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Coward Crimes

by Jeff Rau


We hear from certain groups of people that we need hate crime laws. The people who commit these crimes are not ashamed of the fact that they hate and that is only one reason hate crime laws don't work. We need to place a real stygma on cowardly acts. We need to show for the record that these people are cowards.

What is the criteria for a coward crime? Taking undo advantage of weapons, numbers, or frailty of their prey is cowardly and helps define coward crime legislation. 

When a person takes advantage of using a weapon against someone who is unarmed, that is one example of a coward crime. 

Using 3 people to attack one victim is an act of cowardice and should be dealt with appropriately. 

Young strong men showing their cowardice by attacking people obviously physically unable to defend themselves are cowards, and society and the law should label these dirtbags appropriately.

The 15 year old who came to school with a gun and shot his fellow students is a coward. Of course we all remember the Colorado Cowards from Columbine. Let everyone know that if they commit such cowardly crimes, they will be punished and they will carry the title of coward for the rest of their lives.

Anyone who wants to know a good way to stop hate crimes should read how a black man protected himself from 3 white men and a pit bull. Way to go black man with a gun :-).  BTW, no one got shot.