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Because self-defense is a basic human right...

and people need to know the truth about how many people use guns to legally defend life, liberty and property.


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Operation Self Defense Application Form

When managing a project of this size through an information medium as powerful as the internet, one of the key ingredients for success is having the right people for the job. We would rather have X number of people on our team working efficiently, systematically and consistently in a team structure than have twice that many who aren't really on board. When you say you are going to monitor 4 news websites each day, we take your word for it and remove that newspaper from our index of those available to other potential Net Detectives. Therefore, we expect you to keep your commitment.

To be considered for a position on the Operation Self Defense "Net Detective" Team, please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Someone will get back with you as soon as it is convenient. Please be sure you know which available newspapers you would like to monitor.  If you haven't yet made that decision, please visit our Newspapers Index and find a few that suit you before filling out this application form. Thank you...

Future Net Detective, Please Provide Your:

City of Residence:
State of Residence:
Best times to call:
Email address:

This is the email address where you'll receive your confirmation email and to which we will reply. If you put more than one email address in this field, you will not receive a reply.
Optional Email Addresses:
Gun rights affiliations: (KABA, GOA, JPFO, COA, NRA, etc.)
Please list the online newspapers you'd prefer to monitor. Please include the name of each newspaper and the state it's in so we can make sure we find and quickly note that it's yours as soon as your application is approved. If you are going to monitor a paper not listed on our Newspaper Index, please include the website address so we can add it to our system.  Please list only as many as you are certain you can handle.  
How much time will you COMMIT to monitoring the internet for OpSD stories on the below days where you can participate?
On which days of the week will you COMMIT to monitoring the internet for OpSD Stories?
Weekdays Only
Weekends Only
Every Single Day
Additional information:
When you locate an OpSD story that is published as part of this project, do you wish to be publicly acknowledged for having "caught one"? Yes   No
If "yes" to the above, by what name would you like to be acknowledged?
Are you open to being promoted to being a "trainer", a "help desk" person or a "regional coordinator" who interacts with the public in some capacity? Yes   No
Are you open to being a "floater" who will cover newspapers as needed, upon occasion, when OpSD team members take vacations? Yes   No
Please provide the name, email address and phone number of a personal reference. This person should be a second amendment supporter:
(See related FAQ.)
Please explain why you would like to be an Operation Self Defense "Net Detective" and why you would be a valuable member of the team:
Additional comments or questions:

Operation Self Defense
Team Member Agreement

As a member of the OpSD Team I agree to the following terms and conditions:


I completely support the individual right of the people to keep and bear arms in any manner they choose and find any infringement on this basic civil and human right to be abhorrent.


I agree to monitor the news website(s) to which I commit on the days to which I've committed. If something occurs that prevents me from keeping my commitment, I agree to notify Operation Self Defense Directors at the OpSD Team email address -- provided to me when when my application is approved -- as quickly as possible, and to give notice at that same email address when I am again keeping track of my News websites.


I agree to submit OpSD-worthy news items immediately as I find them and to the email address specified by Directors in my application approval notice. I further agree to receive compassionate coaching as needed to hone my skills as a Net Detective.

FRAUD: Fair Warning

Any person seeking to infiltrate the Operation Self Defense team in order to sabotage its success is guilty of violating THE NATIONAL INFORMATION INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION ACT OF 1996 and subject to criminal prosecution. Transmission of this application with intent to defraud Operation Self Defense Directors and staff is considered an act of internet fraud under 18 USC 1030 and will be prosecuted.

Do you agree to the above?


If you check NO, your application will be processed after all YES Applicants are processed and communication will be required.  If you do not agree but would like to be considered for the OpSD team and wish to communicate with an Operation Self Defense Director on this matter, please email with a subject of "AGREEMENT ISSUE". Please be concise, considerate and respectful. Failure to do so will assure that your email is deleted and ignored.

Why are you asking for so much personal information, especially for a reference?

1)  If you are an anti-gun person attempting to sabotage our efforts to bring the truth to our brothers and sisters, we will find out and make sure you regret having done so -- through a variety of creative, legal means.

2)  If you are a pro-gun ally but your answer to the questions don't fully address what we need to know from you, we would like to personally connect with you to make sure all of your questions are answered and that you're clear on what will be expected of you.

If your concern involves the potential for your information to be shared anywhere besides among Operation Self Defense and KABA Directors, please read's very clear and strongly worded Privacy Policy.

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