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3 Against One - Ex-cop Wins, No Shot Fired
Criminal Safety Zones Are Wrong!

by Eddie S. Wilson

I'm semi-proud to be a citizen of South Carolina. Several years ago, our state passed it's version of a concealed carry permit. I say semi-proud, because there are so many restrictions on the "Places" you may legally carry a firearm, I feel the intent was to partially pacify us pro-gunners, without offending the sensibilities of our liberal brethren.

I understand that most other states have similar restrictions on their permits. Seems like the places you're most likely to need a firearm are precisely the places you can't carry. But, on with my account...

I had knocked my exhaust pipe loose going over a steep curb, and needed it re-secured. It was three thirty in the afternoon, and I knew an older black gentleman I was acquainted with would still be in his shop. It was only eight blocks away, and in a good part of town, so I drove by. "Sure thing", he assured me. "I'll be done with this job in a few minutes, and I'll get right on it. Make yourself at home." I did so. But, I'm a smoker, and he has welding supplies in the building, so I stepped outside for a smoke.

As I walked around the building, (I was less than 25 yards from a main Avenue), I noticed three young men approaching from the opposite direction. As they neared, they gave a knowing look to each other, and split up. One of them crossed to the other side of the street. The other two separated themselves to where they were approximately four feet apart - the width of the sidewalk. All three un-zipped their jackets.

As they approached me, the one across the street began to re-cross the street in an intercept line that would put him immediately behind me, and the one nearer the street side of the sidewalk smirked at me when he said, "Hey man, got a cigarette, and a light?"

As an ex-cop, I recognized a mugging set-up when I saw it.

I stepped back off of the sidewalk to where my back was against the wall of my friends garage before I replied. And, as I replied, I brushed back the right side of my jacket, and took a firm grasp on the grip of my Glock G-26. I didn't draw the pistol; I just took a firm grasp on the grip, and surveyed the three young toughs. A street-wise smile passed over my lips, "Yeah, baby", I nodded my head, "I got everything you need!"

The three had obviously rehearsed their routine very well. The leader (the one talking), looked about quickly to the far side of the street, and made an abrupt right face toward the roadway. The other two were in lock step, right behind him. Not a word, not even a look of surprise, just, "Mission Aborted". I'm certain they continued on their way, lookin for easier game. I found myself feeling sorry for the next person they asked for, "A cigarette, and a light".

Still, and all, I wondered about all the times I've stopped by my favorite grille for lunch. A place that, because they serve alcohol for consumption on the premises, I cannot legally carry my firearm, and leave it locked in my vehicle. What if they had caught me between the door to the diner, and my car. Would my lunch buddies have come out to find my skull cracked, and my wallet taken? Or even worse, gunned down on the sidewalk? I'm all for common sense. Booze and guns don't mix. But, I never drink at lunch time. Why should I have to render myself defenseless against thugs and robbers simply because the place I'm eating a burger & fries, and drinking a diet soda, sells alcohol? Must make sense to some liberal somewhere!!!

For all my liberally brainwashed co-workers who continually repeat the party line, "You know guns are evil. If guns were not available there would be much less crime, and no accidental shootings." I simply reply, "A firearm is only a tool. If a tool is responsible for anything, try this... The next time you have a carpenter come to your home to do some work, tell him, 'I can't pay you, it's not your fault the work was done. But, if your hammer will kindly submit a bill, I'll be glad to pay it!'' I wish I could tell you that line is effective. But, the fact is, most of the liberals I know are so far gone, nothing seems to make sense to them, and irony goes right over their heads.

I'm an ex-NCO in the Army, and an ex-Police officer, and I have seen first hand the effects of the anti-gun messages emanating from leftist politicians and those sell-out Police Chief's Association members who suggest compliance when confronted by a criminal. NOTHING gives an individual a better chance of survival than resistance. And, if an individual has rudimentary training, and minimal skill with a firearm, his/her chances of escaping the confrontation unharmed increase dramatically.

The REAL news the media needs to get out is that States that have enacted concealed carry firearms laws are the areas of the nation responsible for whatever decrease in violent crimes our nation is enjoying. By the FBI's own statistics, there have been no reductions in violent crimes in the major population centers that still deny legal access to firearm carry permits.

But, you can't confuse a liberal with facts, their itty-bitty minds are already made up, (Or already "washed").

Hope this isn't too long winded. Sometimes I do rattle on.

Eddie, not only was your recounting not "long-winded," your story is helpful for many gun owners.  It is also a wake-up call for anti-gun cops who need to understand that, once they turn in their badge, anti-self-defense laws will disarm them, as well.  Thank you so much for sharing your experience that others may learn from your experience. ~~KABA


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