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Gun Control Websites vs. Gun Rights Websites

This report is about an add-on feature you can install and attach to your web browsing software, for reasons provided below. This software tool collects information about your internet activities as explained on the
Privacy Policy of the company's website. Please be sure you read and understand the company's privacy policy before installing the software. If you have installed this software and, after reading the Privacy Policy decide to uninstall it, instructions to uninstall it can be found by clicking here. does not recommend this software, per se, nor does the author of this article. In fact, after being informed by a reader of Alexa's information collection practices, Angel Shamaya dumped this software from his computer and will not be using it again. The Privacy Policy is much more stringent and protective of personal data and can be read by clicking here.

Gun Control Websites vs. Gun Rights Websites

by Angel Shamaya

December 6, 2002

While the anti-gun forces would have you believe they are monumentally significant, a look at the internet traffic to the major websites on each side of the gun cause tells a different story.

There is a unique add-on feature for web browsers that allows you to see this fact for yourself, in real numbers.

The Alexa Toolbar rates websites on the internet based on the traffic they receive. Downloading and installing the toolbar takes about a minute on a 56k modem. Once installed, every website you visit will give you its rank, by number, as compared against every other website on the internet. It also provides quick links to the other websites visited by people who frequent whatever website you're on at the time.

Installing this fascinating, unobtrusive toolbar -- it interfaces with 5.0 browsers and above -- and going to the major gun rights and gun control websites quickly shows you which side garners more web traffic.

You can see for yourself by installing the free Alexa Toolbar by clicking over to their website and downloading it here: The toolbar plug-in is also a really quick way to know how much traffic a news site is getting.  NOTE: If you do not wish to install the Alexa Toolbar but would like to take a look at rankings of any website you choose, their website enables you to do that quite easily. Use the search form on their home page at

Here are some examples of the ratings various gun rights and gun control websites have as of December 6, 2002. As you read the rankings, understand that the lower the number, the more traffic the site gets. For example, is ranked as 1, because they get the most traffic of any website online. The gun prohibitionists' websites are in bold, below, so you can quickly see where they stand.

Maybe we should rename the MMM Klan the Three and a Half Million Ranked Losers.

By the way, kudos are deserved for the good people running and -- they are ranked 41,531 and 46,221, respectively. We recommend each of their sites heartily and hope you'll bookmark each site and use them.