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Keep and Bear Arms
Keep and Bear Arms


Keep and Bear Arms
Keep and Bear Arms

Keep and Bear Arms
Keep and Bear Arms


Keep and Bear Arms
Keep and Bear Arms
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Keep and Bear Arms

Keep and Bear Arms

Law Enforcement Supporters for
Cops-Only Concealed Carry

Below are the law enforcement organizations listed by the Law Enforcement Alliance of America as supporters of H.R. 218 -- the Cops-Only National CCW bill. (This list was taken from LEAA's website on February 22, 2002 and may since have changed on their site.) We've broken LEAA's list of endorsers down into those that are national and those that appear to be state-based. Where we found additional information on these groups, links are included. We welcome any information that further reveals a painful fact: too many of these organizations are not exactly champions of your right to keep and bear arms.

H.R. 218-endorsing National Groups & Groups Not Tied to One State

Name of Group

Known Questionable Stances
American Association of State Troopers  
American Federation of Government Employees - Council of Prison Locals

• On H.R. 218
• Worked on the Democratic Platform Committee

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFL-CIO branch)

• On H.R. 218
• Thought it a bad thing to impeach Perjurer President Clinton
• History of relationship with AFL-CIO
• Claims to be among the 15 most powerful lobbying organizations in the nation

Association of Former Federal Narcotics Agents  
Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents Association  
Federal Criminal Investigators Association 1, 2, 3
Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association  
Fraternal Order of Police - Bureau of Engraving and Printing  
Fraternal Order of Police - National Legislative Program   
Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police • Called H.R. 218 a "top legislative priority"
• Touted Al Gore's support for H.R. 218
International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association  
International Union of Police Associations • Chartered by AFL-CIO
• Support for H.R.218
• Seeming support of "Smart Guns" and Bill Clinton's gun controls
Law Enforcement Alliance of America  
National Association of Police Organizations • Endorsed Al Gore
• Endorsed Gun Prohibitionist Rod Blagojevich, who wants to ban the .50 caliber rifle and concealable handguns
• Called the Second Amendment "the right of the States"
National Association of Treasury Agents  
National Conference of Law Enforcement Emerald Societies  
National Constables Association  
National Law Enforcement Council  
National Police Defense Foundation  
National Sheriff's Association  
National Treasury Employees Union • Endorsed Al "Internet Inventor" Gore for U.S. President
Applauded Gore for picking Lieberman, who "earned our respect."
• Supported federalization of airport "security"
• Represents BATF gun nazis
National Troopers Coalition  
Patrol and Beyond  
Police Marksman Association  
Southern States Police Benevolent Association  
United Federation of Police Officers  
United States Naval Academy Police Officers  


H.R. 218-endorsing Groups That Mention State of Origin or City/County Where State is Known

Name of Group


Yes Shall Issue CCW

No Shall Issue CCW

Arkansas Retired Municipal Police Association


Athens Police Officers Association - Texas TX •  
Attica Corrections Officers Union - New York NY   •
Auburn Police Officers Association - California CA   •
Bergen County SPCA Law Enforcement Officers (NJ) NJ   •
Black Mountain Police Association - Pennsylvania PA •  
Blue Knights, Chapter XVI - Florida FL •  
Broadmoor Police Officers Association - California CA   •
Brunswick Police Benefit Association - Maine ME    
Buffalo Missouri Police Department MO   •
Camden County Deputy Sheriff's Association - Missouri MO   •
California Correctional Peace Officers Association CA   •
California Association of Highway Patrolmen CA   •
Cathedral City Police Department - California CA   •
Cathedral City Police Officers Association - California CA   •
Chicago Heights Police Pension Fund - Illinois IL   •
Colorado Springs Police Protective Association - Colorado CO   •
Corrections U.S.A. - New Hampshire NH •  
Court Officers Benevolent Association - New York NY   •
Fraternal Order of Police - Bullitt County Lodge #42 (KY) KY •  
Fraternal Order of Police - Chinook Lodge #21 (WA) WA •  
Fraternal Order of Police - Dupage County Sheriff's Lodge #109 (IL) IL   •
Fraternal Order of Police - Essex & Passaic Intercounty Lodge #13 (NY) NY   •
Fraternal Order of Police - Federal Lodge #9F (IL) IL   •
Fraternal Order of Police - Federal Lodge #27 (NJ) NJ   •
Fraternal Order of Police - Harris County Lodge #39 (TX) TX • x
Fraternal Order of Police - Massachusetts State Lodge (MA) MA   •
Fraternal Order of Police - McCook Lodge #188 (IL) IL   •
Fraternal Order of Police - Mid Hudson Lodge #188 (NY) NY   •
Fraternal order of Police - Missouri Lodge #99 MO   •
Fraternal Order of Police - National Labor Council 2 (NY, NJ & PA) NY, NJ, PA • ••
Fraternal Order of Police - New Jersey Lodge #81 NJ   •
Fraternal Order of Police - Oklahoma City Lodge #123 (OK) OK •  
Fraternal Order of Police - Orlando Lodge #25 (FL) FL • x
Fraternal Order of Police - Ponca City Lodge #103 (OK) OK •  
Fraternal Order of Police - Pennsylvania State Lodge PA •  
Fraternal Order of Police - Philadelphia Lodge #5 (PA) PA •  
Fraternal Order of Police - Princeton Lodge #89 (WV) WV •  
Fraternal Order of Police - Royal Springs Lodge #59 (KY) KY •  
Fraternal Order of Police - Scottsdale Lodge #35 (AZ) AZ •  
Fraternal Order of Police - Twin Cities Lodge #115 (FL)  FL •  
Fraternal Order of Police - Washington Lodge #17 (PA) PA •  
Fraternal Order of Police - Yonkers Raceway Police Lodge #133 (NJ) NJ   •
Garden Plains Kansas Police Department (KS) KS   •
Golden State Peace Officers Association - California CA   •
Grand Forks County Deputy Sheriff's Association (ND) ND •  
Grand Rapids Police Officer's Labor Council (MI) MI   •
Houston Police Retired Officers' Association TX •  
Illinois Police Pension Fund Association IL   •
Interagency Drug Enforcement Task Force - North Carolina NC •  
Iowa Association of Chiefs of Police and Peace Officers IA   •
Iowa State Police Association (Member of NAPO) IA   •
Kentucky Peace Officers' Association KY •  
Los Angeles County Police Officers Association CA   •
Maryland Coalition of Police and Deputy Sheriffs (IUPA) MD   •
Massachusetts Correction Officers Federated Union MA   •
Michigan State Police Troopers Association MI •  
Middletownship Police Dept. Ret. Officers' Association - New Jersey NJ   •
Minot Police Employees Union (IUPA Local 1078) (North Dakota) ND •  
Missouri Deputy Sheriffs Association MO   •
New York State Shields NY   •
North Dakota Peace Officers Association ND •  
Nutley Police Department - New Jersey NJ   •
Oregon State Sheriff's Association OR •  
Organization of Narcotics Enforcers - New York City NY   •
Palm Beach County 10-13 Club FL    
Philadelphia Correctional Officers Association - Pennsylvania PA •  
Policeman's Benevolent Association of New Jersey - Local No. 11 (affiliated with anti-rights NAPO) NJ   •
Policeman's Benevolent Association of New Jersey - Local No. 178 (affiliated with anti-rights NAPO) NJ   •
Policeman's Benevolent Association of New Jersey - Local No. 362 (affiliated with anti-rights NAPO) NJ   •
Policemen's Benevolent and Protective Association of Illinois (member of anti-Constitution NAPO) (on HR128) IL   •
Policeman's Benevolent Association of the New York State Troopers NY   •
Police Officers Research Association of Nevada NV •  
Pomona California School District Police (CA) CA   •
Rhode Island Brotherhood of Correctional Officers RI   •
Rhode Island Institute for Specialized Police Training RI   •
Salt River Department of Corrections - Scottsdale, AZ AZ •  
Simi Valley Reserve Police Officers Association, CA CA   •
Sonoma County Sheriff's Office Employees Association CA   •
Springfield Police Officers Association - Missouri MO   •
Sullivan County Shields - New York NY   •
Texas Municipal Police Association TX •  
Toledo Police Patrolman's Association - Ohio OH   •
Trenton Superior Officers Association - New Jersey NJ   •
United States Department of Defense Police - Bayonne, New Jersey NJ   •
Virginia Coalition of Police and Deputy Sheriffs (IUPA) VA •  
Washington State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association WA •  
Washoe County Sheriff's Association - Nevada NV •  
Washoe County Sheriff's Supervisory Deputies Association - Nevada NV •  
Washoe County District Attorney Investigators Association - Nevada NV •  
Webster Police Officers Association - Texas TX •  

These totals tell quite a story...

# of
State Groups

With Shall Issue CCW

No Shall Issue CCW

State Groups' Totals:  

Of the 91 state-based groups who have endorsed an unconstitutional Cops-Only National Concealed Carry federal law, only a paltry 40.7% of them come from states where civil authority "shall issue" a concealed carry permit to local, lawful residents. In other words...

59.3% (three-fifths) of the state-based organizations endorsing national concealed carry exemptions for Cops Only come from states where the lawful, decent citizens caught carrying in their own neighborhoods will go to jail for doing so -- in many cases, to fight off a felony conviction in a court that is biased against them.


Total H.R.218-Supporting groups:  118
Total # of National groups:  27 (22.9%)
Total # of State-based groups:  91 (77.1%)

Federal Special Interest Groups

American Association of State Troopers  -- "This Association was formed for the purpose of improving existing conditions of law enforcement officers by solidifying their strength and promoting their mutual welfare. This Association's objective is to bring together state troopers and state police officers across the nation and to provide officers with quality benefits and assistance through brotherhood in order to enhance the quality of troopers' lives."

[That's nice for LEOs, but it certainly says something about their priorities in terms of the people they are serving. They are nothing more than another special-interest group.]

Back to "Cops-Only National CCW" Home Page

Law Enforcement Supporters in Detail

California Correctional Peace Officers Association 

CCPOA supported S.16, the "21st Century Law Enforcement, Crime Prevention, and Victims Assistance Act", which sought to:

  • mandate storage requirements for firearms;

  • further extend Project Exile;

  • provide additional funding for federal, state and local "Gun Prosecutors" -- who will "prosecute" people for "violating" unconstitutional gun laws;

  • place more restrictions on lawful, licensed gun dealers;

  • close the so-called "gun show" loophole with provisions that include regulating gun show promoters, imprisoning people for up to 5 years if they sell a gun to a friend in a setting defined as a "gun show", and putting gun dealers in jail for a year for paperwork errors; and much more

National Association of Police Organizations

NAPO's Support for H.R. 218

NAPO's Endorsement of Al Gore for President

NAPO Endorses Lots of Democrats -- including Gun Prohibitionist Rod Blagojevich, who wants to ban the .50 caliber rifle and concealable handguns

NAPO calls the Second Amendment "the right of the States" while fighting the Lautenburg amendment's unconstitutionality. But their fight wasn't about The People; it was a fight to restore law enforcement's exemption to the Lautenburg amendment while NAPO's members keep busting citizens on unConstitutional Lautenburg "violations."

Fraternal Order of Police

The FOP calls H.R. 218 their "top legislative priority." Meanwhile, they've opposed similar legislation that also included even a small portion of the people. In 1999, FOP went onto the congressional record with such opposition:

"H.R.339, introduced by Congressman Cliff Stearns, contains nearly identical language to that of Senator Hatch, giving qualified active and retired law enforcement officers the authority to carry their firearms when engaging in interjurisdictional travel. However, the National Fraternal Order of Police is unable to give this bill our support because it also contains language changing current Federal law with respect to the carrying of concealed firearms for private citizens."

FOP seeks to have local law enforcement officers exempt from the laws of the 49 states where they do not reside, but say that giving citizens the same access to self-defense is "best left to the States."  Then FOP turns around and says that Cops-Only CCW "is not a States' rights issue." [emphasis mine] FOP tells us that:

"The bewildering patchwork of carry-conceal laws in the States and other jurisdictions often results in a paradox for law enforcement officers--State, local, and Federal--sometimes placing them in legal jeopardy."  --Testimony of Bernard H. Teodorski, then National FOP Vice President

But refuses to support citizens who suffer under the same "bewildering patchwork."

FOP Support

FOP-supported legislation:

  • S. 158 -- "to regulate the manufacture, importation, and sale of ammunition capable of piercing police body armor. "

In FOP's eyes, it's okay for them to use any kind of ammo every made -- but it's not okay for you to have it.

Michigan State Police Troopers Association

MSPTA supported the Michigan anti-CCW referendum in which the anti-gun factions in the state sought to turn back "shall issue" CCW.  Michigan Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence lists them as full supporters, and their support was used in the media to promote why CCW was wrong, bad and needed to be stopped.

In a letter to Michigan Governor Engler, MI State Senator Carl Levin used MSPTA's opposition to citizen CCW as a sword in the battle to undo the will of the people on the issue, saying:

"The 'shall issue' legislation would make us less safe according to those best in a position to know. That's why it is opposed by a broad coalition of law enforcement groups such as the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police and the Michigan Police Legislative Coalition (which includes the Michigan State Police Troopers Association, the Michigan State Police Command Officers Association, the Michigan Association of Police, the Police Officers Labor Council, Detroit Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association, Detroit Police Officers Association, Warren Police Officers Association and Flint Police Officers Association)."

Oregon State Sheriff's Association

The OSSA lobbies against the right of the people to keep and bear arms consistently. They fought Vermont-style carry, Reciprocity, an end to record keeping, and more. They also pushed the gun show registration bill, with the help of Sen. John McCain, which was successful.

Iowa Association of Chiefs of Police and Peace Officers

IACPPO says: "We Recommend: Vigorous prosecution and maximum sanctions against violations of existing laws concerning firearms." That includes, of course, unconstitutional laws including the laws in Iowa against concealed carry by citizens who simply desire the means to protect themselves and their precious families.

Michigan State Police Troopers Association

"Referendum Supporters - People Who Care About Kids Supporters" on regarding the "250,000 plus Michigan voters call for Referendum to turn back CCW "Shall Issue"! (an anti-gun referendum)

What it means to take rights seriously is that one will honor them even when there is significant social cost in doing so. —SANFORD LEVINSON

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