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Newslinks for 8/15/2007

Gun Control: Media Myth-Conception
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"Here is another example of the poorly-researched mix of fact and opinion prevalent in today’s reporting."

"A recent news article covering a defensive shooting in Florida highlights media bias against Castle Doctrine law: the right of the law-abiding citizen to use appropriate force to repel an attack without first seeking to retreat."

"Dan Haggerty of the local NBC affiliate based in Fort Myers, Florida reported that Justin Marcoux ... drew his (licensed) concealed firearm and shot Howren in the arm." ...

"... It is in the concluding section where Mr. Haggerty diverges into editorial, promoting the myth that self-defense originated with Florida’s Castle Doctrine:" ...

Clayton Cramer: HR 2640: Sensible Solution or Trojan Horse?
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"My last two columns addressed the problem of psychosis, violence and gun control. This column is about HR 2640, a mental illness and gun control bill currently before Congress that has split the gun rights community more than I can ever recall seeing."

"What does HR 2640 purport to do? ... At least 28 states either intentionally, because of a shortage of money, or by bureaucratic incompetence, fail to turn over mental illness commitment information to the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check system."

"HR 2640 tries to improve the level of compliance by a combination of carrot and stick. ..." ...

Thugs find it more difficult if populace is armed
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"A gunman opened fire in the sanctuary of a southwest Missouri, USA, church Sunday Aug. 12, 2007, killing a pastor and two worshippers and wounding several others."

"My condolences go out to the local congregation, friends and family of the worshippers who were holding the service at the First Congregational Church."

"This abominable act is not the first time that churchgoers have been attacked whilst worshipping their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ."

"In 2004 one of the most dreadful campaigns of mass murder was unleashed upon the Tutsi people of Rwanda. In just 100 days more people were slaughtered, many in churches, than have died from atomic weapons in all of history." ...

Another gun grabber pops up like a prairie dog head in the plains
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"I'll bet if we took Laura Washington's First Amendment rights from her, she'd be screaming all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. That's because Ms. Washington is writing for the Chicago Sun-Times. But that certainly doesn't stop her from trying to deprive people from their Second Amendment rights. Here's what she wrote:"

"While blacks make up about 13 percent of the nation’s population, they comprise 49 percent of all murder victims. And the vast majority — 93 percent — were killed by African Americans. Most likely wielding firearms." ...
"She really tried to push this as a racial issue, so here's a response written by a black friend of mine named Chris Bennett, who also lives in Illinois:" ...

When Guns and God Don’t Mix: 3 Killed in Missouri Church (GunGuys)
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"It’s the perennial mantra of gun zealots and the gun industry that people should be allowed to carry handguns anywhere, even in churches, hospitals and universities." ...

"The gun lobby's radical theory is that if ordinary Americans carry handguns, they can shoot the 'bad guys' ..."

"Well that theory proved dead wrong over the weekend shooting in a Missouri church ..." ...

"To gun enthusiasts, it is a reassuring fantasy that everyone in the Neosho church listening to a sermon about Christ's sermons of peace, perhaps, should be armed to the teeth to prevent just such an occurrence."

"But that fantasy says more about gun pathology in American society than it does about the reality of preventing just such an occurrence." ...

Submitter's Note: GunGuys, what color is the sky in your world?

FL: Husband of drowning victim arrested for murder
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"A 58-year-old man was charged on Monday with downing his wife, who died in June. David Diamond is charged with second degree murder for the death Judith Diamond."

"On June 3rd, police were called to the couple's home at 730 Tigertail Court."

"Judith was dead and David was arrested."

"At the time he was taken into custody for violating a restraining order. The order was issued after David's arrest on March 14th for domestic battery against his wife." [emphasis added]

"He remained in jail while the investigation continued."

"The medical examiner's office recently determined that Mrs. Diamond had drowned and ruled her death a homicide."

"Marco Island Police then charged her husband with the crime." ...

VA: Some want to carry weapons on campus
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"Some college students are pushing for their schools to allow them to carry guns on campus, saying they should have the right to protect themselves in the event of a shooting like the one that left 33 people dead at Virginia Tech." ...

"For their part, Virginia Tech officials haven't actively lobbied against attempts to modify Virginia's law, spokesman Larry Hincker said, but the university's position on weapons hasn't changed after the shootings."

"'We don't believe that guns have any place in the classroom,' Hincker said."

"'We've experienced far more of guns in the classroom than any university should have to endure.'"

TN: Local school battles the bullies
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"Today, News Channel 11 visited Lake Ridge Elementary School ... where kindergarteners were learning how to handle a bully."

"'What we need to do is train the child to overcome the negativity,' said Master Scott Evers, a 6th degree black belt [in Tae Kwon Doe]. 'We need to teach them to stand up to a bully and to take those lessons learned and apply them to life when they're an adult.'"

"Students in Sara Overbay's class weren't shown self-defense techniques. Instead, they learned principles of good character, something that fits well into the Lake Ridge approach, Overbay said."

"'Here, we tell them about the 'wheel of choice', and we help them make the right choice regardless of the situation they’re in,' she said." ...

Edwards Campaign: On Day Two Of “Fighting For One America” Tour, Edwards Announces More Than 1,000 Rural Supporters
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"As Senator John Edwards’ 'Fighting for One America' tour continues across Iowa, Edwards showed the strength of his campaign by announcing the support of more than 1,000 Iowans from rural communities ..." ...

"Edwards Outlines Plan to Restore Hope, Create Opportunity in Rural Iowa" ...


"Protecting Lawful Gun Ownership: In small towns, hunting and gun ownership is a way of life. We can protect Second Amendment rights while also doing more to keep guns out of the hands of people who may pose a danger to themselves or others. Edwards will protect the right of law-abiding citizens to participate in gun shows, while ensuring that firearms sold there are subject to an instant check." ...

IL: Hastert staffer running for state Legislature
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"David Richmond, a member of U.S. Rep. Dennis Hastert's staff, has joined the Republican race for the 50th District in the Illinois House."

"Richmond, a Yorkville native, is constituent relations director for Hastert, his former history teacher at Yorkville High School. A Coast Guard veteran and graduate of Waubonsee Community College and Northern Illinois University, Richmond co-owns an oil change business, LubePros." ...

"He came out in favor of the Second Amendment, but said that gang members and drug dealers found with handguns should receive an automatic sentence of five years in jail. ..." ...

Submitter's Note: So how does he define 'gang members'? In MN, by law anyone in a motorcycle club is a gang member.

HR 1897, Carry in National Parks: A bill whose time is past due (BFA)
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"United States Representative Ron Paul has introduced a bill that I hope gets some traction. HR1897 would restore our ability to carry firearms in the National Parks for our defense."

"How important is this? Every year we hear some terrible story of someone getting mauled or killed by wild animals on Federally owned land - land that we are encouraged to visit and pay for, but where we are forbidden the ability to defend ourselves. This, to me, is insane."

"Animal attacks are not rare. We have been hearing tragic examples for ages. I have been paying fairly close attention to this issue since 1994 when Rush Limbaugh brought up the sad story of Barbara Schoener." ...

NJ: Ban on toy look-alikes stirs borough debate
Submitted by: Anonymous

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"There was one found in a high school locker after a police search. Another was used to rob children of their Halloween candy. Now, they aren’t allowed in the borough."

"Toy guns have become a hotbutton issue after the two 2006 incidents."

"'The town was responding to those specific incidents,' police Chief Louis Mercuro said. 'We were starting to see an insurgence of those look-alike guns.'"

"This national issue has found its way to the tiny Passaic County borough of 8,252 because of some resourceful yet mischievous adolescents."

"'Since it’s already illegal to sell toy guns that are black or silver, kids take the bright orange ones and paint them with black Sharpie markers,' Mayor Domenick Stampone said. ..." ...

AZ: K-9 dog dies after being left in hot patrol car
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"A Chandler police dog that died after his handler left him unattended in a hot patrol car was in the vehicle more than 12 hours before being discovered."

"Sgt. Tom Lovejoy discovered the body of Bandit, his 5-year-old Belgian Malinois, about 10 p.m. Saturday night. He parked the car at his home about 9:15 a.m. that day after working an extra duty assignment early Saturday morning, police said." ...

"... This incident is under investigation and will be handled internally ...

"Lovejoy, a 15-year veteran, was not put on leave and returned to work Monday. [Dept. spokesman Sgt.] Griner said no disciplinary action has been taken and will not happen unless an investigation determines the actions were reckless or intentional." ...

H/t to David Codrea.

TX: Dallas Officer Charged With Assault, Indecent Exposure
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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A Dallas police officer has been charged with sexual assault and indecent exposure in connection with two incidents at a Mesquite apartment building.

One woman called police about 3:30 a.m. Saturday, reporting she had been raped by the officer, police said. Another woman said he exposed himself to her.

Dallas Officer Michael Bricker, a 13-year veteran of the force, was arrested a short time later, police said.

He has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, police said.

ID: Montpelier Police Officer Charged in Assault Case
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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Montpelier Police Officer Kevin Buttars was charged last night with unnecessary assault by a police officer.

The Idaho Attorney General's Office says they found sufficient evidence of an assault against Jared Finley on March 5th of this year. The criminal complaint states Buttars shoved and choked Finley, slammed his head into a wall and possibly forced simulated sodomy on Finley.

Buttars will appear before a Judge next week to face the misdemeanor charge. [emphasis added]

The Attorney General reminds the public that Buttars is presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

NV: Deputy Charged With DUI After Husband Pulls Her Over Twice
Submitted by: jac

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"An off-duty Elko County sheriff's deputy was arrested on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol after her husband, a fellow deputy, pulled her over." ...

"Moore, a jail deputy who has been on staff for 11 years, was off duty driving her 2004 Pontiac Grand Am when she was initially pulled over by her husband ..."

"In two separate accounts of the incident, Mike Moore indicated she initially was pulled over for either speeding or making an illegal turn ..."

"She allegedly left before being administered a portable breathalyzer test ..."

"Mike Moore pulled her over again and called the Elko Police Department for backup. He left shortly after officer Shane Daz arrived. ..." ...

OH: Deer hunts for disabled planned for fall
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"Two deer hunts for disabled sportsmen are slated in southeastern Ohio locales come fall."

"First up is the Muskingum County Buckmasters mobility impaired special deer hunt scheduled Oct. 26-28. The hunting event, which is in its fourth year, is based at Roseville. Hunting will take place at nearby Avondale Wildlife Area."

"For details, eligibility information and registration, phone Kent Papageorge at (740) 697-3337."

"In its sixth year will be the AEP Ohio Wheelin' Sportsmen Ultimate Team-Up special hunt, scheduled Nov. 9-10, on American Electric Power Recreation Land in Morgan County. The Clarence E. Miller Armory in McConnellsville will be used as home base." ...

OR: 'Assault rifles' have a legal and useful place in hunting
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"I bought a new (for me, anyway) rifle this past week."

"It's black. It has a bipod on the stock, a black banana clip that looks like a handle, a scope with a lot of knobs and a shiny metal muzzle on the special oversized barrel."

"It looks a lot like an assault weapon."

"It is a Ruger 10/22, one of the most accurate and most popular sport/plinking rifles produced."

"I got it, in part, for my granddaughter, who's ready to graduate from a pellet rifle."

"She's no terrorist, and neither am I." ...

"Nope, I'm simply someone who loves to hunt, uses firearms as tools (OK, and for home self-defense these days) and recognizes the Second Amendment comes after the First." ...

CA: Sick of gun violence? Blame Congress, not cities
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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Username: Newslinks
Password: Newslinks

"Faced with escalating gun violence, the Sacramento City Council obviously felt the need to act. So last week the council voted unanimously to require gun owners to report thefts of firearms within 48 hours of becoming aware of the theft and to require firearms dealers to thumb-print and electronically record the names and addresses of people who buy ammunition."

"While it was the right thing to do, the council's vote will not solve the growing gun menace that Sacramento faces. Similar measures enacted in other cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland, have not reduced gun crimes."

"... To be effective, gun control laws must be expanded to include neighboring local jurisdictions and states." ...

Firearms Dealers: Ted Nugent supports you in this fight (Red's Trading Post)
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"As I reported yesterday, I spoke with Ted Nugent and his daughter Sasha on the phone. Last night I was able to get a chance to meet Ted in person (along with his son Toby). We discussed what is happening to dealers across the nation. The fact that:"

"From 1994-2005 the number of licensed dealers in this nation has decreased by nearly 80%"

"That the number of license revocations is up nearly 6 times from 2001-06 ..."

"This is a back door attack on our Second Amendment and now with the information of the incredible decreasing number of firearms manufacturers we know our Second Amendment is under serious attack. ... I am speaking our for dealers across the nation that are having their business shut down for clerical errors ..." ...

Yesterdays article and being on your toes (Red's Trading Post)
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"I had mixed feelings about yesterdays article in our local paper:" ...

"My first thought when I saw that they had showed my competitors names who had made legal sales to these individuals was...Would you begin displaying the names of the Car Dealers names who sold a drunk driver a car? I just found it odd that the reporter would choose to drag someone into what is a negative article that made a legal transaction. I am not sure what relevance we had in the story, was the reporter fishing to see if we had sold any guns used in crimes? Or was he attempting to show that we were not selling firearms used in crimes? ..." ...

UK: 'Violent' barrister 'waved penis about' at wedding
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"A drunken barrister accused of exposing himself to bridesmaids before battering a guest at a wedding told his victim he would 'seriously beat him up' ..."

"Best man Christopher Dunn, 40, so offended women and children guests ... that David Baird-Dean stepped in to drag him away."

"Dunn was threatened with police being called but guests relented when he offered an abject apology and pleaded as a barrister he would be in trouble if arrested ...

"But hours later the heavily built lawyer allegedly beat his victim until he was unconscious ..." ...

"Mr Baird-Dean, 48, suffered such severe injuries that surgeons had to use metal plates and screws to reattach his upper jaw and both eye sockets to his skull. ..." ...

The said Constitution be never construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms. — Samuel Adams, during Massachusetts's Convention to Ratify the Constitution (1788).

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