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We Cherish Our Second Amendment Rights, Or Do We?

We Cherish Our Second Amendment Rights, Or Do We?

Gun Owners Talk A Good Game; Do Their Actions Show That They Really Mean It?

By John Brantuk, Candidate for Assembly

October 29, 2002

We gun owners are an independent lot. One of the things which draw us to own personal firearms is our sincere desire to be able to take care of ourselves. Unfortunately, as much as we’d like government to just leave us alone, the busy-body career politicians we have allowed to take office just can’t seem to stop trying to restrict and even eliminate our Rights in order to increase their own power and control over our lives.

...because my opponent has publicly stated that "private ownership of guns should be eliminated!"

I am running for the 56th California Assembly District. Now before you stop reading this because you don’t live in my district, or even in California, I want you to recognize that what happens in the 56th district, and in the state of California, will affect YOU! It will impact you either now (if you live in California), or later (if you live outside of California) because California tends to set trends which then roll across the continent like a tidal wave of bad ideas.

Most pro-gunners are aware that our Second Amendment Rights are under assault in California like never before. We have an election coming up in a few days which will set us up to either lose more (or all!) of our freedoms and Rights, or will send a message that we’ve had enough! 

"I can't stress this strongly enough -- John Brantuk is that rarest of creatures in politics -- one  of us -- one of We the People -- a citizen who has shown the courage to stand up and be counted in a bold attempt to make a difference . . . I'm convinced that John has the ability to pull off a major upset in a traditionally democrat-dominated district -- provided we make a commitment to give him our support."

-- David Codrea, co-founder and director for the national pro-rights media campaign, Citizens of America, and an advisor and contributor for  His professional writing is featured often in Guns and Ammo magazine.  Additionally, he is the national coordinator for A Petition for the Enforcement of the Second Amendment.


The Knucklehead Caucus in Sacramento continues to weave a spider’s web of laws and regulations designed to give them more control over our lives. Most of these anti-freedom, anti-Second Amendment bills are passed by only one or two votes! Sending just ONE new pro-Second Amendment citizen representative to the Assembly would create a TWO-vote shift in the outcome of these bills! Keeping another anti-gun career politician from taking office would cause them to LOSE one vote, while electing a pro-gun citizen would ADD one vote to our side!

Were we gun owners serious about keeping and restoring our Second Amendment Rights, we would take every legal action we could in order to make that happen. We would register to vote, we would ALWAYS cast our vote, we would drag other people of like mind to the polls with us to make sure they vote, and we’d support our pro-gun candidates with our time, our labor, and our money.

I am not a politician. I am simply a citizen who has come to realize that if I continue to wait for someone else to make things better, it will never happen. So I have stepped up to the plate; I have closed my business, my family and I have invested everything we have, and we have dedicated our lives to the pursuit of this office, not so much because I have aspirations for elected office, but because my opponent has publicly stated that “private ownership of guns should be eliminated!” We MUST NOT ALLOW this to happen!

I am extremely angry! All we who are acting on our beliefs instead of just watching from the sidelines should be angry! The anti-rights people, they act in concert, they contribute to their causes. But our side? Our people seem to just want to complain, because they surely don’t seem to be willing to help.

There are at least 10 million gun owners in California alone. If each of them would give just the price of a box of .30-06 purchased at Wal-Mart, we would have a war chest of 150 million dollars! The anti-rights people would be history.

Ask yourself; how serious are YOU about holding on to your Second Amendment Rights? Are YOU serious enough to contribute the price of your next planned gun purchase? Have you set a little money aside toward buying another gun, or a scope, or some reloading equipment? Are you serious enough to defer that purchase and instead contribute the money to a pro-gun candidate? Are you serious enough about this to (at the very least) contribute the price of a box of .30-06 ammo?

If you really are serious, Click here and contribute what you can to help elect John Brantuk in the fight for freedom, the Second Amendment, and less government intrusion into our lives.

Remember there are only a few days left before the election – we must act now if we want to make a positive change.

If you’d like to review John Brantuk’s pro-gun, pro-liberty credentials please visit his web site at or read David Codrea’s open letter at's_Letter.htm. John Brantuk can be reached at