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Newslinks for 7/22/2001

UK: Gun Control Does Not Work
Submitted by: skypod

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"This completely misses the point of what we were trying to do. We never thought that there would be any effect on illegal gun crime, because this is a totally separate issue. What we were campaigning for was to make sure that a civilian could not be legally trained to use a handgun. Our legacy is that there should never be another Thomas Hamilton, and that is what the legislation was designed to achieve." --Anne Pearston, 'prime mover' in the Snowdrop anti-gun Campaign, UK

Submitted by: skypod

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"Why is it, that within the First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Tenth Amendments of our Bill of Rights, the rights of the "people" are correctly interpreted as referring to the rights of "individuals", and yet, only within the Second Amendment, is the word "people", allegedly intended by our Founding Fathers to denote a collective or state right?" --Sergei Hoff

Reuters: UN Conference Agrees Crackdown on Small Arms Trade
Submitted by: skypod

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At the end of the session, the delegates were forced to drop the two most contentious clauses in the agreement -- government sales to "non-state actors" and restricting civilian possession of small arms -- because the United States opposed them.

None of the measures are enforceable under international law. Instead they are merely "politically binding," meaning it will be up to member nations to pressure their governments.

WND Article: Tax Activist Ends Hunger Strike
Submitted by: Ken Bach

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A tax activist ended a three-week hunger strike yesterday after Department of Justice and congressional officials committed to a public hearing on the authority of the IRS and the enforcement of U.S. income tax laws against U.S. citizens.

Yesterday, Bryant agreed to Rep. Bartlett's requirements that the "congressional briefing-like hearings" be conducted in public and be recorded and broadcast live.

Off-duty sheriff's officer shoots alleged purse thief
Submitted by: Ken Bach

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An officer saw a man steal a woman's purse. The officer followed the suspected thief, assisted by a police squad. When the suspect crashed into a parked car, the two officers jumped from their cars, and the suspect backed into the squad car and drove forward in an attempt to hit the officer. The officer pulled his gun and fired through the windshield of the suspect's car, wounding him in the leg.

~ Had an ordinary citizen have done this, he'd be accused of vigilantism.

KABA NOTE: This is true, but while citizens have the natural right to protect themselves and their loved ones, they are not trained or legally authorized to chase after and shoot criminals, even when caught in the act.

Chicago's Gun Ban Works like the UK and Australia!
Submitted by: Ken Bach

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An investigation into snipers firing at firefighters and paramedics in the Cabrini-Green housing complex led to the arrest of three suspected gang members, police said Friday.

Bill Kugelman, president of Chicago's firefighters union, said he is becoming concerned about attacks on paramedics and firefighters. "We're getting about three a week. This is getting to be a major problem."

~ Looks like your gun ban is working great, Mayor Daley.

NYTimes: UN Conference: Nations Agree to Limit Sales of Illicit Arms
Submitted by: Bill Nickless

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The United States faces down the world: 'In the final make-or-break negotiations, the United States said it could not support consensus unless a call to governments "to seriously consider legal restrictions on unrestricted trade in and ownership of small arms and light weapons" was dropped.' This is why we voted for Bush rather than Gore.

KABA NOTE; You will have to sign up for a free NYTimes account to read this article.

Gary Condit: A Panicked Pay Phone Call from Cavern Country
Submitted by: Todd Brendan Fahey

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It is an odd juxtaposition: just as the FBI is transferring the Chandra Levy investigation to its "Cold Case Unit" (the one that did such a good job solving the death of Vince Foster), with the explanation that, or so CBS's Jon Stewart is reporting, "local police have put an inappropriate emphasis on the role of Congressman Gary Condit (D-CA), in the case," humble armchair sleuths have learned that...

Couple may face "illegal sales of guns" charges
Submitted by: lyle

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Oregon -- A federal grand jury is debating whether to charge a Weston couple and a La Grande man for illegally dealing firearms. Some of the guns they sold were used in crimes, according to an affidavit.
... U.S. Attorney Fred Weinhouse said the firearms seized are part of “a serious and complex case involving hundreds of firearms that may have been sold illegally.”

KABA NOTE: But so far, only 5 of the guns in the case have been involved in crimes. In addition, The firearms "all came from gun shows", according to the affidavit. But Mascak said those guns were all seized from his house in January.

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and a conscientious stupidity. —MARTIN LUTHER KING

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