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Newslinks for 4/14/2001

Administrator Wears Pistol To City Commission Meeting
Submitted by: David Bowman

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Johnson City, Tennessee's top administrator, Charles Harmon, makes a statement by showing up at the city commission meeting with his sidearm!

KABA Note: While the article itself has nothing to do with gun rights, the fact that Harmon carried openly is news enough!

Handgun Market Drops Off Steeply?
Submitted by: Anonymous

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"The American handgun market has dropped off so steeply that some industry experts worry it may never fully recover." ... "Observers and critics cite a number of factors for the decline, including tougher rules for purchasing handguns, the revulsion caused by workplace and school shootings, and the possibility that Americans already own all the guns they want." ... "The handgun business is 'a dying industry,' declares Cameron Hopkins, editor-in-chief of American Handgunner magazine."

~~I seriously doubt it. Especially from a magazine that pushes the idea that we should still buy Smith & Wesson. And who are these other "experts"?

Young Self-Defender Prosecuted for Not Having Registration Card
Submitted by: Ken Bach

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The defender will be prosecuted for not having a "Firearms Owner's Identification card" for the pistol he used. Of course, being only 20 years old, he couldn't get one. Apparently they don't realize, in Waukegan IL, that self-defense is a human right. They think it is a "privilege" that comes with age.

Armed Robber Fatally Shot By Grocer
Submitted by: Angel Shamaya

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A South Side, Chicago, grocery store owner shot and killed an armed robber when the gunman turned toward a customer. "We need more people like him in this neighborhood," one customer said.

The robber's seven-year criminal record includes convictions of mob action, assault, attempted aggravated battery, and attempted armed robbery. The robber's cousin, Gloria, said the shooting was wrong no matter what the circumstances, and "It's too much to take somebody's life for money."

KABA NOTE: We realize, Gloria, that your cousin really had the peoples' best interests at heart while he terrorized his victims, and now that he won't be doing that anymore, it is *such* a loss to the community....

Girls' Rifle Use At YMCA Camp Angers Parents
Submitted by: Skypod

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"Some North Texas parents were up in arms this week over their young daughters' use of rifles at a YMCA camping trip last month. The parents of about 150 Plano-area girls were particularly upset that fathers rather than camp counselors were responsible for teaching the girls how to shoot .22-caliber rifles."

~~Talk about stupidity! Besides the fact that they were learning gun SAFETY, how could they trust disinterested camp counselors over FATHERS?

Bill 'Creates' Organ Donors
Submitted by: Jeff Rau

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Protect the rights of your dead body.

North Carolina's state senator Howard Lee has introduced S-907 which will allow the medical examiner to assume you want to be an organ donor if you have not paid the $10 for an indicator on your drivers license that you specifically do not want to be a donor.

This should be called the "rob graves without a shovel" bill.

If I am not mistaken, it is a religious belief of Jews and probably others that they should NOT be donors.

Feminine Firepower
Submitted by: Anonymous

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There is still only one way to reduce aggravated assault: Keep'm Guessing!

Gun permit applications are off but local dealers say sales are good and 30-40% of buyers are women. "Why are they doing it? It's very simple. Believe me, though it's said that all 'men' are created equal, they're not. When you have a 280 pound, 6-foot-6 gorilla coming at you and you're a 95-pound woman the equality is gone." --Dennis Riley, owner of A-1 Wholesale Guns, Inc. in Rialto, CA.

Gun Control Science Misfires
Submitted by: Mike B.

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Post Comments | Read Comments's main page states "Junk Science -- Argument that guns pose a public health problem shoots blanks". Finally... truth surfaces in the mainstream media!

"The myth-busting work of Dr. Faria and others exposes gun control not only as being unlikely to reduce violence but also as having adverse safety and economic consequences. Junk science-fueled gun control misfires as a public health strategy." --Steven Milloy, FOX NEWS

KABA NOTE: It's nice seeing Dr. Faria get exposure on FoxNews. Faria's organization, AAPS, is also a sponsor of the Gun Safety Forum in Arizona on the 21st. Good people...

Jane Fonda in Fort Worth
Submitted by: Tyree White

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150 vets protest Jane Fonda: Some came in wheelchairs, their decorations and medals pinned prominently above their hearts. Many carried hand-drawn placards reflecting their anger, hurt and disappointment that actress Jane Fonda was speaking only a few feet away.

Illinois CCW Stalled In House
Submitted by: Ken Bach

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"The disappointment of HB401 not to even make it to the floor of the House is a bitter defeat..."

The official status is "Referred to House Rules Committee." Under House Rules, a bill has only so long to be voted on by the House after being passed by the committee. If the bill is not voted on, it dies.


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