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Newslinks for 12/26/2008

Merry Christmas
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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What in the world are you doing here?

It's Christmas!

Get off the computer and go be with the ones you love.

If there is no one you love, go fix that. Get off the computer and go do something loving for someone.

Godzilla, Good Old Boys and Christmas morning
Submitted by: Mike Vanderboegh

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... "As a fifty caliber rifle shooter I note with interest that I am no longer welcome within the city limits of LA. The police chief says that fifty cals are only needed to deal with 'Godzilla.' Well, when Godzilla comes to town don't come crying to me about how you don't have the means to deal with him. If he eats both the Mayor and the Police Chief, I'll merely be back here in Alabama laughing."

"Reminds me of the story about the Tennessee good old boy who owned a Holland & Holland elephant gun in some big Nitro Express caliber. His friends used to rag him about it. 'Earl what do you own an elephant gun for? You ain't never goin' to Africa and you know it.'"

"'I keep it to protect me from any rogue elephants that might be around.'"

"'But, Earl, there AIN'T no rogue elephants in Tennessee.'"

"'That's because I'm ready for 'em and they know it.'" ...

'You'll shoot your eye out.' Talking about guns at Christmastime
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"The onslaught of the 24-hour A Christmas Story marathon on cable television tomorrow raises an interesting contemporary question: When is a Second Amendment-protected firearm just a gun and when does it become a much bigger threat to public safety?" ...

"Obviously, a kid's BB gun is a far sight different than a deer hunting rifle or pistol. But then so is a 'sporterized' AK-47 boasting a minor cosmetic redesign that allows it to skirt the 1994 federal assault weapons ban that has since expired." ...

Submitter's Note: So when a manufacturer changes the design of an item in order to comply with the (unConstitutional) law, the antis call it skirting the law.

Scary Thoughts: The New Secretary Of State
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"Last week in trying to understand what will happen to us under the regime of 'The Mystery that is Obama,' we started looking at his appointees. ..."

"Here is what I think Obama’s selection of Hillary as Secretary of State will do to us."

"First, what does the SOS (pun intended) do? ..." ...

"... Let's take a look at what she told us on her platform for her presidential run." ...

"She says: (7) Gun control – A) Supports limiting access to guns by looking for early warning signs of violent intentions among purchasers. (Think about that statement. Hillary believes that someone should have the power to decide, based on what they think about what you may do, to deny your Second Amendment right.)" ...

Rubicon in the Rear-View, Part III: En Route to Military Rule
Submitted by: Larry

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"'We no longer have a civilian-led government.'"

"This ominous conclusion comes to us from Thomas A. Schweich, who held the title of deputy assistant secretary of state for international law enforcement affairs in the Bush Regime, by way of a December 21 Washington Post op-ed column. Lamenting 'the silent military coup d'etat that has been steadily gaining ground below the radar screen of most Americans and the media,' Schweich describes the infusion of the military 'into a striking number of aspects of civilian government' as 'the most unnerving legacy of the Bush administration.'"

"Schweich is not an advocate of limited-government who managed to burrow deeply into the Bu'ushist Welfare/Warfare State ..." ...

NY: Suffolk runs out of cash for gun buyback program
Submitted by: New York State Rifle & Pistol Association

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"Mark DeAngelis heard that Suffolk County was giving people $200 gift cards to turn in illegal handguns last weekend, so he looked behind a rafter in a warehouse he rents and found a revolver he stashed there ..."

"He called Suffolk's Third Precinct ... confirmed that they were still doing the program and then drove there and turned over the gun ..."

"But after he handed the gun to the officer, he said he got bad news: There was no money left."

"'He basically said, 'You just gave me an illegal handgun. We're out of money. Do you have a problem with that?' said DeAngelis ..."

"'He said he would give me a receipt if I ... showed him some ID,' DeAngelis said. '... I thought the whole point was that the program was supposed to be anonymous.'" ...

Americans who value freedom had better be more concerned about the gun control crowd than the criminals. The criminals want your money. The Neo-Totalitarians want your freedom. — Charlie Reese

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