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Shooting Ruled Self-Defense
Submitted by: Anonymous

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~Investigators and the Newport News Commonwealth Attorney's office have determined that a man who shot a woman to death acted in self defense.

KABA NOTE: Good for them! The man was in a wheelchair and attacked by a woman.

Kids and Guns
Submitted by: bill oploh (fixed link)

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~~Great article by Walt Williams on kids and guns in Jewish World Review, a good common sense article in a good, conservative on-line journal.

"EVERY time there's a school shooting, there are demands for greater gun control measures that range from longer waiting periods and mandated gun locks to stricter licensing and restricted sales. With all the political posturing and demagoguery that follows, a hysterical public buys into the seeming plausibility that reduced availability of guns, especially to children, will reduce gun violence.

The facts of the matter are just the opposite."

2nd Amendment Report
Submitted by: Tyree White

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~Information Packed. Very good!

KABA NOTE: The Second Amendment Foundation's 'Gottlieb-Tartaro Report' (April 2001) is a brief summary of gun-related news from the past month. Many of the stories you have seen posted on KeepAndBearArms.

CA: Forcing doctors to ask kids about guns (SB765)
Submitted by: RT

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Pending bill requires pediatricians to query patients on state program!

~Doctors in California, in conjunction with the American Association of Pediatrics are starting to actively campaign for a complete handgun ban--except, of course, for law enforcement. Titled the "Protection of Children from Handguns Act," ...handguns serve no legitimate or lawful purpose... While not specifically stated or inferred in the article, it's easy to see how it would empower Child Protective Services to remove children from 'dangerous' homes containing guns.


Riot prosecutors ignore violence toward whites
Submitted by: skypod

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"Three days of racially charged riots in Cincinnati earlier this month reached a new level of acrimony last week after black-on-white crimes were largely ignored by federal prosecutors. Locals are asking why those assaults, many of which were captured on videotape, have gone unpunished."

A Cincinnati law enforcement source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, added: "My understanding is that we may have a double standard of hate crime prosecution at the federal level."

Calif. Measure Addresses Felons with Guns?
Submitted by: skypod

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Senate Leader Jim Brulte, a [supposedly] strong ally of gun-rights groups, introduced a new gun-control bill to integrate several existing databases of people who legally acquired a gun before dropping into a "prohibited category" (currently listed as those convicted of violent misdemeanors, subject to restraining orders, or considered mentally ill and a danger).

~Doesn't he realize that this will set a precedent of serious governmental privacy violation? And what happens when that "prohibited category" expands?


Submitted by: skypod

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If you are interested in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, you must read these books, particularly the second one on the list:

Confrontational Politics by H.L. Richardson explains in detail the only way we can win. ~~ During 22 years of legislative experience, Sen. Richardson found that the only thing that got things done was confrontation. Learn how to use this lobbying philosophy to effect changes in your legislature.

Only $6 plus s/h from Gun Owners Foundation!

The AMA Joins Gun Grabbers
Submitted by: Al Hambidge

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"Spurred on by their president-elect, the American Medical Association (AMA) is getting ready to take on the defenders of the Second Amendment. Some AMA members are vowing a last-ditch fight to stop what foes say is just thinly disguised anti-gun propaganda."

KABA NOTE: In the article, Susan Adelman, an AMA trustee says, "There was worry that the position would be misinterpreted. Dr. Corlin is trying to walk a very careful line. He is trying to take a mature position within AMA policy, to gather information that allows players to formulate proposals." ~Why does he have to "TRY" to be mature about it? Either he is going to present unbiased information, or he isn't. If he's only "trying" to be unbiased, you can be sure his information will be heavily slanted.

Man given 3 months on handgun conviction
Submitted by: G. Hughes

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"A 44-year-old Howard County man was given a three-month jail term yesterday for lying on an application for a .45-caliber handgun and illegally possessing handguns."

Just Say "No to Toast"
Submitted by: chicagofarmer

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~Arguments by anti-gun nuts are full of lies, bad statistics, misrepresentations, and fabrications of the highest level. This author takes a shot at how the "idiot parade" is moved along by media spin when compared to bread and toast statistics. Enjoy and use the comparisons when appropriate in your defense of the Second Amendment.

Submitted by: skypod

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The GrassRoots GunRights concealed weapon permit (CWP) law and other gun law reforms was just passed by the Senate Judiciary subcommittee as bill S.261, and is going to the full Senate Judiciary Committee for a hearing as soon as Tuesday afternoon, May 8, 2001. If you act NOW, we can get S.261 passed. Every one of us must let the Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee know we support S.261 EXACTLY as it came out of subcommittee. Every one of us must send postcards and faxes, make phone calls, and send emails.

The story link above includes an Email Form With Prewritten Letter, Full Details of S.261, and All Contact Info.

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws. Tacitus (A.D. 55?-130?)

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