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Newslinks for Thursday, May 24
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Due To Violence His Policies Increased, Obama’s Education Secretary Calls For Boycotting Public Schools
Gun Control Crowd's Goal is Apparent
How To Prove The NRA Is Wrong: Just Make Stuff Up
Gun Rights Legal Action
OH: Ohio men sue over fees attached to concealed carry law
Self-Defense News and Views
Do Teachers Want to go Armed at School?
Self Defense Stories You Don’t See in the Mainstream News
News and Views from the Antis
House members response on Parkland gun policy agenda shows party divide
MI: What are lawmakers doing about security and gun violence?
The Second Amendment allows for more gun control than you think
WA: Second Amendment has its limits
Politicians and Legislation
MA: Despite opposition, 'red flag' gun bill OK'd in House
NJ: Senate Committee Passes Multiple Gun Control Bills
NY: State Senate Judiciary Committee passes gun control bill
OH: House Committee Advances Pro-Gun Legislation to the Floor for Pending Vote
RI: Committee Recommends Two Gun Control Bills for Passage
TX: Haywood’s legislators show support for Second Amendment
TX: Texas Police Chief Doubles Down in War of Words With NRA
The "Authorities"
FL: Uniformed Broward County deputy allegedly stole action figures, 'Fifty Shades Freed' DVD from Walmart
From the States
CA: HMBHS students walkout for Second Amendment
CA: Orange County Fairgrounds Board of Directors to Discuss Future of Gun Show
FL: Split rulings continue on ‘Stand Your Gound’ change
TX: Wichitans gather at church to discuss gun issues, hear from NRA-certified instructor
WI: 2nd Amendment is as relevant in 2018 as when it was written
WY: Amid debate, Wyoming approves Yellowstone-area grizzly hunt

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Newslinks for Wednesday, May 23
Comments and Commentary
‘Almost No One Agrees With Us’: For Rural Students, Gun Control Can Be a Lonely Cause
Are School Shootings a Mountain or a Molehill?
How Scrapping The Second Amendment Would Jeopardize The Entire Bill Of Rights
Obama’s Former Wildlife Chief Doesn’t Speak For America’s Millions Of Sportsmen
What the Millennials Can Learn From History and Tyrants
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
AMMO, Inc. to Present at the 8th Annual LD Micro Invitational
Gun Owners of America: Liberals Have Created ‘Safe Zones’ Where Would-Be Victims Can’t Fight Back
New for 2018: Smith & Wesson M&P45 M2.0 FDE Pistol
Rights Activists Blast Billionaires for Backing another Gun Control Initiative
Tested: Kel-Tec KSG-25 Shotgun
The CMP M1911s: The Inside Story
This S.C. Pawn Shop's New Sign Trolling Dick's Sporting Goods Over AR-15s Is Right on Target
WV: Putnam County Squad is 'The Litttle Rifle Team That Could'
Self-Defense News and Views
More Self-Defense Gun Stories
News and Views from the Antis
Anti-Gun Liberals Attempt Boycott Against Publix
Gun Owners Must Lock Up and Unload at Home
Murphy Takes Aim At Republicans Over Gun Debate, Says School Shooter Killing ‘100 People’ Wouldn’t Bring Them To The Table
Piers Morgan Blasts ‘Idiot’ Ted Nugent Over His School Shootings Theory
Politicians and Legislation
NY: Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Gun Control Bill
RI: Bill Banning Jurors From Considering it Now Moves to the State Senate
From the States
IL: 6 killed, 32 Wounded in Chicago Weekend Violence
IL: Parents Praise New Lake County 4-H Shooting Club: 'I Just Wanted Him to have the Respect'
IL: Student, Lawmakers Discuss Gun control, NRA at League of Women Voters Forum
OH: 'Stand Your Ground' Bill May See House Vote
TX: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to Hold Roundtables on Gun Reform, and Gun Groups are Cautiously Optimistic

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Newslinks for Tuesday, May 22
Comments and Commentary
Are School Shootings a Mountain or a Molehill?
California’s Nullification of the Second Amendment
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
‘It’s Not a Gun-Law Issue’: 18-Year-Old Tells Texas Gov ‘Shooting Is About More Than Firearms’
CCRKBA to Antis: ‘When Will You Blame the Murderers?’
CO: Rifle Club, Gun shop and Jon Caldara Sue Boulder Over Assault-Weapon Ban
Five Things That Won’t Stop School Shootings and the One That Will
Kelly Clarkson Proposes “A Moment of Action” on Guns at The Billboard Music Awards
KS: Thunderbird Tactical Gun Range Closed Less Than a Week After Bank Seeks Foreclosure
NASA Astronaut Mark Kelly: Texas Should have Law Requiring Parents to Lock Up Guns
Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv Defies a Blue Youth Tide
Self-Defense News and Views
MI: Man Stabbed by 13-Year-Old Girl During Failed Abduction, Detroit Police Say
Stupid Is as Stupid Does
FL: Rap Song by Sheriff's Son May Hurt Self-Defense Claim
Meghan Markle’s Nephew Tyler Dooley Caught With Knife in London, Blames Trump
News and Views from the Antis
After Santa Fe Shooting, Have Conservatives Shot Their Wads?
Jim Carrey Slams Kent State Student’s Gun Photo By Posting ‘Devil’ Cartoon
NRATV Host Blames ‘Progressive Culture and Media’ for School Shootings
Sen. Murphy: Right to Keep And Bear Arms Part of 'Imaginary' 2nd Amendment
Politicians and Legislation
CA: Legislators Try Again to Ban Cow Palace Gun Shows
From the States
CA: 18 Guns Were Stolen from a Norwalk Store; The ATF Hopes You Can Help Find Them
FL: County Commission to Vote on More Flexible Rules for Employees to Carry Guns to Work
NJ: Lacey Students have Free Gun Range Training
WI: Survey Shows Views on Gun Control, Arming Teachers and How People Feel About Their Own Safety
News and Views From Abroad
New Zealanders Hanging On, While Brits on the Brink

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May 24, 2018

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The congress of the United States possesses no power to regulate, or interfere with the domestic concerns, or police of any state: it belongs not to them to establish any rules respecting the rights of property; nor will the constitution permit any prohibition of arms to the people; or of peaceable assemblies by them, for any purposes whatsoever, and in any number, whenever they may see occasion. —ST. GEORGE TUCKER'S BLACKSTONE

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