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"Gun Rights" is not about "Gun" Rights
by Angel Shamaya

Gun rights this and gun rights that.  Blah blah blah.  Guns are inanimate objects; they have no rights at all.  Civil rights, human rights, right to life, right to protect and defend Self and Others, right to Liberty--these are the RIGHTS most gun owners are truly honoring and cherishing when they refer to "gun rights".

It is quite true that many of our more tender and sensitive "stop gun violence" people are truly taking that stance because they care about people and would like to see an end to the dramatically-decreased but still a reality GUN violence.  Some gun haters do care about people, and we as gun owners need to help them understand that we care too.  For example...

Who truly believes women should "lay back and enjoy it" when they are approached by four men--as happened two days ago in Colorado--and told it's time for rough sex with a number of smelly total strangers?  Gun owners would NEVER say "give 'em what they want."  NEVER!  But the gun laws in many states and cities in America leave no other alternative but to get raped and maybe murdered when confronting such a horrible situation.  The fact of the matter is: many intelligent Americans truly don't understand that their support of infringements on the human right of self-defense actually helps rapists steal women's dignity.  Trust me; they don't know.  If they did, they couldn't possibly live with themselves and still be authentic human beings.  Another example...

Who truly believes that a man and his daughter eating ice cream cones in the park should fork over their cash to a knife-wielding, drugged-up gang member and patiently wait while he feels up the little girls' skirt?  This type of behavior infuriates any sensible, decent human being on the planet.  Anti-gun people don't know that their support of gun infringements increases the likelihood of such events.  If they did and they truly care about little girls, they wouldn't even dream of removing the only self-defense tool that can equalize the playing field upon which a father must defend his sweet, innocent daughter from being molested right before his very eyes.  They don't know!  They can't possibly know!  Otherwise, they'd SUPPORT FULL GUN RIGHTS, PERIOD!

What we need to understand here to really get a grasp on the simple, innocent ignorance we're dealing with is that anti-gun people are just that: anti-GUN.  They know about the little girls eating ice cream cones in parks who get attacked by knife-wielding, drugged-up gang members.  They KNOW about the gang rapes and muggings and beatings.  The media feeds it to them every single day.  They know about gangs roving the streets.  They just saw a mob of people smash and trash a police vehicle in front of an army of police officers who were powerless.  They know there are still violent people lurking on the streets of America--looking for easy prey.  We don't have to convince them that there are criminals who don't care about law and order, about people's dignity, or about anything other than their worthless selves.  They already know this stuff.

Nor do we have to convince them that we have a RIGHT to defend our own lives.  Any lumpheaded ignoramus whose life's aspirations involve managing a hot dog stand knows that if attacked violently and faced with possible death, you must resist in order to minimize injury and survive--or simply turn over your life/lives to the "good will" of a dangerous criminal who cares less about you than his next fix.  Soccer moms with Masters Degrees would defend their precious children with whatever means available if such a need arose.  Ask them, but you don't need to--because SELF-PRESERVATION IS A NATURAL INSTINCT OF ALL NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS.

Anyone who does not believe that the right to preserve your own life is a SACRED, INALIENABLE RIGHT is a very disturbed and confused individual, and they need our help.  Why?  Because THEY ARE AFFLICTED WITH THE BLASPHEMOUS BELIEF THAT THE DIVINE FORCE THAT CREATED HUMAN LIFE MADE A MISTAKE BY INSTALLING SELF-PRESERVATION AS A FUNDAMENTAL OPERATING SYSTEM. (It's either that or they are just plain evil, but we won't invest our time on the evil ones; we'll be too busy rescuing those who care about human life.)

"But there are other ways to defend yourself," some anti-GUN people say.  Oh, really?  Martial arts?  Yes, that is a very useful skill, but there are very few women who can defend against several large men who are armed with knives, let alone a gun.  A club?  As soon as you hit one, unless you are VERY well trained, the others pounce on you and you first pay for the knot on the assailant's head and THEN get raped and maybe murdered. No second chances on the streets, either.  The HANDGUN is the smartest, safest, most affordable, easiest-to-carry and control, most effective form of physical self-defense on planet Earth.  Period.

So we have a group of people defying the most basic human instinct known.  Though many haven't stopped to understand it, they defy the very Creator of Human Life by going against self-preservation.  This brings us to a question it is time we explore in MASSIVE numbers:

How do we wake up the misguided, confused Americans who stand against human life by supporting gun control?

KABA wants answers to this question, and we want answers NOW.  It is time to assist the life-rebuking, rapist-supportive, God-defying citizens of America in healing their current confusion.  This is where YOU come in, and I do mean YOU.  We're having an online discussion called HOW TO CONVERT PEOPLE, and your presence is required.  It is time to formulate strategies into developed systems that can be employed from sea to shining sea--systems with one sole aim: helping people truly see, understand and experience that gun owners are the Good Guys.

The results of the HOW TO CONVERT PEOPLE Forum that awaits you will be as follows:

  • We will develop simple, effective TOOLS that can be downloaded from our web site and handed to the people who need our help.  These flyers, essays, and fact-based (and even emotion-driven) materials will be free for the taking.  (Any tools any other gun owners have or know of are welcome on this web site, and full attribution will be given with a smile.)
  • We will develop communication strategies that work and deliver them in articles as soon as they come in.  Writers, it is time to get focused.
  • We will develop local meetings around the country for developing teams dedicated to returning America to the pristine state of a Constitutional Republic.  More on this when we get there; it is time to get together.
  • We will develop, as a team of AMERICANS, whatever is needed to systematically guide the misguided citizenry of this beautiful nation back to their Liberty Roots--and back to their natural inclination to support, protect, and defend self-defense in all of its natural glory.  As a team, we will figure out what is required, and people will pitch in to assist us by applying their time, energy, talents, skills, resources, and abilities to the Realized Mission for which we all yearn so deeply.

So speak up.

How do we wake up the misguided, confused Americans who stand against human life by supporting gun control?

We'd much rather explore this vital and urgent topic in our Members Forums, but only a fraction of the thousands and thousands of people we reach through email and this web site have yet to support us by becoming members--so we'll do it in the open where all the anti-gun people can watch. (When they tap all of the great ideas and the keen insights from the combined forces of thousands of intelligent and creative gun owners, quite a few will join The Liberty Team anyway, so it's perfect.)

Join us in our free public discussion to help us discern the most effective and efficient ways to convert people to supporting self-preservation BY CLICKING HERE.

Angel Shamaya is the Executive Director of, an internet grassroots organization dedicated to stopping the assault on American Liberty being perpetrated by political tyrants, self-proclaimed television gurus, misguided mothers, history-ignorant sheeple, ignorant toy distribution chains, and the general lack of understanding of the fundamental, God-given right to Keep And Bear Arms--resulting in a return to the American Constitutional Republic. Reprint permission granted provided attribution is given including the following link: Copyright 2000. All ownership rights reserved, but spread this one far and wide through all channels; you don't even need to ask. To become a member of, click here. We require assistance to press on.


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Asked if a federal ban on "assault weapons" would reduce crime, Gwen Fitzgerald of Handgun Control Inc. says, "Let's pass the law and find out." --REASON magazine, May 1991 ("Gun-Shy Judges" by Jacob Sullum)

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