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Newslinks for 6/22/2001

Mother Murders Her Five Children
Submitted by: khreriov

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In a horrible and bizarre tragedy, police in Houston, Texas, today reported that a woman called them asking for someone to come to the home to look in on her children.

~ NewsMax columnist Dan Frisa does much more than talk about a horrible tragedy. He wonders if there will be a hue and cry for bathtub control.

H.R.2221 "Child Gun Safety Act"
Submitted by: John Rich

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Here is another bill introduced in Congress, redundant with many others already submitted. This one proposes to ban the import of large capacity ammunition magazines, prohibit juveniles from possessing certain semiautomatic firearms, mandate the sale of trigger locks with every gun, and extend Brady (NICS) background checks to all sales at gun shows.

KABA NOTE: There are no cosponsors so far. H.R.2221 has been referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.

Minorities and Guns
Submitted by: Angel Shamaya

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"When MA State Sen. Cheryl Jacques came under fire from a gay and lesbian group for sponsoring legislation the organization deemed "racist, classist, sexist, homophobic," she had a reason to be shocked. She's an out lesbian herself, for starters, and she'd helped pass restrictions on the purchase and ownership of firearms -- something she apparently assumed would win overwhelming support from gays and lesbians.

Instead, she won a world of grief from Pink Pistols, a fast-growing group that says that restricting the right to bear arms leaves disfavored minorities at the mercy of bigots and official tormentors."

Ohio Doctor Speaks Against Concealed Carry Bill
Submitted by: NSpiritOnly

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A trauma surgeon at Children's Hospital said yesterday that he sees enough blood in the emergency room from accidents -- and that Ohio doesn't need more people carrying guns to make more. "A concealed-weapons law will create more carnage in our emergency rooms. And, frankly, we are busy enough. ... For the sake of Ohio children, let's say no to conceal/carry," said Dr. Jonathan I. Groner.

KABA NOTE: It seems this wonderful man, who works to save lives in one way, is too busy to learn the facts. It is very sad that he doesn't know that his position WILL give him more work.

Bullet Lead Poisoning California Condors?
Submitted by: Anonymous

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Hmmmmmmmmm. The birds are eating carcasses shot with lead bullets. So now the Kalifornia do-gooders will be on a campaign to ban lead bullets to protect the birds. Looks like jumping to conclusions (as usual) to me. If you can't blame the gun........

The American Medical Association Attacks Guns (followup)
Submitted by: John Rich

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~You may have seen the press reports about the new president of the AMA and how he plans on attacking "gun violence". Well, it's even worse than what the newspapers have told you. The link will take you to his full speech at the AMA convention. It's full of all the tired old lies about guns, just as if they came straight from an HCI press release. Have a barf bag handy before you read this...

KABA NOTE: You may wish to contact them at: American Medical Association, 515 N State Street, Chicago, IL 60610, Phone: 312.464.5000, or use their form (if it is still available)

The Yogurt Shop Murders
Submitted by: Mark M Stehly

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Abominable high level corruption in Texas; murder of innocents to launder drug money thru insurance claims. Network of lawyers, judges, & police all involved at critical junctions.

KABA NOTE: This information and story seems too bizarre to be true. However, when you are reading this, keep in mind that people, especially with official jobs to loose, will often go out of their way to hide their human errors in judgment.

Montgomery Co MD: Fairgrounds votes to cancel gun shows
Submitted by: Anonymous

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Brian Strauss, a Germantown man active with the Montgomery chapter of the Tyranny Response Team, accused the County Council of carrying out blackmail through the new law.

"I would say the fairgrounds is acting as best they can considering the blackmail provided to them," Strauss said. "They are acting prejudicially toward the minority group, which is gun owners. It's a hate crime, we're allowed to be picked on."

Did British gun control work?
Submitted by: Ron Dotson

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Did British gun control work? No it didn't.

I have not one doubt, even if I am in agreement with the National Rifle Association, that that kind of record keeping procedure [gun registration] is the first step to eventual confiscation under one administration or another. —CHARLES MORGAN, DIRECTOR, WASHINGTON DC ACLU

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