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Newslinks for 5/25/2001

NASA and FBI Raid Greenville Tube Corp
Submitted by: skypod

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This may or may not be RKBA related, but it is mysterious...

On May 17, about 24 agents raided Greenville Tube Corp., a metal tube manufacturer in Clarksville, AR. Witnesses reported seeing some agents wearing FBI and others with NASA identification.

Vicki Lyons, executive director of the Clarksville-Johnson County Chamber of Commerce, said FBI agents took computers and files from the business, which employs about 225 people. She said the company provides some products to a distributor that sells to NASA.

And what says NASA?

"The inspector general's office has told us to refer all questions to the U.S. attorney. Even if we knew anything, we couldn't talk, but we don't know anything." --NASA spokesman Bob Jacobs.

Liberalism or Infantilism?
Submitted by: Shovelhead

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"Some aspects of what passes for liberalism today could better be described as infantilism. Among the most obvious are pacifism and absolutist gun control. ... The worst effect is the regression of citizens from self-sufficient adults into dependent, overgrown children who rely on a parentified government to take care of them, make important decisions for them, and defend their families." --Dr. David Stolinsky, M.D.

Robbery victims blow off prevention seminar
Submitted by: G. Hughes

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"After five convenience store heists in 17 days by an unknown masked bandit, city police offered robbery prevention training Wednesday. But only one person showed up, and he was just a concerned citizen."

~~How about giving them the ability to carry concealed weapons?

KABA NOTE: The article says that "People reached at the five stores robbed declined to comment for this story or referred calls to their corporate owners, who couldn't be reached for comment." -- Were they just lazy? Or were they prevented from attending by the corporate owners?

A big boost for Chuck, Hill and all New Yorkers
Submitted by: G. Hughes

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"With Democrats in charge, Schumer is in line to head two crucial panels, including the judiciary subcommittee that will screen President Bush's federal judges and oversee's the Department of Justice and the FBI."

~~Oh boy, I can hardly wait!

Maryland Lawmaker proposes bear hunt
Submitted by: G. Hughes

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"The speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates is calling for a black bear hunting season amid increasing human-bear encounters in the western part of the state."

KABA NOTE: The article says, "Maryland Natural Resources Secretary Sarah Taylor-Rogers said the hunting ban would remain in place. The state is 'studying' the problem. ... "Why should it be necessary to hunt?" said DNR spokesman John Surrick. "Hunting is not necessarily an answer to nuisance complaints."

Visit the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and their
Black Bear Conservation Program

Contact Secretary Sarah, Phone 410.260.8101, Fax 410.260.8111

Contact Spokesman Surrick: Phone 410.260.8008

Shooting More Holes in Gun Control
Submitted by: Skypod

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"It has long been the perception of much of the public that the United States is the most crime-riddled country in the industrialized world. For many this is a common assumption, something we have learned since grade school. May I prove that assumption wrong?" --Jeff Dantre

Churches Rocked by Shootings
Submitted by: Anonymous

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In the past 10 days, middle Tennessee and south-central Kentucky have had church services interrupted by shooters.

Stand Up for Your Gun Rights
Submitted by: skypod

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"I have indicated in the past that we have lost freedoms in this country of ours. It started with the first unconstitutional attack on the second amendment in 1936 with the machine gun act. One city, one county, one state, and one nation we are losing our rights and freedoms because stupid people get elected to office and violate their oath of office. I believe that anyone who violates that oath should be tried for treason and hanged in public when found guilty." --Sheriff Mike

Federal Bureau of Incompetence?
Submitted by: skypod

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"The FBI would like us to think it is incompetent -- that documents it should have turned over to the defense teams of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols just got lost in the shuffle. Do you buy it? I don't." --Joseph Farah, Between the Lines


Pollster Focuses on Media's Anti-Gun Bias
Submitted by: skypod

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"A leading opinion pollster said Sunday she believes the national media's anti-gun bias, as reflected in much of the reporting about gun crimes and gun issues, stems from the fact that most reporters and anchors don't know much about guns."

Submitted by: Jeff Rau

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"The symposium is being hosted by the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Injury Research and Control (CIRCL) and will cover topics on firearm prevention, child abuse, domestic violence, workplace violence and traumatic brain injury (TBI)."

KABA NOTE: Notice how they don't make any pretenses of saying "firearm INJURY prevention".

"'The statistics on violence in the United States are staggering,' said Dr. Marion. According to a 1999 National Crime Victimization Survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice, 562,870 victims of serious violent crimes (rape, sexual assault, robbery and aggravated assault) stated that they faced an offender with a firearm."

KABA NOTE: Notice how they don't mention the approximate 2,500,000 potential victims that defended themselves with one, often without having to fire a shot.

For more information see and

CONTACTS: Maureen McGaffin or Lisa Rossi or phone them at 412.647.3555 or fax 412.624.3184

Most reporters are very sympathetic to gun-control agendas and will skew or lie outright about facts to promote them. DENNIS CAUCHON, USA TODAY

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