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Complaints about Tucson Police can lead to Arrest
Submitted by: Tyree White

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"A Tucson police captain confirmed that some people who called internal affairs immediately after the April 2 riot were told they could be arrested if they complained about police behavior."

Gun-wielding agents raid tax activist's home
Submitted by: Ken Bach

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[Not really a gun story, but its a chilling story of just how out-of-control the government is in the PRK.]*

"The nanny did not open the door for the agents, but asked them for a warrant. She said the tax agents then kicked the door in, terrifying her and her 3-year-old boy. Agents then proceeded to search the house without showing her a warrant, said Jesson."

*PRK = People's Republic of Kalifornia

Gun control elitists hate, fear common people
Submitted by: Bob Beatty

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Charley Reese exposes the "gun lobby" for who they really are - US!

"Our Founding Fathers were proud that Americans were trusted with arms because they knew that only when people are armed could they truly be thought of as free citizens."

"It's easy to understand once you comprehend that the motivation is to disarm the common citizens of the United States. The talk may be about crime or safety or children, but the goal is to disarm the common citizens."

Kids' deaths decrease in Michigan
Submitted by: G. Hughes

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"Theresa Covington, senior program director for the Michigan Public Health Institute, said the advisory team spent extra time looking at scientific research before deciding on 52 recommendations. Among those recommendations: Have gun dealers distribute information on safe storage of firearms." ~~ Scientific research my foot!

Torricelli Investigators Study Origins of Gun-Rights Mailing
Submitted by: Tyree White

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"Mr. Torricelli, a strong advocate of gun control, won the hard- fought race by a comfortable margin. Now, however, federal prosecutors are investigating allegations that the $50,000 mailing was secretly arranged by Mr. Torricelli's campaign staff and may have been improperly paid for by a Democratic Party organization."

Colorado kills anti-gun bill
Submitted by: Shovelhead

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Senate narrowly says no to raising age for purchase.

"Saying he owed it to fellow Marines, a Democratic lawmaker and Vietnam veteran joined Republicans on Thursday to kill a bill that would have raised the age for handgun purchases in Colorado from 18 to 21."

British Man Arrested for Air Rifle
Submitted by: John Rich

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A British man was arrested for going outside his home with an unloaded air rifle to investigate noises. He was charged with with possessing an air rifle with intent to cause a person to believe that violence would be used against him.

This is how bad things can get when you let the gun-grabbers have their way...

KABA NOTE: Of course, since this guy was a Parlimentary candidate "prosecution withdrew a firearms charge against him and replaced it with a lesser public order allegation."

Crime & Punishment In Britain
Submitted by: Anonymous

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"The British government's tough as nails reaction to a rise in violent crime is raising worries that a pillar of civil rights, the jury trial, might be sacrificed to satisfy a concerned public."

~I guess that's what you get when you allow a government to strip you of your right to self-defense.

Bank of America Will No Longer Refuse Services to the Gun Industry
Submitted by: skypod

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"Its been less than a week. A very busy forty hours as tens of thousands of people have received, written and forwarded emails and email links to this page and my dispute with BofA. In 40 hours I got calls from several newspapers from Oregon to Florida, several national gun magazines and local and national talk radio shows. 40 hours of irate gun owners and second-amendment supporters canceling their BofA credit cards, checking, and savings accounts; writing angry letters and making phone calls. Just 40 hours as some of the 83 million law-abiding gun owners expressed their outrage at such blatant discrimination. 40 hours to make the Bank of America behemoth jump!"

FTB Agents Point Guns At Unarmed Workers
Submitted by: Khreriov

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Just as one would expect from Nazi Germany during World War II, California tax "authorities" (Franchise Tax Board) drew their weapons and held them on innocent workers' heads at NTD Electronics of Huntington Beach, California, on May 2rd, 2001. ~~ Sierra Times

People's Republik of Kalifornia JBTs "are here to help you."

KABA NOTE: (Another article on the tax collectors invasion of a person's home.)

Submitted by: Khreriov

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"The Second Amendment is not about sport shooting or hunting. It is about maintaining the possibility of an armed revolt or other armed action as a powerful deterrent against oppression." --The Hunter ~~ Sierra Times

Utah Background Checks Resulting in Revocation of Gun Licenses
Submitted by: skypod

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According to the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI), 64 people lost their concealed-carry permits because they were wanted fugitives with outstanding warrants. Alcohol violations resulted in 47 licenses being revoked, while 36 permits were canceled because of protective orders. Domestic-violence convictions accounted for 28 revocations, crimes of moral turpitude 26, and felonies, 25. 12 gun licenses were pulled for drug convictions, 10 for firearms offenses, and 8 for mental illness.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms has been recognized by the General Government; but the best security of that right after all is, the military spirit, that taste for martial exercises, which has always distinguished the free citizens of these States....Such men form the best barrier to the liberties of America Gazette of the United States, October 14, 1789.

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