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Federal Prosecutor Responds to Bob Stewart's Motion to Dismiss Defective Indictment
Mr. Stewart responds in kind.

from Angel Shamaya

Bob Stewart's back and forth paper war with the federal prosecutor attempting to help him go to prison continues. Trial date is still set for May 25, 2001 in the district court in Phoenix, Arizona, in Judge Roslyn O. Silver's courtroom. We now have confirmation from interested people from several states who intend to sit in as witnesses, and we'd still like to fill the courtroom.  (25 May 2001, 10:00AM, Judge Silver's courtroom in Phoenix, downtown federal courthouse, 230 N. 1st Ave. @ Van Buren, SW corner)

Background Information

BATF raids gun-kit manufacturer
.50-cal. gun-kit maker released
Court Rules Against Bob Stewart -- Says Kit is a "Gun"
Motion for Suppression of Search Warrant to be Submitted (later refused)
Maadi-Griffin Parts Kits
Gun Kit Maker Challenges ATF's, Court's Jurisdiction  
Federal Government Responds to Gun Kit Maker's Challenge of Jurisdiction
(most recent filings, to which the following documents are responses and counter-responses)

Federal Government's Response to Defendant's Motion to Dismiss Defective Indictment

Most notable in this federal prosecutor's response is his attempt to US. vs. Miller against Mr. Stewart -- an attempt that not only fails but helps invalidate the false assumptions many misinformed anti-gun people assume about the case. (Page 8)  Also noteworthy is the suggestion by federal prosecutor Welty that the court has personal jurisdiction over Mr. Stewart simply for Mr. Stewart having graced the court with his presence. Following are links to the 8 page federal response to Mr. Stewart's previous motion:

Alleged Accused's (Bob Stewart's) Reply to Alleged Plaintiff's Response to Alleged Accused's Motion to Quash the Defective Indictment

Mr. Stewart's 16 following pages range from funny to explosive to borderline insane (by mainstream standards). He deals with each refusal, dismissal and false quote on the part of federal prosecutor Welty, in direct response to the above. If you do not wish to download each scanned image numbered 1-16 below, MS Word and Word Perfect documents follow, for much faster download: