in stances, gun presentation, shooting structure, trigger control and tactics. Experienced shooters gain marksmanship and guidance in the finer points of master shooting.

Home defense, gun storage, and safety, safety safety are also covered in depth.

Instructors include Range Master Harley Reagan, and Assistant Range Master Dianne Reagan, his wife, and the 1999 American Handgunner Ladies Stock Gun World Champion, Porsche Lynn. Most staff assistants are Gunsite graduates. All participants will receive a full Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) course with certification, which also benefits students from other states with reciprocity agreements.

All three courses are rich in challenge, experience and adventure. The staff that has been assembled has worked together for many years in various capacities, adding an extraordinary depth and teamwork to their extensive experience.

The Fourth Step in Personal Security is to Contact Us for Information.

Learn more about WITS and its world class staff at, by emailing, or by calling 480-443-3851.