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Newslinks for 6/24/2001

20 Anti-gun Groups Endorse McCain/Lieberman
Submitted by: skypod

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This link contains excerpts from letters of endorsement for the McCain-Lieberman Bill from twenty anti-gun organizations, and the links to those organizations.

Disarming Honest Citizens
Submitted by: skypod

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"gun control is really about controlling law-abiding citizens. It is about disarming law-abiding citizens in the face of those who would do them harm. As Richard Poe’s indispensable book shows, citizen-endangering crimes such as “hot” burglaries – burglaries that occur while the victims are home – are much higher in countries like England, which outlaw guns, than they are in the United States, which so far does not." -David Horowitz

Bootlick FBI Oversight
Submitted by: skypod

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"anyone who sat through the hearing would have to wonder which is more deluded -- the typical anti-FBI website or the U.S. Senate.

The senators supposedly came to discover and proclaim truth. Instead, they did as they usually do -- they groveled at the mere mention of the FBI and competed to heap laurels on the heads of federal agents." -James Bovard

Anti-gun Propaganda Program Designed to Scare Children
Submitted by: skypod

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"It’s a program designed to prevent youth gun violence. We want to educate the community, specifically students, about the medical, legal and emotional consequences of youth gun possession and related gun violence. By providing the students with real-life information, the program helps them make better choices to resolve conflicts and report illegal weapon possession or other violent threats." -Gladys Pisani

KABA NOTE: Where was all this "trauma" a century ago when gun safety and handling was as common as changing a lightbulb is today?

Judge Challenges Wisconsin State Gun Law
Submitted by: skypod

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A Fond du Lac circuit court judge has pitted the state Constitution's right to bear arms amendment against a state law that forbids carrying a concealed weapon. Judge Dale English granted a motion Monday to dismiss a prior conviction against Patrick McAuley, 17, of 63 Western Ave., for carrying a concealed weapon, after the motion argued the gun law was unconstitutional.

U.K. Teenager executed with machine gun
Submitted by: Anonymous

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A teenager in Manchester, England was shot to death with a machine gun as he sat in his car at 12:50 AM Saturday morning. Police believe the weapon was a MAC-10 Ingram machine pistol, which has become the weapon of choice among gangland hit men.

KABA NOTE: Yessirree, it certainly has become safer in England since their gun ban.

Legislation Targets Suits Against Gun Makers
Submitted by: Don't Tread on Me

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"Cleveland's $150 million lawsuit against 17 gun makers and 3 trade groups would go up in smoke under a bill awaiting Gov. Bob Taft's signature."

"In a last-minute legislative maneuver, the Ohio House and Senate this week restored a clause to the bill that would outlaw the suit. Cincinnati, with a pending lawsuit against gun makers, is also affected."

Since it's illegal to kill the people responsible for the suits, this'll do.

Parents Citizens Arrest School Official and Charged with Kidnapping
Submitted by: Anti-indoctrination Patriot

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120 miles North of L.A. -- "Two parents barged into a school superintendent's office, handcuffed him, announced he was under citizens' arrest and drove him away in their vehicle, authorities said Friday."

"Sheriff's deputies pulled them over 10 miles away, freed the schools official and arrested the couple, who said they were taking the superintendent to the district attorney's office."

The couple had been addressing issues with the school officials for a decade -- to no avail.

KABA NOTE: There are very specific instructions in the law for carrying out a citizens arrest. You are supposed to call authorites, not take them to the police yourself!

They did have a reason for the arrest though: showing sexually explicit materials to minors is a Felony in California, although there is an "exception" for schools.

Why the Rumsfield Wall Won't Work
Submitted by: Mark M Stehly

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Doubtful if 911 or police presence will be available if a worse case scenario such as this occurs. Unfortunately all too realistically a possibility. Do you want your guns on this prayerfully never-occuring incident?!!

US Military Practices to Disarm Urban Civilians
Submitted by: Julia Cochrane

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"The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies'Center for Emerging Threats and Opportunities will conduct a two day strategy-policy war game on Wednesday and Thursday. The event will be the second in a series of war games called Project Lincolnia, which explores the tactical, operational, and strategic aspects of urban warfare. Lincolnia II will examine weapons control issues in an urban environment, and will look at how nonlethal weapons and other new technologies might be used in humanitarian crises."

~The war games scenario sounds like Kosovo, but could the training be applied in a city near you?

The Brady Bill's only effect will be to desensitize the public to regulation of weapons in preparation for their ultimate confiscation. — Charles Krauthammer, The Washington Post, April 5, 1996

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