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Injustice in Maine!

by Scott A. Campanaro

November 14, 2003 -- There may be a Ruby Ridge/Waco type situation brewing up in Maine. Will it be a standoff followed by a bloodbath? 

There is a woman in Maine doing her best to keep her home. Some statist thugs at City Hall have decided she shouldn't live there anymore. With a few friends (about a dozen) who are standing by her side, Dottie LaFortune is saying “NO” to a corrupt city government that refuses to follow Maine state law and grant her a jury trial. The city fathers have instead found it easier to brand her as a crank and use administrative fiat in an attempt to deprive this woman of her Home. Dottie is not a crank. She knows that even if heard in court she may not win. She has told me, the Police Chief, and others that if she loses in court she will leave her home even though she still believes her cause is just. All she has wanted is for her case to be heard in court. 

The details of this contention between Dottie and those Civil Serpents will follow with appropriate links. To be fair, much of it will be familiar to those of you who have read James Bovard, Vin Suprynowicz, or the pages in which you are now reading this. It is about property rights and a woman who will not roll over for the State. 

Having seen her mother evicted (and die shortly thereafter) in similar shenanigans, Dottie will not go quietly. She has sworn that she will fight... and I believe her. I honor her courage. 

If she does fight she may do well. Dottie has food and supplies laid up. She will be able to hold out... for a while. Will we then see her burned out of her home?

As of 1330hrs EST on Wednesday the 12th of November Dot was served with a 48-hour notice to ‘vacate’ her home. She says she will not comply. Anytime after noon on this Friday -- today -- Biddeford, Maine may become a part of history - for good or ill. 

This is not a ‘Militia’ alert - Nor a call to Arms. 

There are no Leaders. 

Each one of you must decide for yourself what to do and how to do it. 

I wish, sometimes, that is were possible to go back in time and make a difference at Ruby Ridge or Waco. I now have 20/20 hindsight and my ‘vision’ haunts me with over a Hundred Americans dead. We didn't know what was going on then. Well, we Know now. 

The INFO: 

Dottie’s email and info:

22 Graham St Biddeford, ME
207.283.3130 207.590.6646 [cell] 

Dot's own words and those of her Private Investigator Phil Castora... as well as other info: 

Dot's website:  

Local News that manages to get a lot of it wrong:  

Here are two forums that will display current info and situation reports as they develop:  

The MDP-Militia info per this issue and a related one a few miles away at KT Ordinance in New Hampshire



0220HRS 14NOV2003 

I have spoken with Dottie and Phil (her Private Detective) a few hours ago and they were hopeful about a peaceful resolution of her situation. 

The Police Chief of Biddeford has personally assured Dottie and Phil that he will not attempt to evict her until he can determine some more of the details of her case (and the fact that she has a City issued tax receipt from May 2003 for the house the city sold to someone else in 2002 seemed to give him pause). 

It really comes down to this critical question: will someone at City Hall or the State House show some common sense? 

Note: on the above links Floyd Shackelford is listed as the coordinator of the Mutual Defense Pact Militia (which was instrumental in getting this information out and coordinating communications). 

Do NOT contact Floyd. 

Due to personal circumstances Floyd has had to give up his coordinating activities. He is deserving of our gratitude and did great work for the (unfortunately) short time he helped out. I am sure that the ‘Stanleys’ will soon announce a new coordinator. 

As an aside, the ‘Lame-stream’ media is also seeming to show an interest. Though they mostly seem interested in a potential “Bloodbath” rather than the injustice of Dottie's plight. Perhaps the media attention will keep the City Fathers on the straight and narrow.