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Newslinks for 6/30/2002

IL: Murdered Pregnant Woman had Warning; Restraining Order
Submitted by: Ken Bach

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"Last fall, Maritza Baez was warned."

"He told me he's capable of doing what he wants to me," Baez said of her husband.

"He told me he doesn't want to see me with anyone. He said he would kill if he found out. He said no one would find out.'

"Baez reported those threats to authorities and got an order of protection against him."

KABA NOTE: Rely on a piece of paper for protection, meet your maker. This formula plays out more and more lately. Even if this victim's family consists of rabid anti-gunners, surely they'd rather she shot this thug than be killed by him.

Bush: 'Don't fudge the numbers'
Submitted by: Anonymous

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"Corporate America has got to understand there is a higher calling than trying to fudge the numbers, trying to slip a billion here and a billion here and... hope nobody notices," he said.


Bush later stated that "the Federal Gubmint is gonna lead the way in this. From now on, no more fudged budgets, hidden taxes or budget overuns..."

Hello pot? Kettle here...

IL: Illinois murders outpace nation's
Submitted by: Rick Schwartz

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:In a phenomenon that has experts puzzled, people killed each other last year in Illinois more often than in the previous year, and at a higher rate than the rest of the country."

-- That’s because our Indiana rapists, muggers, mass killers, white-sheeted bigots, gay bashers and anti-Semites leave Indiana where we have CCW and move to Illinois where Mayor Daley forbids residents to defend themselves.

CT: Free gun lock giveaway arrives in city
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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"Lt. Gov. M. Jodi Rell arrived with the van crusading 'Project HomeSafe' at New Britain Police headquarters Friday afternoon to distribute free gun locks for city gun owners."

"The reason we're here today is to help educate gun owners and give away these free gun locks because it is their responsibly to keep their guns away from children," Rell said. "People might say it's safe because their guns are stored in their closet, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's safe."

"'Project HomeSafe,' a nationwide firearms safety education program, will distribute 50,000 free gun locks across the state."

"Rell was on site urging residents of New Britain to pick up a free gun safety kit, which includes a safety brochure, and a free cable-style gun lock."

"The 16-foot mobile classroom and truck is making 28 stops in 18 municipalities across Connecticut over the next four weeks."

Albania seizes weapons from royals
Submitted by: Blacksnake

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"Police have seized 11 cases of weapons brought to Albania by the son of former King Zog, a police spokesman said Saturday."

"Leka Zog, son of the former Albanian monarch, returned to Albania Friday after decades in exile. The police seized the weapons Friday and were still counting them Saturday."

"Police said the Zog family presented documents stating that the weapons were legal, but police held them in customs until the paperwork was verified."

"Aleksander Marku, a police official at the airport, said the cases contained 84 weapons, including Kalashnikovs, grenades and hunting arms."

"The Zog family said the weapons were legal."

MI: Gun debate continues as law reaches one-year mark
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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"Joel Stanley is still getting used to the feeling of the small Walther PPK pistol tucked inside his waistband."

"I've had to fight my instinct to adjust it constantly," said the research chemist for a fuel cell company. "I wanted it because I could have it. I don't live in a bad area, I don't go through dangerous areas, but to have the option of protecting myself gives me peace of mind."

"Stanley, 29, of Wyandotte is one of the 51,491 people licensed in the past year to carry a concealed weapon. Since last July 1, a new state law has made it easier to get a concealed weapons permit."

UK: Possible ban on air-guns has country-folk on the defensive
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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"When you next see a young boy playing with a water pistol, be prepared to see armed police yelling at him through a loudhailer before spread-eagling the child and frisking him for conkers or catapults."

"That day cannot be far off. A group of Labour MPs has started a campaign in Parliament to ban air-guns - only one step up from water pistols. As anyone reared in the country knows, an air rifle is the best present you can give a child of the right age. Nothing in life, not even fatherhood, has made me feel more grown-up and responsible than being presented with my Webley .177 as a child of 10."

UK: Teenage thug released into society again "because he has not committed enough offences"
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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Here's a story of a kid who has committed armed robbery (of a woman) with a knife, pulled a gun on a cop, and basically been a terror on society.

But the poor dear has had a rough life, and he's too young -- so back out on the streets he goes.

MO: Girls’ Day Out involves guns, arrows
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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"Flatching, knock, gauge, pattern ... just a few of the terms bandied about at the Girls’ Day Out program sponsored by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Held at the Four Rivers Conservation Area near Rich Hill on Saturday, the initial program was designed to introduce women to the outdoor sports of archery and shooting."

“We’re trying to get women involved in activities that their husbands normally do,” said conservation agent and organizer Samantha Gillmore. “Also, if we can introduce single-parent mothers to these sports, then they will feel more comfortable letting their children participate,” she said.

WI: Man shot while attempting to rob a gun shop with a knife
Submitted by: Ron Dotson

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"A man who tried to rob a Greenfield gun shop at knifepoint Thursday afternoon was shot in the chest by the shop owner, police said."

This robber was obviously not very bright. ;-)

IL: Policeman fired for brutality
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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"A Chicago police officer repeatedly accused of striking people with batons, choking them and pointing his gun at them over his 25-year career has been fired for allegedly throttling a South Side man."

"The Police Board voted this week to fire Officer Rex Hayes, who has cost the city at least $1 million in legal payouts because of excessive-force complaints against him."

"His dismissal was long overdue, said a civil rights lawyer who represented Hayes' alleged victims in their lawsuits against the city."

"This is a bittersweet victory," said Amber Miller of the People's Law Office. "So many people have been brutalized by this officer. He is a classic example of a 'repeater' officer. He should have been fired years ago."

"At least 23 excessive force complaints were filed against Hayes between 1987 and 2000, Miller said."

South Africa: Gang rapes in the land of increased gun prohibition
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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"Six ruthless robbers stormed a Durban furniture store on Thursday night and gang-raped a staff member who tried to raise the alarm."

"The 32-year-old woman was repeatedly raped after gang members caught her trying to press a panic button to alert the police."

"The robbers made off with thousands of rands worth of goods."

"Police said the highly traumatised woman was in a serious condition in hospital."

A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government. — George Washington

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