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Flush Spike Down The Gorelet!
By Minority Mike

Would you just look at this idiot? Yakkin' on the phone, arguin' with his wife, an' yellin' at the brats in the back seat while he's weavin' down the Interstate in his overpriced OldsmoLexus SUV -- which is covered with Save The Earth-Gore 2000-I Heart Socialism bumper stickers -- doin' 55 MPH in the fast lane! It's obvious to me that God has a thing for morons, since he chooses to put so many of them on the earth at the same damn time! Move over nit-wit, those of us who know how are tryin' to drive! Perfect, he just cut across two lanes of traffic an' jack-knifed a big rig in order to get to the exit for the World's Largest Collection of Navel Lint. Typical. This kind of self-absorbed, irresponsible, room-temperature-IQ behavior reminds me of a certain Chinese communist owned Rice-President of The United States and one of his dim-bulb Hollywood Totalitarian supporters.

ALBERT GORE - Pronounced: "I never met a bribe I didn't like." When Al orders Chinese take-out, he's referring to their wallets. Owner and operator of "Al's Miracle Mouth" -- if an honest word comes out of it, it's a miracle! Here's a guy who's so dumb his blood tests have to be "open book." It's been reported that after seeing the movie "Quest For Fire" Al proclaimed it to be "an inspiring documentary," and after viewing "Armageddon" he phoned Bruce Willis and thanked him for dying in order to "save the earth." At a recent photo op in a village youth indoctrination center a toddler asked Gore if he knew how to spell Missouri. Al replied, "state or river?" He's been known to ask for a map upon stepping into an elevator and he once got lost in a pay toilet. A source close to the Vice-Facist has revealed that, after leaving Buckingham Palace, Al was depressed because he didn't get to meet "Prince."

"We need more police; we need more crime fighting prosecutors," Al bellows while grinning big and stuffing more illegal campaign contributions into his pockets. Of course he doesn't want them anywhere near the Department of Justice. After all, real policeman would arrest him for treason and real crime fighting prosecutors would send him to the prison he so richly deserves. No, Al wants more cops to harass people with legally owned guns and more prosecutors to go after Americans who have the audacity to exercise their God given right to free speech. Al wants to finance these new Gestapo members with money from the federal surplus, which is to say money stolen from you and me by the IRS and left over after funding a ton of other nanny-state schemes. All of which are designed to make the populace ever more dependent on the federal government for their very exsistence. If Al was really interested in fighting crimes he'd stop committing them and go get a job as a used ricksha salesman in Peking.

SPIKE LEE - Chief Hollywood promoter of the religion of Mo-Betta-Den-You-Is. A highly overrated director of black exploitation films who -- while loudly deploring the degradation of blacks in America -- manages to have the word nigger coming out of the mouths of his actors on a nauseatingly regular basis. In Spike's world if a white man uses that word, he should be beaten and sent off to a concentration camp. If Spike uses it, you should pay him $6.75 a pop! Glamorizing murder, drug abuse and domestic violence while having his black characters degrade one another with vile racial epithets has made Spike Lee a multimillionaire and garnered him the dubious approval of the corrupt and brain-dead Hollywood left. His "genius" is not in his run of the mill films however, but in his ability to degrade the entire black race, blame it all on the white race and get showered with adoration and money by both! Whatsupwiddat?

Recently Spike got the vapors about the movie "The Patriot." "It's a whitewash of history and the truth" Spike sniveled. (Not a protest he raised against the wildly inaccurate "Hurricane.") Listen up June Bug -- it's not a whitewash nor is it a perversion of history -- IT'S A MOVIE!!! Learning history at the movies is like jumping in a cess pool to cool off, you may feel cooler but you're all covered in crap! If I based my opinions on the "truth and history" I've seen in a couple of Spike's movies I'd have to conclude the entire black race does nothing but deal dope, get drunk, beat their women and shoot people with stolen guns. Oh yeah, and call each other vile names. I know that's not the truth and so does Spike Lee. Spike makes big bucks doing the backstroke in the cess pool though, so don't expect him to get out any time soon. Word, bro.

Y'all take care now, hear.


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The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery. WINSTON CHURCHILL

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