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Newslinks for 6/21/2001

Of course we'll be safe when only police have guns
Submitted by: FrenchG.

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Serve and Protect? A local police officer cases a house, returns later to rape the lone female occupant while threatening her with his service pistol. We will all live in a safer society if only our law enforcement officers have guns so they can properly protect us.

Mugging victim tracks down attacker, who kills him
Submitted by: David Morris

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A mugging victim tracked down and disarmed his teenage attacker, but the youth grabbed back the weapon and killed him, police said. Samantha Turner said her brother shouldn't have gone after the mugger. "To me, it's senseless. Once you're robbed, forget it. Come home," she said.

~Makes you wonder if the sister would just lay there and forget it if the little juvi had raped her.

A Frisk a Day Won't Keep the Weapons Away
Submitted by: skypod

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"They take you to a little room they have and they scan you with the machine, and then they pat you down."

The ACLU filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday on behalf of 6 students, saying the searches violate their constitutional rights. Searches are conducted throughout the Los Angeles school district, but the ACLU says the Locke school officials are out of control, frisking tardy students and storm-trooping classrooms.

Remember - Buy a Gun Day - July 9th
Submitted by: Anonymous

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"If you go to the web site, you will see a link to speeches and other things about the Uited Nations attempt to take our rights. ... So on July 9th, I want everyone to go out an buy a firearm. If you can't afford a firearm, buy ammo for your home defense device. Buy a scope, or anything, but please try and purchase a gun. ... Let's show them once and for all we won't sit back and take it any more." -Sheriff Michael E. Cook

UK Gun Hell for Boy with Ice Cream
Submitted by: Don

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The Sun Newspaper (UK): TEENAGE thugs held a gun to a four-year-old boy's head - and stole his ICE CREAM.

~This is what it's coming to in the UK?? I don't know the veracity record of the UK Sun, but this has to go into the "You have GOT to be kidding!!" file. If this is for real it just shows the level of fearlessness of criminals on the streets of the UK. And the police bleat for public assistance like frightened sheep. Here's a news flash: You disarmed the people, don't expect much help from them now!!

KABA NOTE: It shows more of the cowardliness of the criminals in the UK.

50 Current Gun Bills in front of the 107th U.S. Congress
Submitted by: Chicagofarmer

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Here is the list of 50 plus bills in Washington DC and their sponsors in the 107th congress (this session). Just because George W. Bush is President, the gun grabbers have NOT died or been crushed. (I wish I was wrong.) On the contrary, they are just reloading. Time for you to take aim and kill the issue(s).

Time for you to take aim and kill the issue(s). Call your congress representative today, or print it off and fax or mail and ask what's up.

Also Time to buy a gun or two on July 9, 2001, and thumb your nose at the U.N. rally.

AMA chief pledges fight against guns
Submitted by: NSpiritOnly

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UPI -- In his inauguration speech Wednesday, the new president of the American Medical Association dedicated his organization to battling a public health scourge -- gun violence in the United States. "I believe that this is a battle that we cannot not take on," said Dr. Richard Corlin, a gastroenterologist from Santa Monica, Calif.

NOTE: Who is watching the physicians?

Above the Law for Some - Means Justice Denied for Us
Submitted by: skypod

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"What about the dismissal of charges against Horiuchi? Where is the pressing national interest in this determination? ... Just following orders is not a defense. Nor can a society remain FREE if it allows its citizens to be murdered by elements of sanctioned SWAT Teams. ... When a perceived conflict is detected, the State closes ranks, protects their own and allows the symbol of equal justice to be raped."

A Justice system that is short on Justice
Submitted by: skypod

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"Police and prosecutors coerce witnesses and knowingly use false testimony. When this isn't enough, they fabricate evidence. In an analysis of 62 known wrongful convictions, Mr. Scheck found that prosecutors suppressed exculpatory evidence in 43% of the cases, knowingly used false testimony in 22% of the cases, coerced witnesses in 13% and fabricated evidence in 3% of the cases. Police suppressed evidence in 36% of the cases, fabricated evidence in 9%, and lied in other ways in 55% of the cases." --by Paul Craig Roberts

There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible to live without breaking laws. AYN RAND

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