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Defining Anti-Gun People

Defining Anti-Gun People

Identifying Their Outcomes in Plain English
By Angel Shamaya

“The best defense is a good offense.”

The “pro-gun/anti-gun” verbiage is no longer effective. The time has come to draw new lines in the sand—to open new channels for accurate and results-oriented communication.

The folks who wish to ban guns have begun to sway public opinion to formulate negative thoughts when they hear the word “gun.” The word “gun” has now been linked to such words as killer, death, killing, murder, murdering, criminal, et cetera. When “pro” is added to the word “gun,” freedom-lovers are now often associated as being “pro-killer”, “pro-death”, and so on. With the media heartily biased against guns, the campaign against us through such programming has been effective. Let us work diligently and consistently to turn the tides by using the same simple tool—to our advantage.

The time has come to utilize the amazing gift brought to us through the intelligent, accurate, and conscious use of Language. Jon Haupt blessed us with a fantastic expose on how languaging (metaphor) strategies are being used to defeat our freedoms. The ball he put in play is begging to be run for repeated touchdowns. (If you missed Jon’s brilliant work, please go read it. It’s called The Amazing Secret Weapon of the Gun Control Movement.)  Alan Korwin's Politically Corrected Glossary of Terms is another profoundly powerful step in the right direction, and one I recommend with Passion for anyone who will be communicating our message to other.

In beginning to address the Reality of what being “pro” gun or “anti” gun really means, we must dig deep into the eventual results each position will produce when carried to its logical conclusion. We’ll look at the results side-by-side from a few different vantage points. I’ll be as brief as possible while making my points. I will continue to refer to the two sides of the gun issue as “pro” and “anti” to make this easy. When I’m done, we’ll have new terms for each side of the gun issue for future communications in the field (and reminders of terms that have been batted around to now be effectively employed.) Let’s start with the Good Guys first…

The pro-gun position, carried forth into the repealing of illegal, unconstitutional gun laws and a return to a healthy societal balance, will conclude with a polite and civilized society. Amidst a national society of armed, law-abiding people who readily legally protect themselves, crime will plummet. The media will trickle and then pour out news of people stopping crime in its tracks. The more intelligent criminals will come to understand that “he who lives by the sword dies by the sword.” The result will be freedom on many levels.

Pro-gun people, therefore, can honestly be labeled as: Pro Freedom, Pro Liberty, Pro Self Defense, Pro Life, Pro People, Pro Active, Pro Peace, Anti Criminal, Anti Tyranny, Anti Rapist, Anti Murder, Anti Criminal, and a few other choice pro’s and anti’s you can dream up as you toy with this one and apply it in your letters and conversations. “Gun Informed” and “Gun Educated” are both quite accurate, as well. On to the anti-gun sheeple…

The anti-gun position, carried to its final end, would leave the general population of law-abiding people without guns.  Criminals will still get their guns. (When guns are outlawed, only the bad guys will have guns.  Look at New York City and Washington, D.C. for good examples of poor legislation gone deeply awry.) Therefore, law-abiding people without guns means: more victims, easier prey, successful criminals, greater fear in the streets, more rapes, more murders, and on and on. In the anti-gun grand finale, which will NOT happen, the criminals would live by a creed much more like “he who lives by the sword gets rich, fat, and happy and has easy pickins on any street in America.”

Dissecting these facts and applying them to more descriptive and accurate labeling of our anti gun people led astray, let us now call an apple an apple. “Anti-gun” people work to develop easier prey and simpler, more effective victimization. They can therefore honestly be labeled: Victim Creators, Pro Victim, Pro Crime, Pro Rape, Pro Murder, Pro Fear, Anti Liberty, Anti Freedom, Anti Self Defense, Pro Chaos, Pro Violence, Violence Supporters, Criminal Enablers, and Supporters of Violent People (which of course translates to Anti Good Guys, and thus Anti People.)  Take a minute and let your mind run wild with the endless ways to paint the truth about the folks we’ve been calling “anti-gun.” They were getting off lightly with that label. See?

Rosie O’Donnell surely won’t like the press she gets when letters to editors start cropping up around the country explaining clearly how she’s a “Criminal Enabler.” Op-eds patiently identifying CitiBank, Levi’s, and the mayors of quite a few American cities as being “Anti Liberty” will serve our purpose well. Diane Feinstein being associated quite easily as a “Nurturer of Criminals” will turn a few heads. And, more importantly, eventually people who’ve been swayed against guns will finally begin to Think for themselves.

Some weeks back there was an online presentation of each of the Presidential candidates’ views on the right to carry guns. This took place a day or two after one good woman in the Phoenix area was raped and shot. (For those of you who missed that story, she survived, and the assailant’s second intended victim inflicted fatal lead poisoning upon his murderous brow.) My response was an article entitled “Al Gore Wants Women Raped.” Some folks said that was going a bit too far, and I conceded. I cannot say he wants women raped with certainty. I can say with certainty Al Gore wants to make the work of rapists a hell of a lot easier, and of that he should be ashamed.

Angel Shamaya
Criminal Stop Sign

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It is not the function of our government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error. — Justice Robert H. Jackson

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