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Newslinks for 10/19/2000

Gun liability battle looms in November
Submitted by: Lawsuits

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The Louisiana Supreme Court will be the site of a major gunbattle in November.

Two years ago this month, New Orleans became the first city in the country to sue the gun industry for damages caused by their weapons, touching off a wave of litigation that spread to dozens of cities and counties across the nation.

But last year, the Legislature passed laws barring Louisiana cities and other municipalities from suing gun manufacturers and dealers to recoup the costs of violent crime.

No money for gun sculpture -- $55,000 request turned down
Submitted by: Heh Heh

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Gun haters melt 7,000 weapons into a sculpture and send it to some expo in Germany from Canada. But they can't afford to bring it back, and the government refused to help them.

Poor dears. (NOT!!)

Authorities won't prosecute man for storing explosives ??
Submitted by: Say WHAT??

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Something is fishy here. ATF serves a warrant, they confiscate and destroy the man's property, but aren't charging him? What ISN'T this story telling us...?

Chicago trying to force gun dealers to store all guns in safes when closed
Submitted by: Government Force

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"Several communities in the Chicago area are pushing for tighter security measures in gun shops after a number of guns found at crime scenes were traced to gun-store burglaries."

"They want to force the dealers in the city out of business," said William Whistle, owner of the B&L gun shop in Elgin, which has been burglarized several times. "Then they can sit there and say, 'We cleaned up the town.'"

Gun suit awaits Ohio high court ruling
Submitted by: Lawsuits

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"Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Robert Ruehlman will wait until the Ohio Supreme Court acts before he decides whether to throw out a lawsuit that challenges Ohio's concealed weapons law."

"The police jurisdictions have asked Ruehlman to throw the case out."

Get off that bike and get your gun
Submitted by: YES!!!

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"...only 92 Americans were killed in hunting accidents during 1997. In the same 12 months, 787 people died in the United States while bicycling and 1,500 others drowned while swimming."

"The nation's 15.4 million hunters were involved in 972 shooting accidents that year, which works out to a rate of one accident per 15,844 hunters."

"In the same period, there were 544,561 biking injuries among 45.1 million participants, or about one accident per 83 cyclists."
Read THIS!!

2,500 National Rifle Association members gather to applaud Heston
Submitted by: NRA

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An hour before the sun rose yesterday, hundreds of National Rifle Association members united for two purposes: They came to praise Charlton Heston and to try to bury Al Gore.

Heston led a raucous rally aimed at defeating Gore in next month's presidential election. He told a crowd of some 2,500 at the Palace Inn in Monroeville that Gore is a duplicitous character who would rob law-abiding citizens of the freedom to own guns.
No kidding.

Not-so Safe-Storage Laws

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Not-so Safe-Storage Laws

The only ones “safe” are the intruders.
By Dave Kopel, Dr. Paul Gallant & Dr. Joanne Eisen of the Independence Institute

We're told that "safe-storage" laws for guns are all about saving the lives of our children. In fact, these laws lead directly to the deaths of both children and adults. The only people to end up safer are violent home intruders.

Suddenly, Dems Are Worried About California
Submitted by: California

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Gore thought he had Kalifornia in the bag. Maybe not. We should be so lucky to watch the left coast wake up and spank Dems for a change...

13-year-old shooter pleads guilty
Submitted by: Riverheart

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Two words: Parental Supervision.

Where was it?

Interesting take on hunting accidents -- the truth got through the press
Submitted by: Hunting Accidents

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Quick read, excerpted from an editorial in a Minnesota news source, explaining that hunting accidents will never go away completely, because people are human, and therefore careless...

Africa: bragging about confiscating two guns and 57 rounds of ammo
Submitted by: Africa

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With stuff like this going on, no wonder the politicians there absolutely need bodyguards...

Concealed weapon charge dropped
Submitted by: Hmmm

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"Criminal charges were dropped Wednesday in exchange for non-criminal tickets for a Milwaukee man who illegally transported a gun he kept for protection after his girlfriend was fatally shot."

"Defense attorney Jon Deitrich said in an interview Wednesday that his client, William Daniel, was wrong to stick the gun under his front car seat. Deitrich said he believed many otherwise law-abiding citizens do the same without knowing they are breaking the law."
The CONSTITUTION is my "permit."

The right of the people to keep and bear arms has been recognized by the General Government; but the best security of that right after all is, the military spirit, that taste for martial exercises, which has always distinguished the free citizens of these States....Such men form the best barrier to the liberties of America — Gazette of the United States, October 14, 1789.

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