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Second Ammendment Sisters Schedule Rallies
Submitted by: Ron Ottenwess

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~Here's betting that there are no mentions of this, either before or after, on ABC, CBS or NBC. Fox might. That's even with a good turnout.~

"A pro-gun women's group has announced it will sponsor rallies in 22 cities on Mother's Day to show support for a woman's right to own and use a gun for protection and to counter planned demonstrations from an anti-gun women's organization."

KABA NOTE: Check their schedule of events

DNA Sample Links Narcotics Detective to Rape
Submitted by: Tyree White

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~They have guns?~

KABA NOTE: All the evidence, according to this article, points to the armed rapist and robber being Cpl. Bell, Narcotics Detective. And yet, "Cpl. Bell has been on paid administrative leave since his arrest." and "He was released from jail after posting $10,000 bail."

Cleveland NBC Affiliate may have lied on FBI Form 4473. Felony?
Submitted by: Ohioans For Concealed Carry

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The Cleveland NBC Affiliate WKYC (Channel 3) and various reporters, producers, or staff members may have conspired to commit a felony in the production of their Wednesday night story on Ohio's firearms laws.

Congressman Ron Paul Speaks May 19 in Arizona
Submitted by: Arizona Breakfast Club

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Second Amendment Champion Ron Paul, Texas Congressman, speaks at 8AM on May 19th in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is hosted by the patriotic Arizona Breakfast Club at the Scottsdale Civic Center Library Auditorium at 3839 N. Drinkwater Blvd. The $8 admission price includes a continental breakfast opening at 7AM. March against Sen. John McCain immediately after the meeting, with the Arizona chapter of FreeRepublic. Call 602.280.7600 & leave your reservations at the beep ending our briefing. Come hear Ron Paul!

Teens Doubt Anti-gun Measures Will Help Them
Submitted by: Ken Bach

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"Of the 1,000 teens surveyed, about 75% believe more gun control is needed, according to the national study by Uhlich Children's Home of Chicago. ... More than 90% of teens in the survey opposed giving principals and teachers guns, while 57% were against putting armed guards in schools."

--Looks like socialist indoctrination is working. Also looks like a sample of 1000 uninformed youths is a basis for public policy these days.

KABA NOTE: It surely is interesting that (according to this article, for what that's worth) while most of these children don't believe that gun control measures are going to help make them safer, they also think that more gun control is needed. That tells us at least one of two things: either the survey used trick questions, or the children surveyed don't have one single clue about what they believe. But it's REALLY amazing that the 'Chicago Sun-Times' printed the survey results as if they meant something.

You can contact the author, "Crime Reporter" Frank Main, at this general "News Staff" address.

Calif. toughens penalty for adults who "give" teens access to guns (SB9)
Submitted by: Ken Bach

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"An adult gun owner could be prosecuted if a 16- or 17-year-old brings the adult's gun to school, even if nobody is hurt, under a bill passed by the CA State Senate. Current law imposes possible jail time or fines on gun-owning adults if a child younger than 16 brings a gun to school and injures someone, said Pomona Democrat Sen. Nell Soto, the bill's author."

KABA NOTE: Interestingly enough, the article reports, "The California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ) oppose the legislation, saying it could put parents who act responsibly in jail." -- Hopefully they will ACT on their opposition! Contact the CACJ here!

Judge rules Postal Service not Liable in Assault
Submitted by: Rich Henderson-Gragg

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"A federal judge today dismissed a lawsuit against the U.S. Postal Service, ruling that the government cannot be held liable for an assault committed by a government employee. ... U.S. District Judge Lee Rosenthal ruled that in this case, the federal government is immune from civil prosecution."

~Does this set the stage to prevent lawsuits against the FBI and BATF?

Family has questions for INS about man's injuries
Submitted by: Tyree White

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~Government Crime~

"Serafin Olvera can't talk, move or even breathe without the help of a respirator. He has no way to tell anyone what happened to him in Bryan on March 24. But his family members and attorney suspect Olvera was severely beaten that day by government immigration officers conducting a raid."

Police may have Covered-up Shootings
Submitted by: Tyree White

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~My My~

"A federal grand jury in Miami is investigating a series of controversial shootings by Miami Police, looking at whether officers committed unjustified shootings and then covered them up with the tacit approval of supervisors. ... Criminal corruption charges have already been lodged against officers in two of the six shootings. Miami Police have identified a third and possibly fourth case as instances where police planted guns on unarmed suspects in an attempt to justify shootings."

Professor Cites Evidence That Guns Stop Crimes
Submitted by: RT

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~Mainstream media attention from FoxNews with Professor Lott. We can hope to see more of this, as FoxNews is the current news-trendsetter.~

Lott says his research shows that guns used defensively stop about 2 million crimes a year, 5 times the amount of crimes in which guns are used. In his research, he compiles instances across the country where the simple brandishing of a gun prevented crime. But 'Coalition to Stop Gun Violence' spokesman Mike Beard says, "Its a myth to believe that people carrying guns creates a safer society. If you look at the FBI uniform crime reports, they show that gun deaths are the highest in the areas of the country that have the highest gun ownership."

Write to the FoxNews reporter, Kris Osborn

Americans have the right and advantage of being armed - unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms. James Madison, The Federalist Papers No. 46 at 243-244.

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