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Kids throw away their toy guns in "protest"
Submitted by: Jamison

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"Saturday, more than 120 children dumped their toy guns in a large bin or signed a pledge for nonviolence. In return, they got a free hamburger meal and a Frisbee from the tactical team."

~Hundreds of thousands of people die every year from heart disease, a primary cause of which is excessive animal fat, and they toss a bit of cholesterol into the kids' veins -- as a prize for throwing toys away. Maybe they should take them to see the movie "Natural Born Killer," too.

KABA NOTE: It would have been more appropriate for the children to throw out their toy doctor's kits, toy cars, and bathing suits, as those things cause far more damage to children than guns ever will, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

Letisia Marquez, the author of this disgusting article, can be reached at

Fla. Gov. Bush Signs Pro-Gun Bill
Submitted by: bilhelm

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~Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush signs into law common sense legislation that says you can't sue gun manufacturers for a legal product. Let's hope some other states and governors follow his lead.

"This is not a question of local control," Bush said. "This is a question of, is it appropriate for municipalities to sue for political purposes? My answer is, there are ways to deal with the use of guns. It's not to sue the manufacturers; it's to punish the criminals who use them."


Woman dies in hijacked bus crash in Los Angeles
Submitted by: Jeff Rau

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A Los Angeles city bus that was hijacked by a gunman crashed Wednesday during a police chase through downtown, killing one person and injuring seven others.
If only California had some sensible gun laws it probably would not have happened. The sensible gun law is to allow law abiding people the right to carry defensive tools. A little cleanup on the bus and probably a new windshield instead of all the damage that was caused. When will they learn?

Self-Defense Shooter Cleared
Submitted by: John Rich

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(third article down) -- A Dallas, Texas, grand jury has cleared a home owner of any wrongdoing for shooting an intruder who kicked-in his front door at dawn while falsely claiming to be a policeman.

Gun safety lags in homes, "study" suggests
Submitted by: G. Hughes

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~More studies by doctors sticking their noses where they don't belong.

KABA NOTE: The article says, "Parents who own guns normally cap electrical outlets around their young children and have smoke alarms in their homes. They keep poisonous materials out of reach. But they are less likely to follow stringent safety practices when it comes to storing their guns, a new study concludes."

What the writer doesn't bother to mention is that both burns and poisoning are higher on the list for accidental child fatalities than gunshots according to the National Center for Health Statistics

Steve Myers, the author of this disgusting slanted article, can be reached at

Second Amendment held to a higher standard.
Submitted by: Bob Beatty

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John Dougherty nails it again!

"No constitutional right should be qualified before use. No government has the right to arbitrarily place restrictions and qualifiers on any constitutional guarantee, Second Amendment or otherwise."

World wary of President Bush's missile plan
Submitted by: Jeff Rau

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United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan said the missile plan would "inevitably impact upon global security and strategic stability." Annan appealed to all countries to avoid a new arms race and start negotiating irreversible disarmament agreements.
Annan just wants us all to be equal. He doesn't mean any harm.

Woman killed after her 911 call routed to wrong city
Submitted by: Chicago Farmer

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The "idiot parade" of gun haters will learn the hard way. Self-defense and self-preservation are an individual's responsibility. By State statute, government is not legally liable for mistakes or errors or omissions of duty to the general public. In fact, government is not responsible for protecting individuals.

Montgomery, MD, postpones bill to limit gun shows
Submitted by: G. Hughes

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"The Montgomery County Council yesterday postponed until May 16 a vote on legislation that would ban gun shows at multipurpose exhibit facilities and prohibit facilities that allow guns to be displayed from receiving county funds."

KABA NOTE: So the Democrat who sponsored the bill (Montgomery County Council President Blair Ewing) resorted to lying about the gun shows he is trying to stop: "Mr. Ewing said many people don't want their families exposed to such events and the kind of literature found there, which he says includes neo-Nazi materials."

State police say Mr. Krasner and his shows have a clean record. Mr. Krasner said he challenges Mr. Ewing to find any Nazi material or hate literature at his shows. "I'm a Jew -- do you think I'd allow that?" Mr. Krasner said. "I take 'never again' really seriously."

Gun disguised as pen seized at courthouse
Submitted by: G. Hughes

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"He had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, said Mecklenburg sheriff Jim Pendergraph, but it is against the law to carry any weapon on courthouse property."

Challenge to Tucson gun show rule dismissed on technicality
Submitted by: G. Hughes

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"A judge dismissed a challenge to new city rule requiring that those who buy weapons privatly at gun shows in city facilities undergo background checks. Judge Kenneth Lee of Pima County Superior Court dismissed the lawsuit filed by promoter Pat McMann on grounds that since McMann hadn't signed a contract under the new policy, he lacked standing to sue. ... However, he signed a contract on Tuesday, and City Attorney Michael House said it included an agreement that he wouldn't file such a suit."

KABA NOTE: How convenient for the City.

Gainer Rumored to be on Short List for High ATF Post
Submitted by: Ken Bach

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The Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) has learned from reliable sources that former Illinois State Police Director Terrance W. Gainer is being considered for an undisclosed, yet high level, position in the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms (ATF).

~Talk of Gainer's selection is yet another indication that the ATF is loading its upper ranks with antigun zealots...

US Surgeon General Launches Anti-Suicide Crusade
Submitted by: Anonymous

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~Way down at the bottom they point out where he calls for safe storage. Of course, no comparison to Japan is made.

KABA NOTE: "U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher on Wednesday launched a national campaign to combat suicide ... Satcher said efforts must be made to reduce easy access to the tools of death -- such as lethal drugs and guns -- to help guard against spur-of-the moment suicide attempts. He said guns are used in more than half of all suicide attempts and ... 90% of the suicide deaths among young black males."

Poppycock. Laws have never curbed suicide rates, nor has infringing on gun rights.

I have seen an American general and his officers, without pay, and almost without clothes, living on roots and drinking water; and all for LIBERTY! What chance have we against such men! -- young British officer to Colonel Watson describing the American militia rebels in Georgetown, SC [Source: 'Marion, The Life of Gen. Francis Marion' by M. L. Weems, Ch.18]

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