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Newslinks for Saturday, March 24
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Ruger LCP II in a Talon Holsters Pocket Holster
Teachers Reject Real-World Solutions, Favor the Impractical
Self-Defense News and Views
Don’t deny young adults the right to armed self-defense
KS: She shot and killed her boyfriend on Kellogg. She won't be going to prison.
KS: Shooting in Wabaunsee County ruled justified self-defense
MN: Permit-to-carry holder shoots, wounds his would-be robber, police say
NH: Florida case illustrates how ‘stand your ground’ can go horribly wrong
OH: Should CCW permit holders intervene?
News and Views from the Antis
A Legal Perspective on the Gun Control Debate
CO: Where Colorado’s School Safety Debate Stands Ahead Of National March For Our Lives
IL: "Together We Stand, Divided We Fall" - The Danger of Politicizing School & Public Shootings
She Thought She’d Shot a Burglar. Then She Realized It Was Her Roommate.
These gun owners thought they were shooting an intruder. They were wrong.
WV: Deep In Gun Country, Students Speak Out On Gun Violence
Politicians and Legislation
AL: Alabama Legislature update: School security, racial profiling and the Ten Commandments
WV: Justice signs bill to allow guns in parked cars at work
From the States
CA: 2018 Traveler’s Guide to the Firearms Laws of the Fifty States
DC: 'March for Our Guns' counter-protest planned next to March for Our Lives rally in DC
MT: On A Day Of Gun Protest, Some Montanans Will March For Their Guns
MT: State Legislator, College Republican To Speak At Helena's 'March For Our Guns'
NY: At this shop in Dryden: Guns, and the people who love them
PA: Rally for Second Amendment at Pike Courthouse

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Newslinks for Friday, March 23
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Can Teachers Protect Our Students?
D’OH: Dana Loesch truth nukes another load of anti-NRA BS from Gavin Newsom (and uses OBAMA to do it!)
Holocaust historian explores Jews that resisted Nazi power during talk Thursday
How the Black Panthers Inspired California’s Strict Gun Laws
Maryland School Shooting Complicates the School Safety Movement
The Second Amendment rights of more than 4 million Americans are at risk thanks to Republicans in Congress
Self-Defense News and Views
VA: Judge rules self-defense in dog shooting case
WI: Milwaukee concealed carrier who killed carjacker acted in self defense
News and Views from the Antis
MD: Ban high velocity weapons to end mass shootings
NE: Purpose of the Second Amendment
PA: More Guns Not the Answer
SC: Greenville gives permit for March for Our Lives; Second Amendment rights picketing also planned
Politicians and Legislation
AL: Senate Delays Vote on Church 'Stand Your Ground' Law
MI: Hoitenga's pepper spray bill heads to governor
NJ: Next Monday Will be a Big Day in Trenton
OK: Faith And Firearms: Oklahoma Churches And Legislators Grapple With Security In Age Of Mass Shooters
WY: Wyoming Governor Explains Not Signing 'Stand Your Ground' Bill
From the States
AK: Nationwide gun sales net major funding for Alaska wildlife conservation projects
FL: Florida Carry’s Inaugural Second Amendment March 2018
IL: Let gun owners carry on school grounds
News and Views From Abroad
Australia: Australian Gun Control Means No Self Defense with Firearms
Ukraine: Now Prohibited in Ukraine’s Parliamentary Chamber: Weapons

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Newslinks for Thursday, March 22
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
6 Hot New Guns from Taurus USA in 2018
Fix NICS Bill Would Help Block Gun Sales to Peaceful People
I’m a High School Senior. We Can Make Schools Safer Without Curbing Gun Rights.
The Contradiction of Being a Young Adult
Self-Defense News and Views
NE: Prosecutors say stabbing was in self-defense
TX: Son allegedly kills father while defending his mother in NE Harris Co.
News and Views from the Antis
A gun debate compromise: let cities and rural areas pass different laws
FL: March For Our Lives wants to take student activism to another level
GA: Gun owners, anti-assault weapon group join to support ban bill
HI: Kauai rally part of nationwide call for gun reform
Learn the facts about 2nd Amendment -- it isn't without limits
NC: Can’t we just talk about gun legislation?
NC: Safe schools, not gun control, is priority -- there’s a distinction
WA: Seattle pursues gun laws where it can — starting with safe storage
WY: Legislature Toys With Citizens’ Rights
Politicians and Legislation
ID: NRA-backed self-defense bill becomes law in Idaho
LA: The Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus Is Into Gun-Grabbing In This Year’s Legislative Session
From the States
AZ: A gun Tombstone Mayor, Sierra Vista gun shop owner weigh in on debate over gun reform debate
SC: Local GOP hosts NRA spokesperson
VT: Vermont Gun Owners

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March 24, 2018

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