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To: President-elect George Walker Bush
Via fax to the Texas Governor's Mansion
(512) 463-1849

From:  Angel Shamaya
Executive Director,
A national organization based in Arizona and run by a Texan
(phone withheld for internet publication)

(This letter was faxed to the Governor's Mansion in Austin, Texas at 12:40pm on November 8th after a detailed call with Governor Bush's office and a specific request to lay forth the following allegations in writing to the Governor.)

Dear Sir,

We have grave reason to believe that a non-violent coup is being attempted to wrongfully deprive you of the Presidency. This message is urgent, sir.

I hereby notify you that our organization is unwilling to concede a Gore Presidency without a complete recount nationally and an in depth investigation into the two following deeply troubling revelations, either of which, when authenticated, offers valid reasons to withhold any concession of the Presidency of the United States of America.

1)  There is valid proof that the Clinton-Gore administration has bolstered its numbers in at least the pivotal state of California -- with absentee ballots cast by illegal aliens who've never been granted citizenship in our country.  If they did it in California, they could easily have done it in Florida. As Florida also contains a high number of illegal aliens, and as Florida is the pivotal state upon which the Presidency rests, we hereby beseech you to investigate this issue before you ever even consider conceding the highest office in our nation.

Articles covering this issue are here: 

2)  The Clinton-Gore administration failed, we are told, to provide absentee ballots to a number of overseas military personnel. Considering the continual infractions of constitutional and civil law and order by this embarrassingly unAmerican administration, and considering the great and alarming damage done by this administration to our beloved nation's military, and considering the closeness of the Presidential election, and considering the fact that we believe that Vice President Al Gore's current marginal lead in the popular vote is bolstered by your not having gotten those military votes, and considering the fact that it is the current administration's shortcoming for not having gotten all military personnel their absentee ballots, Al Gore is not our President. 

Sir, there is enough information relating to the above allegations as to warrant careful and thorough investigations by your closest and most trusted allies in high-ranking overseas military positions. It is safe to say that the predominance of the military vote would go your way, and those votes have been, we have reason to believe, wrongfully withheld from your side of this most crucial ledger.

More information relating to the military absentee ballot farce is here:

In closing, we have posted our own online vote relating directly to the above subject matter, and we have sent out a call to our entire membership and sphere of influence asking them to show support for your taking the above investigations into serious and immediate consideration. (Those votes will be coming in over the next several hours and can be viewed on our home page at  Furthermore, if Gore attempts to take the Presidency without the above items being addressed, we will do everything within our power to create a groundswell of grassroots activity between every gun rights group we can reach in defiance of his position as President until the above items are addressed thoroughly.

Mr. Bush, please do not concede the Presidency of our beloved nation to Al Gore without a thorough investigation of the above.  Too much rides on this one, as I trust you know full well, this administration has the morals and scruples of an alley cat and is certainly not beyond such low tactics -- and we are counting on you to defend the liberties we hold so dear, and most specifically our sacred and foundational individual right to keep and bear arms.

Respectfully, and most sincerely,

Angel Shamaya
Executive Director
(phone withheld for internet publication)