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Newslinks for 11/28/2000

Illinois gun owners toting weapons in fanny packs
Submitted by: YES

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"CHICAGO (AP) -- A growing number of registered Illinois gun owners are carrying concealed handguns and ammunition in specially designed fanny packs, but questions regarding their legal right to do so remain unresolved."

"Gun owners and firearms advocates believe they have found a loophole in a state law that allows registered owners to carry a gun that is unloaded and ``enclosed in a case...or other container.'"
Some cops are NOT arresting people!!

Family asks leniency for killer
Submitted by: Hmmm

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Guy is convicted of murdering one person and shooting another, had a prior conviction of armed robbery, and his family is telling us what a sweet and gentle guy he is while the judge is telling us he might only get 20 years.

What I want to know is: WHY DON'T WE HAND HIM THIS WEEK ON NATIONAL TELEVISION?? This nation is so full of soft, ooozy cowards it makes me sick. In earlier days, this guy would hang and that would deter other bad guys in the area from doing the same damn thing.

Hagel Promotes Bipartisan Cabinet
Submitted by: Clifford J. Petersen

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Senator Hagel, what do you mean "if?" Algore wants to extend the deadlines, rewrite the rules, and take the machine rejected ballots into his bedroom and "recount" them until he can come up with ONE more vote than W. Junior will fight in the courts to reject the votes of our patriotic military personnel serving overseas to defend our Constitution while preaching at home that "every vote must count." Every vote in three pro-Gore Florida counties, that is. George W. Bush is PRESIDENT-ELECT Bush.

The Whole Clip
Submitted by: Clifford J. Petersen

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I don't know who LeBoutillier's "hunting friend" is, but I sure wouldn't want to hunt small game, say mulies, with him around. Make the first one count, you know. On the other hand, with a wounded cape buffalo, or a kill-crazed rhino, or a foaming-at-the-mouth junior charging from 20 feet and trying to gore me, this might be the prudent response. Keep it tight to your shoulder, watch that front sight and keep pulling, Dubya. That damaged critter will be in a heap at your feet momentarily.

Why to shoot when your door gets kicked in and they are screaming "FBI. FBI"
Submitted by: Hmmm

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You gotta read this to believe it.

Prison awaits thug -- 'Nice guy' is a five-time felon
Submitted by: Stop Letting Him Out!!

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I can't for the life of me understand why they kept letting this guy out. Rape a woman, stab a father, rape another one...should have KILLED this guy a long time ago...but instead, they let him out and he did it again.

Attorney says gunmakers get privileges
Submitted by: Gun Lawsuits

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A 1999 Louisiana law that retroactively barred cities from filing lawsuits against handgun makers "targeted" just such a suit filed by New Orleans in 1998 and gives the gun industry "special privileges," an attorney for the Crescent City told the state's top court Monday.

"The Legislature passed this law specifically to defeat this lawsuit," said Metairie lawyer Daniel Abel.
Boy, did you figure that out all by yourself?! Somebody needs to pay that guy a visit and explain FREEDOM.

Man shot in theater wasn't holding pistol
Submitted by: Ouch!!

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"The man who accidentally shot himself in a Hoover movie theater Saturday night didn't have the gun in his hand when it went off, Hoover police said Monday."

"Richard Nelson, 43, of Hoover went to see 102 Dalmatians at the Carmike 10 Cinemas off Lorna Road with a Glock 17 9 mm pistol in his jacket pocket, according to a Hoover police report."
Glocks are accident guns for a lot of people, including cops. No external safety is just that: not safe. (my opinion only)

Jail won't bench Rockies pitcher
Submitted by: Say WHAT?

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Guy assaults his wife, and they tailor his jail time to fit his SCHEDULE!!

Elderly woman wounded as police shoot it out with grandson
Submitted by: Wow

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"A Chicago man was charged Saturday with forcing his grandmother to withdraw money from an ATM at gunpoint and getting into a shootout with police that left an officer and the 68-year-old woman wounded."

"It was not yet known who fired the bullets that struck Johnson, police said."

Solomon Says

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The madness of civilian disarmament in the South Pacific.

By Dave Kopel, Dr. Paul Gallant, & Dr. Joanne Eisen of the Independence Institute

Once again Dave Kopel dramatically illustrates the folly of disarming a civilian population.

But, will anyone listen?

Submitted by: Paul Williams

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David Boies Head attorney was put on notice come clean by a Florida attorney. Tell the truth about the IL statue of dimp ballots by 5:00pm tuesday or we will come after you legally quoted a FL attorney.

As you know David Boies lied in oral arguement to the Florida State Supreme court regarding dimples. He said IL allowed dimples, this false they are not counted.

Fax and Email this certifed letter to every politican you know and demand results.


The pool of guns that get turned in in buybacks are simply not the same guns that would otherwise have been used in crime. Harvard professor David Kennedy, as reported on FoxNews

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