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Boeing: Having a Gun Means You're Highly Prone to Violence
but they make products designed to destroy whole villages

by Angel Shamaya

The Boeing Corporation is a major employer in this country - 51,000 people just in St. Louis and an estimated 205,000 companywide.  As the world's largest military aircraft manufacturer, Boeing has delivered more than 130,000 military aircraft and 8,700 missiles to the U.S. government and international customers.1  Their product line includes things like the V22 Osprey, the F/A-18 Hornet, the Apache helicopter, and the famous B52 Bomber that carries forty-five 500 pound conventional bombs - or a nuclear arsenal capable of destroying any major city on the planet.2

Some of their weapons of mass destruction are for sale to other countries.

But according to a Boeing report for management entitled Managing Threats and Incidents of Violence in the Workplace: a Guide for Managers, "possession of a weapon" places you in a category called HIGH RISK.  From this report, carrying a firearm (intended solely for self-protection, mind you, not blowing up cities) "is behavior that is dangerous and requires immediate intervention and assistance." (Page 8)

It is okay for this multinational corporation to design, develop, market and sell firepower that could be used to kill millions of people with a few pushes of a button, but an employee who chooses to exercise their natural and constitutional right to self-defense on an individual level "is dangerous."

And you thought Rosie was hypocritical.