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Newslinks for Saturday, September 22
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Cruz Clobbered Democrats During Kavanaugh Opener
Gun Control Twist: Saving One Life “Does Not Justify” Right-to-Carry
March For Our Lives Co-Founder Leaves Group
New Industry Statistics Underscore Popularity of “America’s Rifle”
Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Pistols And Pistol Ammo?
Gun Rights Legal Action
NE: Judge's decision calls into question Lincoln ordinance that bans some from possessing firearms
Self-Defense News and Views
IN: Your right to self-defense: 5 things to know about defending yourself in Indiana
SC: Police: Robber Shot in Restaurant Was Self-Defense
News and Views from the Antis
America's gun problem could worsen under US supreme court nominee Kavanaugh
How Many Assault Weapons Do Americans Own?
WI: Middleton shooting shows need for gun restrictions ‘consistent with the Second Amendment’
News from the Campaign Trail
CT: Could Connecticut Flip Under Republican, Bob Stefanowski? Let Hope
GA: NRA Endorses Kemp for Georgia Governor
KS: NRA Endorses Kobach for Kansas Governor
TN: Chris Cox Tells Phil Bredesen to ‘Stop Lying,’ His NRA Rating Is a D Not an A
TN: NRA endorses Republican Bill Lee in Tennessee governor's race
TX: Democrat Beto O'Rourke: 'I fully support the Second Amendment'
Politicians and Legislation
NE: Attend Lincoln City Council Meeting to Oppose Gun Control
The "Authorities"
SC: Women die in flooded van driven by South Carolina deputies
From the States
CA: Pro-Gun Group Protests Ventura County Fair Gun Show Ban
IL: The Future of Gun Sanctuaries

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Newslinks for Friday, September 21
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
America needs Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court – Here’s why
Tested: The Henry Casehardened Big Boy 357 Magnum Rifle
Tom Selleck Steps Down from NRA Board of Directors But Remains a Member
Self-Defense News and Views
MD: Maryland Cops Pulled An Amber Guyger, Only This Time The Resident Shot Police In Self Defense
OK: Armed Woman Fights Off 2 Home Invasion Burglars
News and Views from the Antis
FL: Second Amendment
It's Been a Busy Week for Unfortunate Exercises of Second Amendment Freedoms
Russia's 2016 Twitter Campaign Was Strongly Pro-Gun, With Echoes Of The NRA
News from the Campaign Trail
IA: NRA Endorses Reynolds, Gregg, a​nd Pate
TN: Bredesen ad touts gun rights support as NRA backs Blackburn
TX: NRA Endorses Pete Sessions for U.S. House of Representatives
Politicians and Legislation
PA: WM weighs changing rules about weapon use
WA: Signs in gun shops won’t stop gang shootings
WA: To Protect Second Amendment, Vote Against I-1639
WA: Washington Gun Groups Join with NRA to Fight Against Ballot Initiative 1639
From the States
KS: Kansas Researchers Find Gun Owners Are More Politically Active
LA: After blocking two banks over gun policies, Louisiana commission picks banks for highway projects
MD: The shooter who killed 3 in Aberdeen, Md., was a woman. How unusual is that?
TX: 3D gun trailblazer Cody Wilson now a fugitive, last known to be in Taiwan

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Newslinks for Thursday, September 20
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Drug and gun laws conspire to deprive people of rights
In Search Of… The Perfect Holster
Review: Bravo Concealment OWB Pistol and Magazine Holster Combo
Gun Rights Legal Action
HI: Expected: Hawaii Files For Ninth Circuit En Banc Ruling On Right To Bear Arms
MA: 2A Advocates Sue Massachusetts AG Over Denial of Access to 3D Printed Gun Records
Self-Defense News and Views
GA: Georgia boy, 4, treated for rabies after mom shoots raccoon dead in porch attack
KS: Woman Claims Self-Defense in Boyfriend's Stabbing Death
More Data that Good People With Guns Save Lives
News and Views from the Antis
CA: California Gun Restraining Order Law Rarely Used
FL: Second Amendment must change with the times
FL: Stoneman Douglas 'Red Flag' law used 15 times in Southwest Florida
News from the Campaign Trail
FL: Galvano, NRA Clash Over Anti-Gun Political Contribution
IA: NRA Endorses Reynolds for Iowa Governor
TN: NRA endorses Blackburn in Senate race, launches attack against Bredesen
TN: NRA Endorses Marsha Blackburn for U.S. Senate
Politicians and Legislation
CA: Arcata firearm restriction moves forward
GA: Georgia's Kemp: School safety 'has nothing to do' with guns
From the States
AZ: Concealed carry firearms class to be held Sept. 29
TX: 3D gun pioneer Cody Wilson charged with having sex with minor
WY: Reflections On The Fatal Grizzly Bear Mauling In Wyoming

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September 22, 2018

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You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence. —CHARLES A. BEARD

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