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Second Amendment - Imperative

by Tim Case

"There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death."
Proverbs 16:25 NKJV (emphasis mine) -- We of the so-called "American gun culture" stand at the precipice of a very deep, wide chasm, whether we realize it or not. How firm we stand, as gun owners and a free people, concerning our rights and especially our Second Amendment Right, may very well be the deciding factor that saves the human race from, or plunges it into the abyss of slavery and misery. Our enemies have planned, and are trying to institute, a social and governmental agenda the likes of which have not been witnessed by humanity since the Dark ages. 

As Jason and the Argonauts were kept from the Golden Fleece by a dragon, so too are we, as a supposedly free people, kept from our Golden Fleece, freedom, by a beast. We, however, are faced with a monster of grotesque proportions, for ours has two active, dangerous heads. Each head is capable of defeating and plunging us into an era of unmistakable torment.

No, I don't speak of Socialism or even of Communism for they are too easily recognized and understood. We need to come to grips with that succulent monster of deceit, that angel of light, which has beguiled mankind from the beginning of written history, and in who's womb lie the seeds which give life to the deadly evils of Socialism and Communism. We need to fully understand this beautiful serpent which has kept the masses duped while it has systematically and completely drawn every society that has adopted it, into the bloodiest of death throes. What is it that sucks the lifeblood from its victim with promises of more and better for all? It is the true opiate of the masses and it is known as "Collectivism!"

There will be those reading this that will say, "Communism and Socialism are the same as Collectivism." I will not disagree with that statement; however, no society has gone from being a republic and free to being either a communist or socialist state without a long, insidious term of adopting the principles and ideas of collectivism. Collectivism is "the way that seems right" spoken of above because it is the means by which the general population is drugged into believing in and relying on others, especially government, for their daily sustenance. It is the instrument by which the citizenry, of a nation or state, is transformed into a condition of disarmed apathy and savage (slave) mentality that makes it easy for the oligarchic principles to gain and hold power as Caesar, god, or any other title the ruling despot might entertain. Collectivism's "end is the way of death" in that it always leads to communism and/or socialism, and in time the total destruction of every segment of a society. 

Collectivism, as a matter of history, is inherent to the condition of mankind; as such it can never be totally eradicated from a society. But with diligence and knowledge it may be held in check, thus allowing individualism and freedom to prosper within the nation. This was the intent of our Founding Fathers when ratifying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is, therefore, incumbent upon us to know what we are up against if we are to save our Republic and maintain any semblance of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The root effect in adopting the principles of Collectivism is the insidious lie that unity is obtained by collective commonality. Thus it becomes necessary for individualism to become subordinate to the collective, (greater) good. In a previous article I tried to show that this is not the case, especially when it came to the 56 signatories of the Declaration of Independence. The necessity caused by the King of England, coupled with each man's free-will choice, unified them in their common cause. Our forefathers never sacrificed individualism (that is the interest of the individual, which should always take precedence over the interests of the state or social group); rather it was a driving force of their unity. The single greatest fear of any would-be tyrant is that the people in the society recognize that they are individual rational beings. We have before us the absolute justification for Adolf Hitler saying, 

"What luck for the rulers that men do not think." 

It is from the understanding of "Individualism" that we receive the concept of unalienable (legal-inalienable), natural rights. Now, those rights, which are unalienable, are defined as "not to be separated, given away, or taken away". It then would follow that our rights are an inherent contradiction to the collective principle that all rights are extrinsic to mankind and can only be bestowed by the good graces of the state or communal agreement. We, therefore, have in the Constitution of the United States an undeniable statement that the rights of man DO NOT originate with the good intentions of tyrants but are extended to every man, woman, and child because of the essential nature of being human. It is the act of being human that bestows our rights upon us. Neither the extrinsic wishes of government nor the whim of a duped electorate is capable of taking them away. Only those who willingly relinquish them lose them! But even to those who say we no longer have such and such a right, it is at best wishful thinking; for we, as humans, retain our rights, we can only refuse to exercise them.

As I stated above the goal of collectivism is to reduce society to a disarmed apathy and a savage (slave) mentality. Now if you think this statement is more polemic than actual, consider William Foxwell Albright's description of the primitive mind and, if you will, compare it to what you see and hear every day coming from the mouths of those who hate everything we stand for. Mr. Albright writes:

"The savage seldom or never thinks of the individual as having a distinct personality; all tends to be merged in collective or corporate personality, or is dissolved in factitious relationships between men, animals, plants, and cosmic or other inanimate objects and forces." 1957 (Emphasis mine)

Is it any wonder why the left takes so many "polls" so as to trumpet the will of the mob? Does anyone remember the shrill usage of "gravitas" by every modern savage, prior to the 2000 presidential elections? Talk about the lack of any distinct individual personalities! What phony relationships have we heard of, from the left, concerning nature? Does anyone recall the woman who communed with a tree by naming it LUNA and living in it for a year? Does the sham of the Endangered Species Act make you think of anything but a savage mentality, especially when the suckerfish is used to destroy a whole community? It is no accident of fate that the "grandfather of communism", Adam Weishaupt, glorified the so-called noble savage! As we shall see there is much more to the relationship of the savage and the principles of collectivism than first thought.

We have, as gun owners and a people fighting to remain free, two distinct benefits over those who preceded us. Our first advantage rests in the fact that those who orchestrated the French Revolution were so prolific as authors that they have left us volumes upon volumes of writings purporting the means and methods used to overthrow civil governments and enslave peoples. History will reveal, if we care to look, that EVERY despotic ruler has used these principles from the French Revolution through the 20th century, and it is these very same precepts of collectivism at work in our country today. Our second advantage rests with this simple infallible fact:

Collectivism as a prelude to Socialism and/or Communism is an extremely ridged philosophy in which EVERY criterion must be met or it fails, thoroughly. 

With this in mind let us look at a brief description of the forces we struggle against in America today.

Collectivism as a philosophy is a justification for slavery and as such has two areas of society that it assaults. The authors of this attack on humanity have stated that a society is most vulnerable when it is beguiled by, and has accepted, 

1. Religious Collectivism in that it accomplishes the deification of humanity.
2. Political Collectivism the purpose of which is the subjugation of humanity.

Adam Weishaupt has been credited with defining religious collectivism. He states its sole aim as being the means of securing those who will be needed to supply "the rivers of blood" and "mountains of bodies" to achieve the ultimate political goals of collectivism.

Collectivism uses as its favorite religious doctrine, pantheism 

"…because it offers a concept of man, which on religious grounds, subordinates the individual to the collective. It also functions as an effective tool in the subversion of God-centered religion by making religion man-centered, and thereby giving a religious sanction to the doctrines and programs of political collectivism. At the same time, pantheism can be used as a stage in bringing people from theism to atheistic materialism…" 

To fully explain the ramifications of the above statement would take a voluminous work, which is beyond the scope of this article. It is enough to say that the result of this unholy union is the new theology of the so-called "Liberal" Protestants and "Modern" Catholics. However, there are three points we need to be aware of; these are the questions of morals, pacifism, and obedience.

It may be stated, without contradiction, that all religions have as their foundation the belief in a Supreme Being. It is the Deity, which orders and guides the affairs of those aspirants to the religion. In return for the Deity's benevolence and protection, followers are required to adhere to the religious rituals and to follow the moral code dictated by their god(s). To do otherwise is to incur the anger and judgment of the Deity. This briefly is the sum and substance of all religions.

Now, it is immaterial to this discussion which god is responsible for giving mankind the moral code, which while in force, has been able to assure that all societies function properly. It is, however, material to realize that throughout all of man's history there has only been one moral code capable of insuring the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of those in any given society. In western society that moral code is realized in the Judeo/Christian teachings of the 10 commandments along with variations of the social laws of Moses. It is this moral code that those who adhere to the philosophy of collectivism seek to destroy.

The process by which the moral fabric of a society is destroyed is quite simple. As stated above, using pantheism and in particular the philosophical pantheism represented in the monistic system of 17th century philosopher Spinoza (1632-1677), mankind is reduced to the following slave mentality:

1st. Deification: Everything is God and God is everything. Therefore, due to the whims of chance, evolution has destined man as the highest expression of God. By extension, the leadership (religious or social) becomes the Supreme god(s) of the pantheon of gods. Is it any wonder then why despots take titles such as Caesar, Fuhrer, or Supreme Ruler? It isn't strange that those who don't belong to the ministerial orders of different religious sects are known as laymen: the ignorant!!!

2nd. Morals: Man's freedom consists in being guided by the law of one's own nature. This is relativism, which says truth and moral values are not absolute but are relative to the persons or groups holding them. Reader, do you see where the idea that the Constitution of the United States is a living document comes from? Do you see why the writings of our Founding Fathers are now being disregarded by being called outdated and archaic? Isn't relativism the foundation for the moral decay in America today because it stands in direct contradiction to the moral code that made America great? If there are no absolutes in the religion and morality then why should there be any absolutes in the civil order of society? 

3rd. Obedience: Evil is the result of inadequate understanding. Therefore, those not in the leadership perform the greatest evil by questioning the decisions of these supermen whether they be religious or civil. Do you see a correlation here as to why we are hated for not trusting the government to protect us? Do you comprehend the source of arrogance that is manifested in these tyrants? This rationale is the leading factor in drawing a population into disarmed apathy

4th. Pacifism: Peace and love are realized only in a community in which the population will relinquish control of personal desire. Aren't "peace and love" the very words used to numb the minds of those that are slated to become the rivers of blood and the mountains of bodies? Isn't it the relinquishment of the control of personal desire that is the driving force behind the teaching of passive capitulation to the murdering, raping element of our society? How many times have we heard that we should surrender to an attacker rather than defend ourselves? Though this reasoning may be simplified, aren't peace and love the reasons behind every evil excuse for stealing our property, freedom and individualism whether it comes from the religious or civil sector of our society? 

Do you see the dichotomy in this last statement and the 2nd statement above? In one instance it is required to disavow the social fabric of absolute values and in the last to subjugate our desires to those who would be masters. All the above seduce, with the promise of a better life, to the peril and ultimate destruction of the society. This is the philosophy of religious collectivism and it dutifully prepares those who accept it, to be cast into that chasm of hell known as political collectivism.

Once religious collectivism becomes systemic to a society, as I believe it has in the world today, it is a small step to the pandemic rites of political collectivism. 

Political collectivism has two irrational points of doctrine:


This is the doctrine of nihilism as purported by those psychopaths who go about trying to destroy everything. What they mean is that all government that was not established by them is by nature intrinsically evil and should not exist. Anarchy is the moral (?) and philosophical justification for the destruction of all civil authority, the theft of private property, the attack on family and traditional family values, the ridiculing of patriots and patriotism, and the all-out assault to disarm all populations.

How can anything like what we are talking about be justified? We must again turn to Adam Weishaupt, the grandfather of communism, for the answer. He said: 

"As families increased, means of subsistence began to lack, the nomadic life ceased, property was instituted, men established themselves firmly, and through agriculture families drew near each other, thereby language developed...But here was the cause of the downfall of freedom; equality vanished." 

We are led to believe that the evil condition of mankind is due totally to the fact that he formed families, came out of the jungle and began to acquire property!! In so doing mankind abdicated his freedom and equality and continued to sin by forming into nations and as such 

"the world ceased to be a great family, a single kingdom: the great tie of nature was torn…Nationalism took the place of human love…(and) there arose out of Patriotism, Localism, the family spirit, finally Egoism". 

It is obvious that it is our enemy's objective to restore man to his former state of perfection. The great evil of property ownership must be destroyed! All civil/local authority must be annihilated, from the face of the earth, so that man will no longer be drawn into the satanic cult of Patriotism, Localism and the family spirit. Every essential ingredient of a free society must be destroyed so that man can receive the promise of being returned to that glorious state of a lonely, single, naked, hungry, dirty, nomadic, forager. Ask yourself: Is this logical or is this mantra a cover for the real purpose of creating a caste of slaves? Is it any wonder then why the "noble savage" is so highly venerated within this philosophy? Do you see the absolute necessity of disarming civilized populations and why we are in a fight for our very existence?


This doctrine states that it is essential to establish a UNIVERSAL DICTATORSHIP whereby all diverse political, social, economic, civil and ecclesiastical authorities will cease to exist.

I am sure you are asking yourself how does this fit? I thought the purpose of collectivism was to destroy all government through anarchy? I answer: It is! What anarchy seeks to destroy is any government that you and I might have influence over or are represented by. The purpose of anarchy is to destroy all means of self-governing, self-determination, self-reliance and any representative form of government. 

Totalitarianism proceeds "from the principle that civil authority is intrinsically evil, asserts the necessity to establish an international dictatorship as a means of bringing about absolute equality, (the equality of the nomadic savage), over the whole earth; and it admits that the primary function of this dictatorship is to be 'terrible to the wicked.'.…Or as Lenin put it, "to destroy by violence 'the freedom of the oppressors, the exploiters, the capitalists.'" 

If you haven't guessed already we, of the great right wing conspiracy, are the "wicked," the "exploiters," and the "capitalists." It is our freedom that is slated to be destroyed by violence! It is the purpose of the U.N. to further the absolute equality and be established as an international dictatorship! This is TRUE communism. Think about Lenin's statement below in relation to the stated goals of the U.N.!

"Communism is power based upon force and limited to nothing, by no kind of law and by absolutely no set rule." Lenin's Collected Works, Vol. XVIII, page 361 (Emphasis mine)

We have seen then that the plans have been laid. The plans have been tested, first in France as the French Revolution, then in Russia as the Russian Revolution and in Germany under the heel of Adolf Hitler. Recently, we can see the effects of this philosophy at work in South Africa and Zimbabwe, with an eye on the coming chaos descending upon England and Australia. The results of accepting the philosophy of the "noble savage," is not race specific but common to the human condition, so let's not fain ignorance and pretend otherwise. Remember this philosophy works exactly as planned!

We know that our enemy's definition of "Liberty" is to liberate us from our property, family, and freedoms. That "Freedom" is redefined as violently annihilating any form of representative government and the cumbersome weight of capitalism so as not to stop our triumphant return to the poverty and want of the noble savage. "Equality" will place us in the caste system, of slave, where all will equally suffer with ruthless precision the imposed terrorism, brutal torture, total tyranny and excessively, objectionable sentimental slogans.

Is this philosophy of collectivism logical? In some ways yes and in some ways no. It is clear that given enough time the plethora of seductive lies can be used to seduce the masses, especially when they are married to words of promise whose meanings have been changed to hide a dark, evil, sadistic purpose. The philosophy of "Collectivism" is without a doubt the "way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death" and as such makes the Second Amendment an absolute imperative. The only alternative is to be counted among those who will form the rivers of blood and mountains of bodies!

"The republic was not established by cowards, and cowards will not preserve it." --Elmer Davis

Also by Tim Case:


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Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. — Senator Barry Goldwater, 1964 (1909-1998)

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