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Flint homeowner shoots and kills teen during alleged break-in, police say (MI)
OpSD --"The homeowner was sleeping when he awoke Tuesday just after midnight to the sound of his home being broken into, police say. The man fired his gun, striking one of the intruders inside the home on Bradley Avenue near Court Street."

Jewelry Store Owner Shoots and Kills Burglar With Shotgun, Suspects Family Speaks Out (TX)
OpSD --"Trevino was facing the owner and holding a hammer in his hand. That’s when the owner fired a single shot that police say killed the suspect instantly."

Newslinks for Wednesday, April 16
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Alarms being raised over new government ammo buys
The Second Amendment right to firearms commerce
Second Amendment Patriot’s Jim Tomes to Speak at NRA Annual Meetings
Grand Funk Railroad's Mark Farner makes no apology for gun rights anthem; says everyone should be 'packing heat'
Industry News
Freedom Group Killing AAC?
New from SIG SAUER: Elite Performance Ammunition
ShootingTheBull410: 9mm Ammo Quest – Winchester Ranger (video story)
Armed Self-Defense vs. Disarmed Defenselessness
MI: Flint homeowner shoots and kills teen during alleged break-in, police say
TX: Jewelry Store Owner Shoots and Kills Burglar With Shotgun, Suspects Family Speaks Out (video available)
Defensive gun reports for the month of March
It Should Have Been A Defensive Gun Use: Florida Bear Attack Edition
Editor's Choice
Ron Paul On Bundy Ranch: Feds Won’t Give Up Easily, May Return With Waco-Like Force
Daily Digest: Death & Taxes Edition
From the Enemy Camp
Dr. Laura Hayes: I’m OK, You’re A Potential Spree Killer
Inside the Twisted Mind of a Gun Control Advocate: President Obama Edition
Michael Bloomberg Is Starting A Gun Control Organization To Take On The NRA
Michael Bloomberg On Gun Control: 'This Is A Battle For The Hearts And Minds Of America'
Michael Bloomberg: 'I Have Earned My Place in Heaven'
The 'public health crisis' that is America's gun culture
Gun Rights Civil Disobedience In the News
CT: Authorities not yet enforcing weapons law
NY: Angry New Yorkers shred gun registrations in deadline day protests
NY: Despite deadline, protesters ‘will not comply’ with SAFE Act
NY: Gun owners shred documents to protest SAFE Act
NY: Report: Up to one million New York gun owners set to disregard gun control law
Shrieking Hysteria From the Antis
Studs packin' heat
AK: Second Amendment enforcer
AZ: Aggressive gun-handler worse than aggressive panhandler
TN: Open-carry firearms are too provocative
Election News and Views
How did John Boehner's opponent get his campaign ad to go viral? Humor. (+video)
AR: Colonel Conrad Reynolds Preparing for 2nd Congressional District Race (video available)
ID: PRIMARY: Back these 6 candidates
NC: NRA endorses U.S. Senate candidate Thom Tillis
PA: Tom Wolf wrong for Pa.
WA: Dueling Gun Initiatives Could Both Pass
WA: Wash. gun control backers plan Wednesday event on heels of poll
WV: Mingo’s Marcum receives ‘A-plus’ from NRA
Politicians and Legislation
‘Small Arms Treaty’ a violation of rights
AK: Big ideas, little support for them: But volatile subjects in Legislature did lead to good public involvement
AK: Coghill’s campus guns bill halted
CO: Castle Rock council approves open carry special election
MO: Senate Debates Bill Nullifying Federal Gun Laws
NY: NY Safe Act's chance of repeal? 'Highly unlikely,' say some behind the effort
TN: Constitutional Open Carry defeated in House committee
The "Authorities"
Bundy Ranch - What You're Not Being Told (video story)
Documents: 'Fast and Furious' guns found their way to El Paso and Columbus, NM
IL: Chicago Police Supt. Blames Lax Gun Laws for Weekend Shootings, Murders
KS: Wichita Cops Take Aim at Black Men
MN: North Mankato cop faces drug charges
NY: Federal Agent Tried to Blame Him for an Accident — Little Did He Know This Key Piece of Evidence Existed
NY: 'I will never know why I got in the car'
OH: Timberlake police chief, officer arrested and jailed in Lake County
PA: Legal experts question prosecuting South Fayette boy for recording bullies

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Newslinks for Tuesday, April 15
Comments and Commentary
Unfolding Sharpton snitch scandal could overshadow Yee allegations
Civil Disobedience Grows as NY “Assault Weapon” Registration Deadline Approaches
Attack at school in Pennsylvania: Mental illness root of problem
Perspectives: That’s why we have the Second Amendment
Industry News
"Smart" Guns, Their Surprising Critics, and Powerful Allies
MAC Confirms TTAG’s Take on the Remington R51 (video story)
Remington Sells Out To NY For $80 Million "Sniper" Rifles Government Contract
TROY Pump Action AR-15 – Another Gun Control State Compliant AR-15
Editor's Choice
On Respect for the Law and Respectable Laws
TTAG Exclusive: Kirsten Joy Weiss Peep Mayhem! (video story)
Court Cases and News
No Justice Stevens, We Don’t Need To “Fix” The Second Amendment
Stevens’ view of Second Amendment: Part denial, part grudge, all wrong?
CA: Courts May Favor New California Gun Rights Push
News and Views from the Antis
America needs to find middle ground on gun control issue
Gabby Giffords: Hold Hearings on 'Preventing Gun Violence Against Women'
Justice Stevens Tries To Solve Gun Crisis The Dumbest Way Possible
Moms Demand Action Demand Safety After KC Shooting
News from the Campaign Trail
CO: Mike Kopp Breaks Down His Agenda After Claiming Top Line At GOP Primary Ballot
MS: As Primary Battle Escalates, Mississippi Tea Party Group Calls On State Chairman To Resign
NC: Grass Roots North Carolina-PVF Alert 4-13-14: Candidate Recommendations
NH: The second coming of Scott Brown
OH: Tea Party Challenger Says Boehner Suffers 'Electile Dysfunction' (video available)
Politicians and Legislation
NY: SAFE Act repeal bills die in Assembly Codes
RI: Rhode Island: Senate & House Committees to Hear Over a Dozen Gun Bills this Week
The "Authorities"
CO: Henry Ford arrested on child sex charges
MI: Kalamazoo County sergeant, who had machine gun in locker, handed $250 fine at sentencing
NJ: NJ Homeowner [Barely] Avoids Jail for Racking Shotgun at Intruders
TX: Denton sheriff deputy charged with official oppression
WV: Former police officer indicted on sexting charge
From the States
IL: ISRA URGENT ALERT: Suburban “town hall meetings” turning into recruitment drives for anti-gun activists
MI: Michigan 2014 Second Amendment March Reminder
NY: Good Morning to New York’s 1 Million New Illegal Gun Owners
NY: Growing pains in gun groups

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California Jewelry Store Owner Wins Gunfight With Armed Robber (CA)
OpSD --"Two armed men attempted to rob the Hardy Nix Jewelry store, but were met with resistance by an armed owner."

Newslinks for Monday, April 14
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Why It’s So Hard to Discuss Guns Rationally With Some People
The “Assault Weapon” Rebellion
Reflections on Fort Hood Redux
Blanchard: ‘I Am The Pastor Of Patriots’
CA: California Jewelry Store Owner Wins Gunfight With Armed Robber
The Power of Gun-Envy in California
Court Cases and News
Gun rights may return to Supreme Court's agenda
Justice Stevens thinks he knows how to 'fix' the Second Amendment
CA: New push on to overturn California 'open carry' ban
CO: Arguments end gun laws trial; case far from over
CO: Controversial gun laws under review by federal judge
Escalating Confrontation Between BLM and Ranchers
News Flash: General Bundy Defeats the FedCoats at Bunkerville!
Why The Feds Chickened Out On A Nevada Ranch
Is Bundy Ranch Standoff A Warm-Up?
From the Enemy Camp
Anti-gun Democrat caught in massive gun-running conspiracy ring: FBI
Broaden the debate
Guns are associated with dramatically increased suicide risk
CT: State's gun law working as intended
Gun Rights Civil Disobedience In the News
As Many As One Million Armed New Yorkers Are About To Break The Law
NY: Deadline leaves N.Y. gun owners with a choice
NY: Deadline looms for SAFE Act assault rifle[sic] registration (video available)
News from the Campaign Trail
ID: Idaho governor candidate A.J. Balukoff spurns NRA questionnaire
PA: Dem governor hopefuls state stances on guns
Politicians and Legislation
New push in state to carry guns openly
MO: Missouri Lawmakers Seek To ‘Nullify’ Federal Gun Laws
TN: Constitutional Carry possible in Tennessee?
TN: Down to the wire: Tennessee lawmakers' schedule crammed in final days of session
The "Authorities"
IL: Country Club Hills To Pay $700K To Settle Wrongful Shooting Suit
NJ: Former Plainfield officer sentenced for six years for sex assault, official misconduct
TN: Knox County Sheriff's Office lieutenant charged with child rape
From the States
GA: Citizens need firearms to defend themselves (second letter)
TX: Legislature likely to debate open carry, campus carry laws next year
TX: Texas' open carry ban linked to 'Wild West' days, similar to more liberal states
VT: Gun control—coming to a town near you

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