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By Marc Montoni

On Sunday, May 9, the "Million Mom March" (MMM) will try to convince Congress that all gun owners are a danger to society.  Handed several million dollars worth of free publicity by a compliant media, and with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of organizational support by the Brady Campaign, Essence magazine, the government, and other anti-self-defense organizations, these "moms" are trying to see to it that both the Second Amendment and everyone's right to defend themselves and their homes become a thing of the past.

MMM wants to renew the "Assault Weapons Ban", implement mandatory trigger locks, one-gun-a-month purchase limits, licensing of all gun owners, and registration of all guns.  Their ultimate goal is confiscation of all privately held guns.

Women across America confront a serious question:  Do you want your right to defend yourself taken away?  Do the women marching against firearms
speak for you?  Do you want those who oppose your right to self-defense deciding what's best for your family and your future?

If not, attend the "Second Amendment Freedoms for Everyone Rally" (SAFER), sponsored by the Second Amendment Sisters.

Readers who didn't know of this counter-rally can hardly be blamed.  Media coverage of the pro-confiscation march has been expansive and generous -- but the Second Amendment Sisters rally has been given hardly a mention anywhere.  On the few occasions the SAFER rally does see some print space, rarely is it more than the obligatory single-sentence mention of some vague "opposition rally", with no further details given.

MMM organizers are hiding their gun confiscation agenda under the guise of "Child Safety."  Their claim is that "almost 14,000" American children have died from gun violence since the first time the two groups squared off in 2000.

However, MMM pads its statistics by using the term "children" to include people as old as 21 years, many of whom died while involved in criminal activity.

The Second Amendment Sisters point out that ninety percent (90%) of all violent crime takes place without the presence of a gun.  Further, armed citizens prevent over 2 million crimes per year.

The Second Amendment Sisters formed in 2000 in response to the first "Million Mom March."  The Sisters and SAFER participants call on the government to support the right of women and all other Americans to have access to the best means of self-defense available: firearms.

Unlike the well-oiled and covertly government-funded anti-gun machinery now aggressively stalking Americans' right of self-defense, the Second Amendments Sisters is a grass-roots organization whose activities are funded and performed by volunteers.  Second Amendment Sisters says that as interested people have heard about the group, many have offered their time, money, and other support.

The SAFER rally will take place at Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets, starting at 11am and concluding at 3pm.  Men and children are also invited; this is not solely a women's event.

For more information on the SAFER rally, visit the Second Amendment Sisters' web site:

The SAS knows that the SAFER rally will be closely watched.  Supporters are asked to leave their guns - or even empty holsters, toys, replicas, ammunition, air guns, or anything else of a symbolically similar nature - at home.  Aware that a hostile media tends to portray gun owners as stereotypical buffoons, the SAS is determined to show the public that such portrayals and the resulting perception are just plain wrong.

The Second Amendment Sisters knows it must be eternally vigilant against groups like MMM who wish to disarm all Americans and leave them defenseless against both tyrants and criminals.  More women are arming themselves every year, obviously realizing that they can rely on no one to provide for their safety -- and the safest, most effective means of self-defense is a firearm.

It's ironic -- the crime perpetrated upon the disarmed innocent in the nation's capital should serve as a poignant reminder of the harm gun laws do.  That every American should be forced by their own government to lie prostrate to the mercies of every criminal is a sad state of affairs - one the Second Amendment Sisters plan to protest, and loudly.  Join them, if you would save your rights.


Marc Montoni, a telecommunications professional, resides in Shenandoah County, and was the 2001-2002 chairman of the Libertarian Party of Virginia.