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Guns, Love, & Peace

Guns, Love, & Peace

Responsible Gun Owners Are Committed to Peace on Earth

By Angel Shamaya
February 3, 2000
And still quite TIMELESS

This local woman who was raped, beaten and shot a couple of days ago not so far from my house….something about the situation has really gotten into me deeply. The fact that her offender was shot and killed when he sought to invade a second woman just does not satisfy me.

Oh, sure. There is a “good” feeling knowing he won’t do it to another woman. And it feels good knowing a clear message was sent out to the criminals in the area warning them of their chances of meeting the same end.

And still I must speak what is in my heart. With a media and anti-Constitutional movement afoot in America bent on disabling the Good Guys by taking their guns, I know deeply that more must be said.

Life, from what I have learned so far, really comes down to one thing. Love. I am working for LOVE ON PLANET EARTH, and this is WHY I support full freedom and the preservation of our Second Amendment rights.

Stay with me here. People who are anti-gun but still have the ability to follow reasoning and fact will benefit from hearing this piece.

With the violent attack and quelled further violence that happened around the corner recently, I don’t have the luxury of being Pollyanna about the state of our present Situation. Follow my logic and thinking and tell me if I am wrong.

When Criminals still at large in our society seek out their victims and find them disarmed, easy prey, their confidence grows. After one successful victimization, it therefore stands to reason that another crime will probably be attempted. If successful, another crime is likely to follow, and so on.

These successful crimes, when reported grotesquely all over the media, bring fear into the hearts of many people. Especially disarmed people. “Bad Guys on the Loose” scares people.

Scared people (without the means to protect themselves from violent attacks) who are also blasted with anti-gun fallacies through multiple media channels naturally get on the bandwagon to ban guns. With the false information they have been fed, it stands to reason that they see banning guns as self-preservation and/or species preservation. (Given their indoctrination by the media, I also honor the place from which they come and thus work to educate, educate, educate.)

Unfortunately, the media is incorrect in its assessment that removing guns will remove the problem. Gun freedom furthers Love, Peace, Harmony, Unity, Brotherhood, Sisterhood, and the Rise of Humanity. And still the press Presses on with their politicized, sensationalized, socialist anti-gun agenda, ill-conceived though it may be, and scares people into standing against gun freedom and against guns.

Before I finish explaining how gun freedom furthers all that we hold dear in life, let’s carry the media’s anti-gun push out to its logical conclusion--a disarmed America. Kenya is a fascinating and tragic example of the horrors of disarming law abiding people. Bars on windows and trigger-happy police with fully automatic machine guns are a way of life. Crime in some areas is so bad (and heavily armed criminals so bold) the violence In Real Life there is much like the most violent movies Hollywood puts out. We can also glance at Britain’s current gun smuggling problems to see that criminals will get their guns through the black market no matter how Strict the gun laws are. And the Good Guys can do nothing to resist. Repeat: ONLY THE BAD GUYS HAVE THE GUNS NOW in Britain, Kenya, Australia, Canada, etc. in all the disarmed countries. (I have received information stating plainly that Russian civilians can now legally purchase weapons banned in America. Don’t look for that story on anti-gun Ted Turner’s CNN.)

Back to here and now. In America, for the women who have bought into the media’s fear tactics, how many of them who shop alone, jog alone, walk the dog alone or go out anywhere Alone are feeling Safe any more? Of the ones who’ve bought the lie and walk around defenseless? ZERO, or very few at best.

Conversely, I’ll bet you a cup of tea the women in Apache Junction, Arizona who didn’t buy media bias are out at their local gun stores picking up the tool with which they can assure their safety. Not just women, either. The intended victim of that violent crime could just as well have been a man under different circumstances. Violent criminals by definition are devious, malevolent, misguided predators with little conscience seeking only to hurt innocent people to their own wicked ends. (You probably didn't hear about the man who raped a 92-year-old bed-ridden woman recently, did you?)

It further stands to reason that the women who have now armed themselves in Apache Junction are better equipped to successfully deny a criminal his chance to victimize them. The odds have increased Against the criminals. Because the odds moved further into the favor of the Good Guys, the Bad Guys who don’t like the idea of being shot will begin to turn to a new line of work. As Good Guy Odds have increased, the chance of another attack being Thwarted has also increased. More frequent incidents of “Good Guy Wins” will continue to further the cycle called “Make Criminals Take Note, We Are Self-Empowered.”

As word spreads around the nation like a wildfire that Americans finally got the picture and refuse to be victimized any longer, percentages of violent crimes WILL plummet. Violent crime down, people will again walk the streets of America with their dignity and pride intact. Safe people equals happy people equals more LOVE and PEACE in America. “An armed society is a polite society.” (Quiz: who said it?)

Anti-gun/anti-self-defense people have a silly misconception that law-abiding gun owners supporting the Second Amendment want to go around blowing people away. Such is simply not the case. Every gun owner I know is respectful, courteous, intelligent, considerate, and VERY responsible. None of us save a few who will soon see the light have desires to be The Terminator. Personally, I have never shot another human being. My heart’s desire is to keep it that way. My responsible, gun owning friends echo the same desire. I am a pacifist committed to living peacefully on Earth.

I also came to this beautiful planet to fulfill many purposes before moving on. In keeping with my commitment to Thrive, if one of the roving parasites in my community makes the mistake of violently attacking me, or anyone around me, I will do what I do to mosquitoes. I AM creating that this will never happen. I equally AM prepared to set a fine example as did our sister in Apache Junction who stopped a rapist bent on killing her and her family after he'd just raped and shot another beautiful sister of ours. I AM also Committed to doing the work necessary to assure that atrocities such as those which took place in Nazi Germany, Uganda, the Soviet Union and many other places in the 20th century can NEVER happen in our beloved country. This will NOT happen here! Our country is free and will stay free, period. In fact, we're actively engaged in claiming our freedoms back RIGHT NOW.

Today I pay homage to the good people of Vermont. They’ve introduced a Bill that would, in essence, require citizens to arm themselves. Though this in itself is an imposition against people's free will would certainly do more to thwart crime than any gun law on the books.

Angel Shamaya
Responsible American Gun Owner
Patriotic, Freedom-loving Citizen

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