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Newslinks for 5/10/2001

Flamethrowing & Backdraft
Submitted by: skypod

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(Everyone, including me, can use this reminder now and again, when it gets tempting to publicize a problem one has with someone who is usually on our side.)

"Gun-control=safety for the kids" folks curiously quiet on school stabbing
Submitted by: Robert Waters

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"For some reason CNN did not go full time with this story Monday. And in most Lower 48 newspapers, including the Pioneer Press, the story got one paragraph on the inside pages. Yet, except for the weapon, this story was the same as all the other school violence stories -- crackpot takes weapon to school and terrorizes students. Not to mention that he did more harm than some of the school shooters."

KABA NOTE: Of course the gun controllers are quiet. "Knife safety" has nothing to do with their TRUE motive for "gun control", which is preventing good people from being able to protect themselves from enemies, foreign and domestic.

Submitted by: Jeff Garvas

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Major grassroots pro-gun organizations in the State of Ohio are united against efforts by Representatives Jim Aslanides and Nancy Hollister to introduce a second concealed carry bill which quite possibly could poison the waters and literally kill any chance of concealed carry legislation passing in this session. Your immediate action is neccesary -- please take a moment to read the details and take ten minutes of your time to place a few telephone calls. (information at link!)

Taste of Chicago: Fanny Packs/Trigger lock follow-up
Submitted by: Ken Bach

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* Update form John Birch at Concealed Carry, Inc.: There is a sort of "protest" being planned in Chi Town--basically gun owners are going to thumb their noses at the CPD by carrying fanny packs with nonfunctioning guns in them.

* Also, a follow-up story from the accidental shooting on the SW side: "The youth removed the magazine from the gun and apparently thinking it was unloaded pointed the weapon at Adames and fired, police said." Too bad the officer didn't teach his kid the basic safety rules.

Foster-Care Ban on Guns Under Fire
Submitted by: G. Hughes

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"Ryan and Mary King want to become foster parents and one day hope to adopt. But King's refusal to disarm while having a foster child in his home disqualifies him for consideration as a foster parent, an administrative officer for Utah's Department of Human Services has ruled. King, who has a concealed weapon permit, was notified in January that because he would not relinquish his concealed gun at home, he could not become a foster parent."

One man's battle with property seizure law
Submitted by: Ken Bach

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Robert Doyle knew his 23-year-old daughter, Dina, had been running with the wrong crowd and that she had been arrested for drug possession. But the Glendale Heights man says he didn't fully understand the depth of his daughter's troubles.

Rarely has an issue made such strange bedfellows. Those challenging the law range from the ACLU to the National Rifle Association.

H.CON.129 - National Million Mom March Day
Submitted by: John Rich

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Rep. McCarthy (D-NY) has introduced House Concurrent Resolution 129 (H.Con.129), to pay tribute to the victims of gun trauma and to celebrate the Million Mom March, and asking President Bush to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe a "Million Mom March Day" with "appropriate programs and activities".

KABA NOTE: We *KNOW* we don't have to reiterate how lame and moronic this bill is! Right now there is only one cosponsor, and we doubt this bill will pass. But just in case, it has been referred to the 'House Committee on Government Reform'. You can find and contact the members of the committee here.

South Africa: Firearms tax 'absurd'
Submitted by: Anonymous

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News24 in South Africa reports on the next step to harass legal gun owners:

"A proposal that firearms be taxed to help fund compensation for crime victims bordered on absurdity, the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) said on Wednesday. 'The idea is clearly aimed at discouraging the possession of firearms,' the union said in a statement in Pretoria."

‘He Was a Nice Guy’
Submitted by: Mike Hoskinson

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"Nathaniel Brazill, the 14-year-old charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of his teacher, is expected to resume testimony in a West Palm Beach courtroom today."

The kid brings a .25 caliber handgun to school (after being sent home) because he was "going on a hunting trip with his uncle that summer" (.25 cal? Hunting WHAT?!!); "pointed the pistol at Grunow to scare the teacher" (he didn't MEAN to!!!); "the cheap pistol fired unintentionally" (those damn guns are at it again!)

KABA NOTE: This guy sounds ALMOST as "nice" as the "crackhead crook" who was finally put out of everyone's misery by a civilian (story in today's Newslinks).

Fayette, GA: Shooting range opposed
Submitted by: G. Hughes

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The County Commission will hear a resident's concerns Thursday about a shooting range used by a 4-H Club. Some residents have complained about the sound of gunfire. The range is used by the 4-H SAFE program. Starting in February and ending in mid-May teenagers practice shooting clay targets at the range. Resident Dan Bates will request changes in the 4-H Club's permit at the commission's meeting at the county administrative complex, 140 Stonewall Ave.

Why was the thief on street?
Submitted by: G. Hughes

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The crackhead crook allegedly killed by a furious neighbor was in and out of jail for 25 years - yet hardly off the streets for more than a few weeks at a time, records show. "[Vicenty] obviously caught him red-handed and did justice." said one police source.

KABA NOTE: Like we've been saying: Get the criminals off the street, and there will be less crime. (duh)

Allowing riflery training while decrying gun violence doesn't send a mixed message any more than does supporting a wrestling team while opposing schoolyard brawls. — CHICAGO TRIBUNE

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