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Indonesia - Socialist Gun Control "Paradise"

by Angel Shamaya

October 27, 2000


If the gun grabbers in America were allowed to have their way (they will not be), we need only look to other nations to see the eventual cesspool into which a disarmed populace can go. Indonesia is one such place. Not only would the vast majority of Americans find this place unlivable, only a tiny percentage of people would want to go there for a visit.

Indonesia pretends to be moving toward a democracy, but in an article entitled, Which social classes support the struggle for democracy in Indonesia?, the World Socialist Web Site says, 

"On the one hand there exist a massive working class and an impoverished peasantry, and on the other, a very thin layer of bourgeois exploiters, whose enormous wealth depends on the support of the imperialist financial institutions, with whom it collaborates in plundering the economy in return for a share of the loot. The professional middle classes--traditionally a major base of social support for parliamentary democracy--remains extremely narrow and weak."

Such is the way of nations who arm only the elite. The net result, taken directly from today's news reports, can be found below in an article written by Irwan Firdaus and issued through the Associated Press on Thursday October 26 4:39 PM ET:

Malay Groups Hunt Down Settlers

PONTIANAK, Indonesia (AP) - Armed with machetes, swords and homemade guns, indigenous Malay groups roamed the streets of this remote Borneo town Thursday and hunted down newcomers from elsewhere in Indonesia, witnesses said.

At least four men, all settlers from the island of Madura, were hacked to death by mobs in the past two days.

Many neighborhoods and buildings in Pontianak, 420 miles north of Jakarta, were barricaded. Mobs lit bonfires in the main street and burned property belonging to settlers. About 1,000 police and 500 soldiers had been deployed around the town.

In one attack Thursday, Malay youths cornered a man in a market. Police fired warning shots but failed to stop the youths from decapitating their victim.

Most foreigners in the town had fled or were planning to leave, including a British theatrical group that had been holding drama workshops to encourage ethnic harmony.

Gruesome clashes involving Malays as well as other indigenous groups against settlers have flared periodically in the region.

At least 260 people, mostly Madurese, were killed in 1999.

This is not particularly abnormal for nations where a few elite rule and profit from the labor of the unwashed masses; we've seen such reports in many other countries with similar classification systems deeply entrenched into the society -- and especially in those gun grabber oases where lowly untouchables cannot protect themselves with arms.

Yes, in Indonesia, only the elite socialist ruling body, the police and the military are allowed to keep and bear arms. Their Republic of Indonesia Constitution of 1945 does not even contain the words "arm," "arms," "gun," or "guns." Their constitution does, however, say that 

"Every citizen has the right to work and to live in human dignity." 

It also says, 

"Every citizen shall have the right to work and to a living, befitting for human beings." 

It also mentions, 

"...the right of the People to determine their own fate..."

But if you are a peasant class citizen in Indonesia and you are caught with a gun, get ready for prison -- or death. Gun possession is illegal, period.  In Indonesia, your only choice is to be a better swordsman than the mob who comes to dismember you and your family, and to have a mob of friends with you who are better at sword fighting than those who come to do you in. Unless of course you want to join the thriving black market and risk prison.

The President of Indonesia is one whose "rights" laid out in their constitution are exercised fully.  Among those rights, we find this little jewel: 

"...the president has the right to issue government regulations in lieu of laws."

In February of 1999, in its attempt to force democracy upon a country whose Constitution of 1945 gave unbridled power to the rulers (held ever since by military leaders), the International Monetary Fund was demanding that Indonesia proceed hastily toward "the dismantling of price subsidies, the slashing of government spending and the removal of barriers to international investors." (See

They haven't. They didn't.

And now, the subjects under the regime are simply dismantling human bodies, slashing government slaves, and removing people's heads.

American anti-civil-rights gun grabbers would argue that "we are a civilized society that wouldn't do that. 'Mob rules' mentality would never happen here." They must've been sleeping during the Rodney King riots while televised newscasts aired showing mobs of people killing their fellow Americans in the streets and burning long-established productive citizens' businesses to the ground. Perhaps they were on vacation in some far away place when -- earlier this year -- a celebration in New York City was peppered with mobs of men raping and molesting innocent, dainty ladies while their disarmed husbands sat by helplessly and simply watched. In both of these historically-recent events on American soil, the armed police were "unable to contain the melee."

The people in Indonesia are most certainly resisting the tyranny being steamrolled over them by a government who doesn't hide the fact that they are rulers. In March, as one of many examples,

"Unidentified persons fired on the representative office of the United Development Party [PPP] in the House compound."

They used black market guns, of course, and they'd have gone to prison had they simply been caught with the guns in their possession. They missed.

Also in March, according to Asia Times,

"Two men attacked Matori Abdul Djalil, chairman of the National Awakening Party (PKB) at his residence in Tanjung Mas Raya housing complex. One of the men hit Matori with a machete on the back of his head and on his right arm. The police, who confiscated a machete and an FN-46 gun and two bullets from the suspects, said the attack could have been politically motivated."

Keen observation, officer.

Asia Times continues,

"Matori, who is also the co-chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly, suffered only minor injury, but it was enough to evoke extreme fear among some legislators. The very next day, the House pressed the government to arm all legislators, a move the Indonesian police quietly supported."

"Provoked by the House move, high-ranking officials in the cabinet demanded the same privilege and got the police's nod."

Get it? Enslave people with tyrannical government, when they resist and go after the legislators who are making dark and oppressive laws that hold the slaves down, arm the legislators, as well, and the police support it.

If you think NOT having a gun in your possession is somehow the best way to deal with a mob of angry rioters armed with clubs, knives, machetes and other assorted weapons, move to Indonesia. Or, stay here and be a easy-to-prey-upon weakling if you so desire. More power to ya.

America ain't goin' there, and all who seek to take us there are dangerous people -- detrimental to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

What many self-defeating American legislators don't seem to grasp is that there are peaceable but angry gun owners in every nook and cranny of this nation who could pick them off like varmints at 1,000 yards, and they are armed with the equipment to do it. And, considering the fact that in many areas America's wives and daughters and sisters and mothers are required by the state to submit to armed rapists, one can only wonder why nobody has yet pulled the the plug on the anti-self-defense charade. But mark my words: unless the gun grabbing socialists back off and soon, it's going to happen; it's only a matter of time -- and timing. History tells more truth than the entire body of gunliars combined, and Americans see the writing on the wall.

I almost feel sorry for the legislators who are pushing the anti-self-defense agenda once they push one or more gun owners too far. But not quite. The countless lives, fortunes and sacred honor they've cost America by disarming decent citizens are of far greater value than their own, and the law of cosmic justice is immutable.


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Gun control? It's the best thing you can do for crooks and gangsters. I want you to have nothing. If I'm a bad guy, I'm always gonna have a gun. Safety locks? You will pull the trigger with a lock on, and I'll pull the trigger. We'll see who wins. Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, whose testimony convicted John Gotti.

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