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Newslinks for 10/5/2000

Surrogates for gun control
Submitted by: Gore Control

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"It was a centerpiece of the Democratic convention, but it has become Al Gore's forgotten issue, an issue he omits wherever he campaigns. "What issue?" you ask. For those who do not follow the politics of gun control, it has been easy to miss Al Gore and Joe Lieberman's lack of public support for their positions in favor of more and more restrictive gun legislation. For those of us who do, their silence has been deafening, and the issue was never mentioned during Tuesday's debate."

Patrick Henry's Speech Rewritten for Modern Times
Submitted by: Patrick Henry

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"Have you ever asked yourself, ‘what if'? What if we took patriotic speeches from colonial times, that are recited in schools all across America, and updated them to fit current circumstances? What if someone went onto the floor of Congress and delivered such a speech? What if someone recited it in a school today? Let’s try it out, with that in mind, and see how we feel about it?"

McCain Backstabs Gun Owners
Submitted by: Ned Alles

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McCain shows his true colors here for all of us to see.

County mandates guns to be locked
Submitted by: Gun Lock Mandate

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"Brushing off the threat of a lawsuit, Miami-Dade County commissioners voted Tuesday to require gun owners countywide to lock up their firearms if those guns could land in the hands of a child."

"The ordinance will require gun owners to secure weapons in a locked box or with a trigger lock if that weapon is left where a child could retrieve it."

"The law takes effect in 10 days."
NRA and others are fighting it. May the first family to be hurt by the law sue heartily.

Man says police raid violated his rights
Submitted by: Constitutional Issue

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"A federal judge will decide whether state and federal agents violated a resident's constitutional rights when they confiscated his gun collection."

"U.S. District Judge David Lawson is to hear testimony Friday in Bay City over whether state troopers responding to a 911 hang-up call had the right to enter the trailer of Thomas Meixner and his girlfriend without permission."
This could be a bellweather case. Too bad he was a prior felon, or this could be a much bigger deal...

ISRA: Chicago Mayor Daley Ducks Responsibility In Fight Against Gun Violence
Submitted by: Chicago

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ISRA: "Mayor Daley, who bills himself as a champion in the fight against gun violence, has remained mysteriously silent regarding his police department's role in funneling guns to street criminals. Equally mysterious is the fact that the CPD has refused to cooperate in a fact-finding effort..."

Man Accused of Threatening Bush
Submitted by: Threats

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"A man who allegedly threatened Texas Gov. George W. Bush was ordered on Wednesday to remain at his 30-acre farm while a federal grand jury considers the case."

Roger W. Deal was arrested Saturday by U.S. Secret Service agents after an employee at a shopping mall reported he told her, "I'm going home to warm up my gun. I heard George W. Bush is coming to Huntington."

DPS admits state jumped the gun on pistol permits
Submitted by: "Permits" in Texas

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"Texas failed to perform full background checks on 407 people who had convictions but were granted licenses for concealed handguns, the Department of Public Safety has acknowledged."

"Seventy-one of those had convictions that should have excluded them from permits..."
It's better for 71 felons to have guns (which they already knew they shouldn't have and were thus violating laws anyway), than for nobody to have them.

You've got to have good gear if you want to be a bodyguard
Submitted by: Bodyguard

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"As many as 150 of the country's richest moguls are coming to Austin for the big Fortune 500 summit this month. With murmurs of protests in addition to the usual security concerns that go with such an event, you're likely to see more edgy-looking guys in suits than when George W. Bush comes to town to pick up his mail."
Interesting read about bodyguarding.

UK: Pushing for even stricter laws for shotguns
Submitted by: UK

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"THE Government's ability to infuriate those who live in the countryside has long been apparent. With yesterday's proposals for yet tighter regulations on shotguns, it has gone one further, and seems intent on provocation."
When you hear something like that in the socialist media from the UK, you KNOW the fit is hitting the shan.
Intro story here, as well, for further reading:

The Choice: Arm All or Arm None by Charley Reese
Submitted by: Reese

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"Let's play let's pretend. Let's pretend that Suzy, an innocent citizen, and Joe, a cop, are forced to deal with the same criminal, Zack."

"Now Zack one night catches Suzy on the way to her car in a parking lot, beats the stew out of her, and rapes her. Now the gun-control crowd absolutely insists that Suzy does not need a handgun in order to deal with Zack. So an unarmed Suzy becomes a victim of Zack..."
Charley Reese nails it again!!

Widow sues gun dealer
Submitted by: Gregory Hughes

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Florida teacher's widow is suing the gun dealer who sold the gun.

Ballistic Fingerprints
Submitted by: Fed Up

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Feel free to take fox's little poll on the upper right hand side of this article.

Clinton Administration Denies Data
Submitted by: coprtoppe

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The Justice Department is denying news organizations, public interest groups and the general public access to information about how the Clinton Administration has enforced the nation's laws.

The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding. — JUSTICE LOUIS BRANDEIS (1928)

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