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The Communist Manifesto in Practice in America

The Commie Lesson

by Peter Jon Simpson

(as transcribed from a tape available below article)

I ACTUALLY AM A VISITOR FROM ANOTHER PLANET. This is not too hard to believe, as my critics, who are many, will tell you without blushing that I am definitely something from another planet.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, I am told that you people spend somewhere approaching a quarter Trillion dollars a year (that's 250 Billion with a "B" dollars per year) on a military establishment. And I was in the restaurant here, being from outer space, I was talking to this fellow, who told me he was a Christian, and he apparently thought this was great.

So I asked him, "why do you spend all this money?"

And he scratched his head, and said "Well gee, now that the Soviet Union is all dissolved, I don' t know."

I said "well, why did you used to spend a quarter Trillion dollars a year on your military establishment?" And he said "Oh! We wanted to defend ourselves from communism!"

And I asked "what is communism?"

And he said "Communism is a foreign and alien ideology that threatens by military force to impose itself over our objection and against our will."

I thought that was kind of interesting, and I told him that I know a little something about communism, and I asked him if he knew what communism was and he said, "well, no".

And I asked him if he had been trained in the public schools, and he said "yes." So I walked him through the communist manifesto, as I will you now.

The communist manifesto was created by a fellow named Moses Mordecai Levi. You Americans out here know him a Karl Marx, he was the son of a rabbi, and I asked why this guy went by an alias? The discussion fairly quickly elevated to the status level of Battle-Stations Missile:

I said, "The first plank of the communist manifesto is:

Abolition of all property and land ownership and the application of all rents for public purposes."

And I asked this Christian, "Do you own your own home?"

He said "Yep."

I said, "What happens if you stop paying the property tax?

He said "The sheriff will sell it."

I said, "I am woefully confused, of course, I am from another planet. How can the sheriff sell what you own?"

He was sorrowfully silent. So I said "isn't it a fact that you hold title and that you are not an "allod" on the land and isn't your problem actually that you have an equity position in real property and the state wherein you live owns the land and that's why they can move your butt off of it when you don't pay their rent?" And as he stared into the ceiling, I said "if you pay property tax you practice the first plank of the communist manifesto. On the spaceship down here I was reading this big thick book called the Bible, the Bible you Christians use, and I understand that you are in violation of Leviticus 25:23 if you do that." He looked puzzled...

The second plank of the communist manifest is: Heavy progressive income tax.

You people don't fill out Illinois state form 1040's here do you, and you don't fill out form 1040's for the federal government do you? Because if you do, you practice the second plank of the communist manifesto and you are in violation of your Bible at Malachi 3:8 and Deuteronomy 4:13. He loosened his tie...

I said the third plank of the communist manifesto is: Abolition of all rights of inheritance.

I said "How long have you lived in Illinois?" He said "All my life." I said "You don't have any probate courts here, do you? You don't have a legal profession that is wall to wall teaching you to fill out wills instead of create trusts, do you? Because if you know anyone who has been through probate court, or if you have personally been through probate court, you have practiced the third plank of the communist manifesto and you are in violation of Deuteronomy 21:15-17 and Numbers 18:20-24." . He loosened his tie a little more...

The fourth plank of the communist manifesto is: Confiscation of property of all immigrants & rebels.

"You don't turn on the TV around April 1st in Illinois and see them drag some tax protestor off to jail, do you?" "Annually," was the reply. "Well", I said, "if you participate in that or allow that to happen, or if that has happened to you, that's the fourth plank of the communist manifesto, and it is a violation of Leviticus 26:17 and Proverbs 28:1." His eyes started to glaze over.

I looked at him and said the fifth plank of the communist manifesto is: Centralization of credit by the creation of a national bank.

I said, "You pay your debts at law, in silver, don't you? You don't discharge your obligations in equity, do you?" He started to squirm. I said "if you rely on this green paper money for your sustenance, if your mind thinks in terms of this green paper when you go to purchase things, you practice the fifth plank of the communist manifesto, and you are in violation of Leviticus 19:35-36, Deuteronomy 25:13-16 and the aforementioned nasty and nefarious Exodus 20:15.

Exodus 20:15 reads THOU SHALT NOT STEAL."

He started to become uneasy....

I said, the sixth plank of the communist manifesto is: Centralization of the means of communication & transport in the hands of the state.

"You don't have ports of entry out here on the Interstate, do you? Your trucks don't have to drive in and out of these scales, do you? You don't drive automobiles with the admiralty flag of the state of Illinois on the back with the yearly rental fee stuck in the middle on a sticker, do you? Because if you do, you practice the sixth plank of the communist manifesto and you are in violation of Deuteronomy 7:2 and Exodus 23:32-33." He started to figit uncomfortably.

I said the seventh plank of the communist manifesto is: Government control of factories and the instruments of production owned by the state; the bringing in to cultivation of wastelands and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.

I said, "You don't have a Bureau of Land management, do you? You don't live under the administrative circumstance of the Department of Agriculture, do you? And you don't have companion circumstances in the state law along with EPA and a host of other things, because if you allow yourself to live under that system, you practice the seventh plank of the communist manifesto and you are in violation of Leviticus 25:1-7, actually Leviticus 25: 1-10. He closed his eyes.

I said the eight plank of the communist manifesto reads: Equal obligation of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

I said, "Do you have a Social Security number?" He as he shook his head up and down sorrowfully, I said "well doesn't that mean that you're a fourteenth Amendment juristic person a merchant in interstate commerce under contract over time for profit and gain in a regulated enterprise and you have waived all your constitutional rights under contract in exchange for privileges, franchises and immunities?" He said "Privileges?" I said "yes, privilege! PRIVATE LAW: Privilege." He put his chin in his solar plexus. I said "If you have a Social Security number, you practice the eighth plank of the communist manifesto, and you are in violation of your Bible at Leviticus 19:13 and Deuteronomy 24:14-15." He became physically agitated.

Number nine, I said: A combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries. Gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equitable distribution of population over the country.

"You don't have a Federal Emergency Management Association in Illinois, Do you? You don't have FEMA at the state level, do you? Because is you do, you practice the ninth plank of the communist manifesto and you're in violation of Leviticus 25:1-7. By this time he was just plain angry.

I finished by quoting the tenth plank of the communist manifesto: Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children's factory labor in its present form. Conform education with industrial productions.

I said "Are you a homeowner?" He said "yeah." I said "you pay the property tax?" He said "Yeah." I said "Do you know where 75% of the property tax goes in this state?" He said "no." I said "It goes to support the public fool ..ahh .. the public school system. I looked at him, I said "You don't tithe your children to the state, do you? You raise them at home the way Yahweh told Moses to tell you to do, don't you?" As he got up and walked away, I said "If you support the public education establishment, you are in violation of Deuteronomy 4:9-10, Deuteronomy 6:1-25 and Deuteronomy 11:19. And you practice the tenth plank of the communist manifesto."

And I went and got him and brought him back and sat him down and I said "You know, I am from outer space and one of the reasons they sent me to this planet is that I'm not the brightest firecracker that ever went off in our galaxy. But what I'm trying to figure out is why the hell would you spend 250 Billion "Dollars" a year defending yourselves against something that you willfully and premeditatively do, under the color of law, and practice every second of every minute of every hour of every day all year long?

He said, "My God, I never thought about that! What do you think we should do?"

I said, "I don' t know. Did the communists ever run a presidential candidate?" He said, "Oh yeah, Gus Hall, the venerable ancient 80 year old president of the communist party used to run every time until the Democrats took over the Congress after WWII."

I said to him, "If Gus Hall would have been elected President of the United States, do you think he would have abolished property tax, do you think he would have abolished the income tax, do you think he would have instructed the legal profession to only create trusts for families to hold property in, and that he would have abolished the probate courts? Do you think he would have stopped the incarceration of so-called Tax rebels? Do you think Gus Hall would have closed the federal reserve? Do you think he would have shut down the federal communications commission and allowed you to flip through the dials on your TVs here in Chicago and watch television stations unlicensed by the government? Do you think he would have eliminated all the bureaucracies that control trade, commerce, business, industry and agriculture? Do you think he would have dumped the Social Security Administration and admitted that there was no trust fund, and that the whole thing was just a gigantic chain letter used to alter your citizenship status in the thirties and redistribute your wealth? That Roosevelt, he was a pretty crafty guy, wasn't he?"

I said "Do you think Gus Hall would have closed the public school system and sold the public schools back to the families in the neighborhoods wherein they existed?" As I opened up the copy of the Bible the motel clerk told me I could keep for free, my Christian friend got up and left, and I couldn't bring him back.

The above is a transcript of a tape by:

Peter Jon Simpson Erwin Rommel School of Law c/o P O Box 211 Atwater, Minnesota 56209-0211 320- 857- 2400 2401 fax

"The Law is the Weapon the Courtroom the Battlefield the Judge is Your Enemy Your Lawyer is an Enemy Spy"


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In our inner cities, where firearms are outlawed, only outlaws are armed. When our "philosopher kings" sit back and do nothing, this is the tyranny and terror of "gun control." —CHARLTON HESTON

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