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UN: The conflict begins
Submitted by: Guy Smith

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"The United States is demanding that American and other peacekeepers from countries that have not ratified the treaty establishing the court be exempt from arrest and prosecution by the [U.N.] tribunal. It has rejected all compromises that don't grant blanket immunity."

Keep 'em loaded boys.

NY: Here, Queer, and Armed
Submitted by: Rick Schwartz

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"WITH its world-famous parade going down Fifth Avenue at 2 o'clock, June's Gay Pride celebrations climax this afternoon. A group called Pink Pistols is among the worthiest organizations marking this month's national festivities. With 2,350 members and 30 chapters in 22 states, Pink Pistols encourages gays to use firearms for fun and self-preservation."

"Pick on someone your own caliber," declares its excellent Web site ( "We are dedicated to the legal, safe and responsible use of firearms for self-defense of the sexual-minority community," it continues. "The more people know that members of our community may be armed, the less likely they will be able to single us out for attack."

NJ: Blocked 'High Capacity' Magazine Ban Update
Submitted by: Evan Nappen, Esq.

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The BLOCKED LARGE CAPACITY MAGAZINE BAN has temporarily been put on hold! Thanks to those who sent in comments and petitions!

NC: Shooting of gunowner questioned, called excessive
Submitted by: G. Hughes

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"Gregory Alfred Smith was shot to death on June 12 when sheriff’s deputies broke into his house to serve a warrant charging him with the theft of a gun nine months earlier. But Smith had paid for the gun, except for $19.50."

"He failed, however, to fill out a federal form required for the purchase, and the dealer says that means the transaction was incomplete."

NC: If you act on only one GRNC alert this year, ACT ON THIS ALERT RIGHT NOW!!!
Submitted by: Jeff Rau

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The so-called "gun trafficking" bills introduced for AGS have been endorsed by none other than Gov. MIKE EASLEY (GRNC 0-star). In two bills, HB 1744 and SB 1434, introduced into the NC House and Senate, Gov. Easley’s bills include the following...

NY: Unarmed man slaughtered (with impunity) by New York City police may get street named after him
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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"The City Council's Parks Committee voted this week to rename a portion of Wheeler Ave. after Amadou Diallo, victim of one of the city's most notorious police shootings."

"Diallo, 22, was killed Feb. 4, 1999, in a fusillade of 41 shots fired by four police officers who said they thought he had reached for a gun."

"Instead, Diallo, who died in the hallway of his home at 1157 Wheeler Ave., Soundview, was unarmed and reaching for his wallet. The four officers were acquitted of murder charges."

"If the full Council and the mayor approve, Wheeler Ave. from Westchester to Watson Aves. will be renamed Amadou Diallo Place."

CA: Another reason to answer your door, at night, with your gun in hand
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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"Eddie’s my neighbor in the neighborhood we call home. He works hard to get his business off the ground, has a beautiful wife and children who love him."

"He also has a problem –– really, all of us in our neighborhood do."

"It’s the thug who beat him Wednesday night with the butt end of a gun in the doorway of his home."

"Eddie Flores still has the bruised lump on his forehead and the anger inside to prove it."

Will U.S. follow Canada's example?
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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"American hunters and recreational shooters who strongly support the Second Amendment to the Constitution — the right to keep and bear arms — are keenly aware of what is happening to their closest friends and allies, the Canadians."

"Our northern neighbors are in the middle of a national nightmare; a heavy-handed government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a mandatory national gun registration program that sends loud and clear messages to Canadians that they shouldn't own guns. The government seems to say, 'Don't worry. Only soldiers and police need firearms. We'll protect you.'"

MI: Concealed weapons law judged 'a success'
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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"One year after it went into effect on the heels of a Michigan Supreme Court ruling, the state's concealed handgun law is being judged a success in Lenawee County."

"Lenawee County Sheriff Larry Richardson...favored the law but still worried that some people might misuse weapons in emotional situations."

"So far, nobody has," he said. "I have not seen where anybody used their gun illegally."

"People are taking the responsibility of carrying a gun very seriously, Richardson said."

"We don't have them waiting out in the front lobby any more," [Lt. Cletus] Smith said. But a steady flow of applicants continues to show up every Wednesday when fingerprinting is offered from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Australia: Security guard shot three times in lovely, "gun free" Sydney
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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"A SECURITY guard is undergoing emergency surgery after being shot outside an inner city Sydney nightclub this morning."

"The 30-year-old man from Arncliffe, in Sydney's south, was shot three times in the abdomen, elbow and lower back at the club in Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, at about 2.45am (AEST), police said."

"He is currently in a critical but stable condition at St Vincent's hospital."

The shooter is still at large -- in the land where armed self-defense is virtually banned.

PA: Deer Dilemma
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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"As Pennsylvania's white-tailed deer population swells to record size and increasingly comes into conflict with an expanding human population, people are asking - How much is enough?"

"There are an estimated 1.6 million white-tailed deer in Pennsylvania today, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, spread across the state in every county, from the big woods of the state's northern tier to the suburbs around Pittsburgh and the parks within Philadelphia."

For whom is this a problem?

"Lots of people, as it turns out. Farmers. Foresters. Bird watchers. Auto insurance companies. Biologists. Municipal officials. Even some hunters. All agree they want deer in Pennsylvania, but in the right places and in manageable numbers."

NE: Seminar offers women chance to try new activities
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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"If you're going to shoot well, you've got to breathe well."

"As Kathy Scholl eased the muzzleloading rifle into her shoulder, instructor Dayle Johnson offered some final coaching. The two were participating Saturday in a women's shooting workshop at the Lincoln Izaak Walton League."

"Take a deep breath, let it half out, hold it then squeeze the trigger," Johnson said.

"The Ladies' Day at the Range was sponsored by the Ike's, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and the National Wild Turkey Federation. It was part of the federation's Women in the Outdoors program."

MI: Eased gun rules equal more permits
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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"When Gordon Traskos unpacks his concession trailer -- where he serves pickles, hot dogs, hamburgers and fresh-squeezed lemonade -- he is also packing heat now."

"Traskos, 66, carries his .45-caliber Kimber with him on most days -- not because he feels unsafe, but because he feels safer with it, he said."

"I don't feel uncomfortable if I'm not carrying it," said the semi-retired manager of a family-owned hardware store. "I just like being able to have it when I want."

South Africa: Hijacked policewoman 'ashamed' of the force
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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"'If this is how they treat police, then I would hate to see how they treat members of the public." These were the angry words of Inspector Subashni Naidoo, who has been infuriated by shoddy service from the South African Police Services."

"Naidoo was hijacked this week outside Sunbeam Primary School while dropping her four-year-old daughter, Thashnee, at her mother's home, opposite the school."

Police took 45 minutes to make the 5-minute drive -- but it wasn't police who showed up; rather, it was a mortuary crew.

MD: 7 'hardcore' offenders on the loose in Maryland area -- ready your shotguns
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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"State troopers using a helicopter and police dogs were searching last night for seven of nine teen-age boys, described as 'hardcore' offenders, who escaped from the Charles H. Hickey Jr. School by crawling through a broken window, officials said."

"The boys broke out about 8:30 p.m. and ran into nearby woods, state police said."

"They are hardcore and high-risk" offenders, said Lt. Raymond Grissett of the Golden Ring barracks, whose troopers were leading the search.

"It was not the first breakout from the Hickey School this year. In January, two teens escaped from a transportation van as it approached Hickey after the boys appeared in court. Last year, two boys broke out of the school's infirmary."

KABA NOTE: With all of the tax dollars that go to the state to hold on to criminals, one would think they'd put something stronger than glass between wayward teen thugs and local citizens.

CA: Eight (8) police officers refuse to testify in case where guns were illegally sold to cops
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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Modesto, California police department's Records Manager is reinstated to her position after eight (8) police officers with possible knowledge of wrongdoing refuse to testify in court.

"Ultimately, a city investigation determined that the gun sale violated city policy and state laws. Infractions ranged from buying and reselling the guns without filing proper paperwork required by state law to officers taking guns without paying for them."

"Because some of the purchasers resold the weapons," LaRocco noted, "at least one gun (and maybe more) ended up in the possession of unsavory individuals."

The sales to police officers cost the city approximately $14,000.

But the department's record keeper was reinstated due to lack of evidence -- evidence some of these "quiet" police officers may have in their heads.

OH: Shooting of one police officer by another was "accidental"
Submitted by: Newslinks Admin

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From the "only police should have guns" file...

"Investigators said the 'friendly fire' incident involving two city police officers during a burglary call on Austin Avenue two weeks ago was accidental."

"Sgt. Chuck Sines concluded the criminal investigation into the June 10 shooting in which patrolman Jeffrey Miller shot patrolman Benjamin Harrell twice in the leg. Sines presented the results of the probe on Thursday to Assistant Law Director James Reese, Mayor Henry J. Angelo and other city officials. Reese will study the results and decide if Miller should be charged criminally."

Thanks to the government’s past record, it is unfortunately very predictable that, in spite of the severe penalties mandated, tens of thousands of people will not comply at all (with Bill C-68). A new class of criminal will be created among harmless citizens whose previous lawbreaking may have resulted in nothing more than parking tickets. — Lee Morrison, Canadian Mounted Police

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