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Innocents Betrayed Documentary a Must-Own for Every Family

$5 of Purchase Goes to Support

from Angel Shamaya

September 22, 2003

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has finally come out with their long-awaited documentary, Innocents Betrayed. To sum up the impact of this film, imagine a rapidfire hourlong flood of factual data proving again and again that gun control has been a precursor to genocide for over a century, including here in America. No other documentary in the history of documentaries has focused solely on the equation that gun control leads to mass extermination of innocent, trusting civilians. This film has been a LONG time coming.

During the development phase of Innocents Betrayed, proudly gave $1,000 to the effort. This was at a time when our organization was the only organization raising funds for the Silveira v. Lockyer second amendment lawsuit now before the Supreme Court. That's how important we consider this film to be. Every family's video archive should have a copy of Innocents Betrayed. Every family in America should see this film -- especially the children, as future voters and current brainwashees of the anti-gun government "school" indoctrination system.

And now, Aaron Zelman of JPFO has offered to allow to use the video to help recoup some of our investment in their important work. Every purchase via the links below will result in $5 being donated to KABA by JPFO.

BUY NOW: Innocents Betrayed VHS $29.95 JumpStart

BUY NOW: Innocents Betrayed DVD $29.95 JumpStart

BUY NOW: Innocents Betrayed VHS plus Book $41.90 JumpStart

BUY NOW: Innocents Betrayed DVD plus Book $41.90 JumpStart

Buy this video/DVD. Watch it. Show it to friends -- especially friends who actually mistakenly think it makes sense for American citizens to disarm.

If you think I'm saying this because our organization gets a small piece of the sale, then forget about helping us with your purchase. Instead of using the above links, go buy it directly from JPFO right here:

At a time when lying gun prohibitionists like Michael Moore are given Academy Awards for inventing "facts", we simply desire a proliferation of the stark and scary truths presented in Innocents Betrayed. Thank you Aaron Zelman, Richard Stevens, Claire Wolfe and the many, many other people who helped make it happen.