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Newslinks for 4/13/2001

Cincinnati Mayor May Call National Guard to End Protests
Submitted by: Jeff Rau

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Vandals roamed the city early Thursday, breaking windows and looting stores as unrest spread from a mostly black neighborhood where a police officer was shot in earlier rioting. "If that means calling (Gov.) Bob Taft and getting the National Guard here in Cincinnati, as much of a stigma as that is for our city, I intend to do just that."
~~Yeah call Governor Taft. I have great confidence that he will protect the people....NOT.

OPPOSE H.R.1397 "Youth Violence Prevention Act"
Submitted by: John Rich

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Rep. Defazio (D-OR) introduced H.R.1397, which proposes 4 things:

1) to "allow" private citizens to conduct background checks (NICS) for private gun sales;
2) a $250 "tax credit" for purchase of gun safety storage devices;
3) to make it a crime to manufacture a handgun without a "child safety lock"; and
4) to make it a crime to "allow" a "juvenile" to steal your gun and use it to hurt someone.


UK: British Police Raid 11-year old's Birthday Party
Submitted by: Jase Murphy

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"Roland Hopper will never forget his 11th birthday party - after an armed police team arrested him as he cut his cake. Officers stormed the birthday bash and arrested Roland after he was seen playing with his new pellet gun."

~~This is just unbelievable.

KABA Note: It also doesn't sound very far from our own "American zero-tolerance" polices.

You Must Take Responsibility For Your Own Protection
Submitted by: Chicago farmer

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Riots in Cinny for the last four days. The Mayor has called a state of emergency. Anti-gun liberals are strangely quiet.

In Los Angeles riots of 1990, shop keepers kept rioters back because they had adequate tools for self-defense. ("Self-defense tools" are "dangerous guns", for the liberal gun haters.)

Here are the facts.

Minnesota House Approves Concealed-Weapons Bill!
Submitted by: Tyree White

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The Minnesota House gave gun-rights groups a major victory Monday evening when a strong bipartisan majority passed a bill intended to allow more citizens to carry guns in public for self-defense.

The bill, Proposition B, is expected to face resistance in the State Senate.


Smith & Wesson's Deal With the Devil
Submitted by: Tyree White

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"It never pays to do business with a blackmailer. Gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson is still paying the price for breaking that rule." --Tanya Metaksa

TX Alert: OPPOSE HB367 "Closing the Gun Show Loophole"
Submitted by: Skypod

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"HB367, which could be voted on by the Texas House at almost any time, seeks to ban private gun sales under the thin disguise of closing the so-called gun show loophole." --GOA Alerts


Police Wanted to Investigate Teen a Year Before Columbine
Submitted by: Skypod

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Documents released under a judge's order show that deputies had proposed investigating one of the teen killers at Columbine High School a year before the massacre. "We are surprised that it has taken two years to get this information out. We had heard about it," said Judy Brown, whose son, Brooks, was a friend of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. "The sheriff's department is actively involved in a cover-up."

"Gunman Shot Near School"
Submitted by: Skypod

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This is a nice compilation of anti-gun hysteria, complete with references to "violence near schools" (although the incident had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the school), and a woman "frozen with fear". The criminal saw her face. Of course, she can't protect herself if he comes after her, as this happened in Connecticut.

Gun Deaths Declined 25% in 1990s?
Submitted by: Jim Wissick

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Gun deaths in the U.S. dropped more than 25% during the mid-1990s, to the lowest level since 1966, analysts at the 'Centers for Disease Control & Prevention' said. Gun-related injuries fell by nearly half during the same period.

KABA NOTE: the article goes on to say that "Guns remain the 2ND leading cause of injury-related deaths in the U.S., trailing only auto accidents." WHICH IS NOT TRUE according to the 'National Safety Council', who lists deaths from firearm injuries as around 11TH. View the NSC stats Here

The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered Eastern peoples to have arms. History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so. Indeed I would go so far as to say that the underdog is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let's not have any native militia or police. German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order. Adolf Hitler, April 11, 1942. (Source: "Hitler's Table-Talk at the Fuehrer's Headquarters 1941-1942", Dr. Henry Picker, ed. (Athenaeum Verlag, Bonn, 1951).)

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