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on "On Target" Thursday

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October 24, 2002

Angel Shamaya, Founder/Executive Director of, has been invited to appear on "On Target" with John Bender today. "On Target" is a Radio Free Republic production. Mr. Bender is the Founder of Seniors United Supporting the Second Amendment. His weekly broadcast can be heard through any computer hooked up to the internet and wired for sound.

DATE:           Thursday, October 24
         9 PM to 10 PM Eastern time. 
TUNE IN: (Click "Listen Live".)

Likely topics may include:

* the cowardly Beltway murderer and what the gun prohibitionist fanatics are trying to do as a result

* why so-called "ballistics fingerprinting" is not only a waste of time, energy and money but is dangerous to a free society

* other recent events in and around the nation showing what's being done to subvert our right to keep and bear arms and what's being done to stop it

See you there. Bring a friend.