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Analyzing the Anti-rights Brady Movie

We've opened the doors for comment regarding Brady Campaign's Hateful "Flash" Movie.  (A backup copy here, or our server, in case they remove it again -- but please use their server's resources, the above link, if it's still up on their site.) Below are a few responses.  Do make sure you view Kurt Amesbury's visual analysis, too.

Brady Campaign's Hate Speech Against Decent Gun Owners
From Lyndell Rottmann

First, Heston nor any paying NRA, GOA, KABA and other activities would ever whip out a gun to incite fear as depicted.

The passengers were held hostage because they didn't have an equal countermeasure to use against an aggressive assailant. Had the passengers been armed, which is prohibited by FAA regulations, they could have deterred or stopped the assault.

Additionally, the quoted statistics and polls are inaccurate.

Finally the hostage taker has his finger on the trigger without a target sighted, violating a cardinal rule of gun safety.


Brady's laws cause more death than guns do.
from Andrew Johnstone, RPh/MD

What's wrong with the Brady approach is simply that while they whine incessantly about "ten children die by gunshot each day in the U.S." (and they seem to contrive a new number every couple of weeks, by counting such things as when a 19-year-old rapist is shot by his intended victim, or by police, as a 'childhood gun tragedy'), they fail to mention the OVER FOUR THOUSAND innocents murdered each day in countries which have reached a "reasonable compromise" with gun owning citizens, and registered guns. Genocide is a far greater killer of innocent people than criminals or gun accidents, by a factor of at least 6 or 7, and since there is no evidence gun laws reduce criminal or accidental deaths at all (and both are declining, so we DON'T have a 'crisis'), and tons of evidence that genocide NEVER happens if the citizens have anonymous and easy access to firearms, how on earth could anyone advocate laws like Brady? 

The answer is because they DON'T care about human life, all they care about is passing symbolic feel-good laws against gun ownership. Pity them for their ignorance, if you must, but don't turn your back on them, or we, too, will be living in a genocidal police-state sooner than you think. The point of irreversability isn't when jack-booted thugs start hauling citizens off in railroad cars; it is when gun owners are registered. 

This could be linked to JPFO's charts on worldwide genocide, although the numbers from R.J. Rummel's book, "Death by Government" are a little more impressive. 

Thanks, AJ

Heston movie a clear case of 'projection!'
from Philip Blumel

The Brady Bunch's cartoon short of Charlton Heston hijacking a plane is perverse, as it completely reverses the role played by coercive force in the gun rights issue.

In reality, people are free to make their own decisions unless some agency of force denies this freedom. (This is true about anything, not just guns.) Traditionally, Americans have been able to own and use firearms. The anti-gun lobby is trying to use laws (i.e., government force) to deny them this right. Using the imagery of the cartoon, the hijacker is in reality the anti-gun lobby, not the NRA.

Still Amazed at their Departure from Reality
from Angel Shamaya,

Several things stand out about the Brady Hatespeech Cartoon. Among them:

1)  More lies about 10 "kids" a day dying by the guns in America. They can only achieve that number by counting 19-21 year old drug warriors, legal shootings by police and citizens, suicides that would happen by other means and additional number-massaging.  Their lie was out long ago, but they keep telling it -- suggesting that we haven't yet spread the facts far enough or wide enough. Thanks for the reminder, Sarah and Company.

2)  They used an image of George Washington piloting a planeful of anti-gunners. This is the same brave general who said,

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." ~~ George Washington, (now an Anti-gun pilot?)

3)  They used "America, the Beautiful" as their anthem in this piece. Katherine Lee Bates, who wrote the song back 1893, was said to have been inspired by America's goodness. This was at a time when you could get your hands on any kind of gun you wanted, even in Pike's Peak, Colorado where she wrote it. After thousands of gun laws and restrictions on their freely being kept and born, not so far from the room in which Ms. Bates wrote the poem later used in the Brady's anti-rights movie, we have the Columbine incident. When Ms. Bates wrote the song, had those evil young men chosen to open fire at a school, any of a number of other students -- or the teacher -- would have shot them on the spot. The blood of the dead at Columbine seems to be the beautiful America the Brady Bunch desires.

4)  The movie begins with the statement, "In 1776, a brave new nation took flight..."  The only way our nation could have ever taken flight was by our being heavily armed. That group of brave citizens killed a good many people WITH GUNS to assure our freedoms, and that group of brave leaders specifically told us to keep our guns, as individuals, to stay armed, period.  The contradiction exhibited by such a use of OUR SACRED YEAR for THEIR UNHOLY AGENDA defies all logic.  Most bizarre is the fact that there are surely some people who are too shallow to think about the absurdity of using the year of the gun and patriotism to promote turning us all into the kind of serfs we see in Britain.

5)  Finally, we once again see the use of the term "gun lobby extremists."  To people who do not understand what freedom truly means, they consider a basic constitutional right as "extreme." Considering the fact that our Founding Fathers intended us to maintain vigilance and the capacity to disband our government and start anew -- through citizens being armed and ready -- the only "extremism" noticeable to the thinking person is that exhibited by the Brady's calling the kettle black.  They are afraid of the truth about what the Second Amendment really means, but it means what it means anyway, so they are afraid of reality itself -- and there is a psychological term for the psychological disease such a departure from reality represents.  These people are psychotic and delusional.


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 QUOTES TO REMEMBER disarm the people - that was the best and most effectual way to enslave them. George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 380.

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