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Attacking the Monster's Food Supply

Let's Wake Up ALL These Companies

One by One

These items below can be done in 5 minute increments when you get a quick moment. We wanted to make sure you had plenty to keep your activist heart busy this weekend. :-)

(  As a result of our request for help exposing anti-gunner Andrew J. McKelvey's many associations, a good many people have helped us compile the following information. This ultra-rich anti-constitution fella obviously needs his attention grabbed, as evidenced by the fact that his fancy new website is promoting the destruction of American Freedom in several ways:  

The following is not put together as well as it could be, but this guy IS a Monster. Researching every pie in which he has a finger is like researching how many different shapes of rocks there are on Earth! This man is loaded, and he is using his money to promote gun control. Millions of dollars are being pumped into anti-freedom organizations, and the following companies are helping - through association with TMP Worldwide and - to make it happen.

Mr. McKelvey owns the following companies through his parent company, TMP Worldwide:,,, Simpatix Inc., Rollo Associates, Web Technology Partners Inc.,  System One Services Inc., and MANY MANY more. is associated in quite a few deep-pocket ways with AOL, Compuserve, Digital City, ICQ and Netscape. They are headquartered in Maynard, Massachusetts, and TMP Worldwide is HQ'd in New York City.

If you are wondering exactly what Mr. McKelvey is promoting with his new gun control organization, go find out what his idea of "solutions" are:  

Step One

Call's toll free number. Talk as long as you like. 1 (800) Monster (666-7837).  If the 666 doesn't say anything to you, perhaps MONSTER does.

Step Two

Contact by the web here: 

Step Three

Contact TMP Worldwide through the web: 

Step Four

Check their (TMP's) listings of local and regional offices and see if you've got a local number to call to bawl them out about their fearless leader calling for liberty-infringing gun laws:  You will also find quite a toll free number for their Kentucky office, which you can also use to bend people's ears about the problems you see with Mr. McKelvey's anti-gun agenda:  Kentucky Office: Tel. 800-356-8350

Step Five -- For Investment-minded People

Look into the shareholder information of TMP and see how we can use this information.  Then email a report to so we can get people onto the appropriate Action Steps quickly.

Step Six

LAI Worldwide's contact email address for general correspondence is:  Maybe you can think of something to say to them.  If not, send this:

Dear LAI,

I am touching base with you to let you know that your OWNER, Mr. Andrew J. McKelvey just crossed the line. His promotion of gun control - and many of his specific "solutions" to gun crime - have gone far beyond the pale. What? You didn't know the guy whose bread you butter is a gun grabber? Hmm.  Go look at his website: where you will find a good many BAD IDEAS, several of which not only have no scientific basis but are actually endangering peoples' lives where they have been implemented elsewhere.

Long story short: I won't have anything to do with you, and neither will 83,000,000 American gun owners once we get the word out.

Get word to McKelvey to try a little Factual Reality before he gets on his high horse about something of which he obviously knows so little. You might also urge him to get some information from the other side as part of his research - IF he truly cares to see an end to gun crimes without infringing on the rights of grandmothers to protect themselves.

TMP was recently reported as having cut alliance deals with all of the following groups:

You might also like to contact Simpatix and MyBizOffice, below:

Simpatix Inc. Simpatix uses's toll free number as their own at this time, but they still use their own email addresses, as follows:

Netplex's MyBizOffice

Info on acquisition: 


Contact:  MyBizOffice™, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Netplex Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTPL). or Toll Free 877-391-TIME (8463), Toll Free 800-556-0270

Supplementary Information:

Web Technology Partners, Inc.

Info on purchase by TMP/ 

System One Services, Inc.

Website now directs straight to TMP site.  Information on acquisition:

Rollo Associates, Executive Recruiters in Los Angeles


Info on acquisition:

TMP Worldwide has some pretty hefty clients.  From their most recent 10K filing (Thanks, Bob.) we get the following:

At December 31, 1999, we had more than 31,000 clients, including more than 
90 of the Fortune 100 companies and more than 480 of the Fortune 500 companies.
Our clients include: The Allstate Corporation, AT&T Corp., CVS Corporation, 
Ford Motor Company, GTE Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, The Home 
Depot, Inc., MCI Worldcom, Inc., Merck & Co., Inc., Mobil Corporation, Morgan 
Stanley Dean Witter, Motorola, Inc., Sears, Roebuck and Co., Sprint Corporation, 
and United Parcel Service, Inc. No one client accounts for more than 5% of our 
total annual commissions and fees.

Information on McKelvey and his recent dealings in the corporate world, plus some history on him for those who are interested. claims to be the world's #1 online job search site. New York City-based TMP Worldwide is also a leader in the Yellow Pages advertising, recruitment ad, and executive search businesses. The company has about 235 offices worldwide. boasts more than 400,000 job ads and a database of about 7 million resumes for recruiters to browse through (it is also one of the rare Internet businesses that has turned a profit). The company also has launched a sister site: is dedicated to real estate and relocation services. Executive search services are a growing part of TMP's business. TMP's 1999 acquisitions of LAI Worldwide and TASA Worldwide propelled the company into the leading ranks of the industry. That business prompted TMP to launch its third Monster-branded site,

TMP also is the world's largest Yellow Pages advertising agency. The company offers its clients ad placement, direct marketing, and customer relations services such as call center operations and order fulfillment. TMP's interactive business also is growing rapidly. For advertising clients, TMP creates online banner ads and helps set up and maintain Web sites.

TMP has used more than 100 acquisitions in the past decade to stockpile its four businesses, which founder and CEO Andrew McKelvey hopes to converge on the Web in a network offering job seekers the ability to go from "intern-to-CEO." McKelvey controls more than 50% of the voting power of the company.


Andrew McKelvey founded TMP (which stands for Telephone Marketing Programs) in 1967. It began buying up other Yellow Page ad agencies and folding them into its business, and by the end of the 1980s, the company was out in front in the Yellow Pages ad market. McKelvey began to look into other related areas of business.

In the 1990s TMP entered the recruitment classified advertising market with its 1993 purchase of Bentley, Barnes & Lynn. Over the next five years, TMP bought more than 40 recruitment ad shops, making it an international player. Its Austin Knight agency, a UK-US joint venture formed in 1997, helped TMP become the UK's largest recruitment ad firm.

The 1990s also saw the company merge onto the information superhighway at great speed. In 1993 the company launched its Online Career Center Web site, which listed some 150,000 jobs from an array of companies. In 1995 McKelvey bought Boston-based ad agency Adion and its Monster Board online job posting site for just $ 3 million. TMP went public in 1996. Investors eventually latched
onto its Internet play and sent its stock soaring.

The next year TMP bought one Yellow Pages ad agency and four more international recruitment ad agencies. In 1998 it expanded the range of its Interactive Division with About Work, an online internship database. TMP also combined its Online Career Center and Monster Board sites to form

In 1999 TMP bought LAI Worldwide, one of the top job recruitment companies in the US. TMP is combining LAI with its TASA Worldwide unit. In 2000 it bought UK-based HW Group and Toronto-based Illsley Bourbonnais, two executive headhunting firms, as part of TMP's plan to expand globally. It also bought Florida-based information technology recruiter System One Services and online relocation service In addition, the company agreed to purchase Los Angeles-based executive search agency Rollo Associates, the IT staffing division of Affiliated Computer Services, and legal recruiter QD Group. Later that year the company launched relocation and real estate Web site and executive search site


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The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money. — Alexis de Tocqueville

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