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Newslinks for 6/19/2001

End of Canada - Birth of a New Nation?
Submitted by: FWiedner

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Not really a RKBA issue, but what may be an opportunity for alliance in the coming fight.

The author expresses his optimism at what he hopes is the death knell of the Canadian union.

In my fanasty, we take advantage of this dissolution, give the free citizens of Northern America back their guns, re-conquer the left and right coasts and FORM A NEW NATION!

High Point PD Response Time: 10min 30sec
Submitted by: Jeff Rau

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High Point Enterprise (North Carolina): The response time for emergency calls in 2000, as calculated by the High Point PD, was found to be 10 minutes 30 seconds. The Police Chief says, "I think the numbers speak for themselves. We are shouldered with the responsibility that when someone picks up the phone, that they know we'll be there. I'm sorry to say that the time factor is not as good as we want."
Think about 10 minutes 30 seconds with an intruder in your home and you have no gun. You dial 911, I'll dial 357.

Horiuchi Non-Prosecutor Charged with Forgery
Submitted by: David Shimm

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World Net Daily: Brett Benton, prosecutor for Boundary County, Idaho, is under investigation by county commissioners for allegedly committing two counts of felony activity, including forgery and falsifying documents, according to a report in a local newspaper. ... The original information that something might be amiss came from Mr. Benton's private secretary.

Lawsuit to Review Oklahoma Police Chemist Documents
Submitted by: Jeff Rau

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The Nando Times: "Gilchrist, who is on paid leave, has denied allegations that she wrongly linked defendants to crime scenes by misidentifying fiber and fluid evidence.

Last month, a prison inmate was released after serving 15 years of a 65-year term for rape after DNA tests proved his innocence. An Oklahoma County jury convicted him based partly on Gilchrist's testimony."

FICTION: Calif. Considering Becoming a Complete Police State
Submitted by: skypod

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[FICTION] National Review: California is considering a bill to require doctors to question children about "risky leisure-time behaviors" in their homes. Rep. Barbara Medlar, sponsor of the 'Golden State Childhood Medical Practitioner Assistance Act', says, "It will just mean a few more questions while they're asking the kids about their pets, online habits, friendships, sexual activities, their parents' eating, drinking and reading preferences, and the presence of guns in their homes."

Stranglehold: How Union Bosses Have Hijacked Our Government
Submitted by: Neal Seaman

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"I have just finished reading Strangle-hold: How union bosses have hijacked our government, by Reed Larson, National Right to Work Foundation. Please get the book (FREE) and help support his organization. It does not get any more American than this." --Neal Seaman

Ohio Concealed Gun Bill Must Wait Until Fall
Submitted by: skypod

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The legislature is largely split on the issue, with most urban lawmakers opposed and rural representatives in favor. The legislature breaks for summer in 2-3 weeks and they'll take up the proposed gun law when they return in the fall. "This gives us an opportunity to get some work done on it over the summer," said Rep. John Willamowski (R-Lima), who chairs the Civil and Commercial Law Committee reviewing the proposal.

In the meantime, Ms. Bryant said, although she often feels her life is in danger, she has no choice but to continue working.

The Mercury News Endorses Handgun Licensing
Submitted by: Michael Pelletier

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San Jose Mercury News (Bay Area, CA): "But license in this case is shorthand for a safety certificate, proving that prospective buyers are who they say they are and know how to store and discharge handguns properly. In other words, a license is a common-sense protection for the owner and the public."

~California already has a Basic Firearms Safety Certificate that is required to purchase any firearm. But wasteful redundancy has never been an impediment to lawmakers, now has it?

John Ashcroft's Constitution
Submitted by: James Madison

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"...the Ashcroft letter deserves more than a casual glance. It has notable political origins, and it will have consequences at least in terms of how Justice defends gun laws. Most important, it reveals Ashcroft's approach to constitutional interpretation." -Terry Eastland, The Weekly Standard

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. Thomas Paine

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