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Soldier of the Future
Submitted by: Angel Shamaya

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"Guns that hit targets around corners, computerized helmets, a grenade-launching pickup truck that foils pursuers with oil slicks and smoke screens. The U.S. Army is investing in a host of new technologies that might someday revolutionize American war fighting."

New Cable TV Series: American Shooter!
Submitted by: skypod

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American Shooter is starting a new series of shows on Saturday, July 7. There is a new schedule for the broadcast, and there is confusion about when your cable co. may air the show in your area. It will either be Saturday morning OR afternoon. You need to find out what your cable co. is doing with TNN programs BEFORE next Saturday.

The new TNN management is watching closely to see how important American Shooter is to their audience. Our ratings this season will determine the future of the show.

Putting Weapons 'Beyond Use' -- Irish Republican Army Disarmament
Submitted by: Mark Kohler

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Despite the media's attempts to convince us that even the IRA thinks it's OK to give up its guns, the truth is that the IRA has tactfully but steadfastly refused to disarm. Instead, the IRA has committed to putting its arms 'beyond use' -- a clever way of agreeing simply not to use their guns.

Michigan's new Gun Law is Packing 'em In!
Submitted by: G. Hughes

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County clerks and sheriffs across Michigan were overwhelmed with applications for concealed-weapons permits Monday, the first day of business under a weapons law upheld Friday by the state Supreme Court.

KABA NOTE: This is appropriate news for Independence Month!

Three Out-of-state Groups funded petition against MI CCW
Submitted by: G. Hughes

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Three out of state groups funded the petition to block the new Michigan CCW law: The Center to Prevent Handgun Violence, in Washington DC ($55,000); and two San Francisco organizations: the Tsunami Fund ($100,000), and the Tides Foundation ($30,000).

Anti-gun Propaganda From the Ad Council
Submitted by: Brook J Thomas

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The Ad Council has a new "lock up your safety" campaign running in it's banner ads. I found this running on, a usually pro-gun news outlet. The link is to, the authors of this disgusting leftist propaganda.

Contact any web sites you see running Ad Council banners and let them know what you think!

Ace Hardware & Rosie O'Donnell
Submitted by: John Rich

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Rosie O'Donnell is now featured on the Ace Hardware store web site, selling their paint. It's time to let the Ace folks know what you think of their decision to use her.

You can send your comments to Ace Hardware at:

"I don't care if you think it's your right. I say, Sorry, it's 1999. We have had enough as a nation. You are not allowed to own a gun, and if you do own a gun I think you should go to prison." --Rosie O'Donnell

Duh-merica: Survey says some teens don't know History
Submitted by: G. Hughes

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With the Fourth of July Wednesday, a recent survey commissioned by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation finds that more than one in five U.S. teenagers don't know from whom their country declared independence during the Revolutionary War.

~~Sounds like public schools are doing a bang-up job!

Ashcroft's Letter to NRA Prompts Anti-gun "Ethics" Complaints
Submitted by: Mitchell J. McConnell

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This was predictable. I am always glad to see the gun-grabbers on the defensive, but it is still sad to read that Ashcroft (according to a spokesman) "believes there's an individual right to own a gun, but there are also reasonable restrictions." and that "The two are not mutually exclusive."

Anti-gun Hysteria Kills Again
Submitted by: Julie Cochrane

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Israeli shepherd who was known to refuse to carry a gun "on principle" was found murdered.

H.R.2391 to Protect Firearms Transportation on Federal Roads
Submitted by: John Rich

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Rep. Hostettler (R-IN) has introduced H.R.2391 "To prohibit any Federal agency from issuing or enforcing certain rules that may be applied to restrict the transportation or possession of a firearm on a public Federal road."

I haven't heard of any move to implement such restrictions, but there must be something afoot, or our friend from Indiana wouldn't have felt the need to introduce this Bill.

KABA NOTE: Contact your U.S. Reps to Cosponsor, and the House Committee on Resources to Approve this bill!

H.R.2377 - Gun Show Loophole Closing and Gun Law Enforcement Act
Submitted by: John Rich

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This is the latest and "greatest" gun show regulation bill, submitted by Rep. Castle of Delaware. He's a Republican, believe it or not. This one seems designed to harass gun show promoters out of business, or worse, into jail.

Print off the first page, write "OPPOSE" on it in big red letters, sign it, and send it to your Representative in Congress.

If you don't know who your Representative is, shame on you! But you can find out here:

"Some people think that the Second Amendment is an outdated relic of an earlier time. Doubtless some also think that constitutional protections of other rights are outdated relics of earlier times. We The People own those rights regardless, unless and until We The People repeal them. For those who believe it to be outdated, the Second Amendment provides a good test of whether their allegiance is really to the Constitution of the United States, or only to their preferences in public policies and audiences. The Constitution is law, not vague aspirations, and we are obligated to protect, defend, and apply it. If the Second Amendment were truly an outdated relic, the Constitution provides a method for repeal. The Constitution does not furnish the federal courts with an eraser." --9th Circuit Court Judge Andrew Kleinfeld, dissenting opinion in which the court refused to rehear the case while citing deeply flawed anti-Second Amendment nonsense (Nordyke v. King; opinion filed April 5, 2004)

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