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Newslinks for 8/18/2001

Smith & Wesson Extends Firearms Research With NJIT Partnership
Submitted by: skypod

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Saf-T-Hammer Corporation has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Smith & Wesson Corporation, has announced a partnership with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). In a formal agreement signed 7/18/01, Smith & Wesson agreed to work with NJIT towards integrating the university's biometric identification system into the electronically fired Authorized-User-Only prototype handguns that use ammunition developed by Remington Arms.

You can read all about the research here:

'Special Report' Talks to The 'Experts'
Submitted by: Anonymous

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Interesting interview of Michael Barone by Brit Hume of Fox News. Subject: Democrats and Gun Control

KABA NOTE: VERY interesting interview.

Ask, and you shall receive (Michigan CCW)
Submitted by: Mark Anderson

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Dawson Bell, Reporter for Detroit Free Press, navigates Michigan's new concealed weapons permit process:

"I don't own a firearm or plan to get one. I haven't been threatened. I don't live or work in a high-crime area.

I have no discernible need to carry a concealed weapon, or reason to ask my county gun board for a CCW license.

But I did anyway. And they gave it to me.

Of course, the board didn't have much choice under Michigan's new concealed weapons law."...

Imagine Treating Guns Like Cars
Submitted by: Anonymous

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This is an answer to a previous letter in this paper suggesting that guns should be registered as cars are.

Lubbock keeps tight lid on SWAT case
Submitted by: Anonymous

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You can view the entire document here:

-Seems the city fathers don't want to discuss this. It will not just go away. We need to know the facts.

Civilian Shoots Agent of Legitimate Government with Small Arm or Light Weapon to Save Children
Submitted by: BobL

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Wait, make that "Marion Pritchard Shot Nazi Officer to Save Children."

Good thing she didn't follow UN and Brady advice and get rid of her "evil gun."

Can somebody who knows the email address send this to the UN and ask for comment?

KABA NOTE: You can reach the UN here:

Dial 911 and Die
Submitted by: BlackSnake

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Another example why a 1911A1 beats calling 911! The woman was literally on the phone with Police while being stabbed to death.

Hero jailed for parole violation - Taking intruder's gun broke rules
Submitted by: Bill Nickless

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Remember the stupid burglar who set down the gun where his victim could get to it? Well, the victim/hero is now being held in jail because he handled the gun--a violation of the terms of his parole. Let's hear it for "zero tolerance," eh? Even the San Francisco police are "frustrated" at this turn of events.

School strip search not actionable
Submitted by: BobL

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"A federal appeals court has upheld a judge's ruling that a strip search of elementary school pupils was unconstitutional but that a teacher and a police officer involved could not be sued for conducting the search."

Sure, just take the clothes off of your fifth graders. If you're a teacher or a cop, you're just "acting to fulfill your duties," according to the court. Since when did undressing kids become the "duty" of a teacher?

All this for $26, which BTW they never found.

Armed robber forces woman to give him a ride and knocks her out
Submitted by: Doug Charette

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"The robber forced the woman to drop him off at California Avenue and Pine Street... After warning her not to call the police, the robber hit the woman on the side of her head with a gun and fled... The robber also stole her purse and cellular phone."

If she'd been armed, this may have turned out differently. My bet is she wouldn't have gotten pistol whipped.

CBS shelves reruns due to Proctor & Gamble's fear of Guns
Submitted by: doug thompson

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"While advertisers often choose not to sponsor particular programs, several industry executives said it was unusual for a network to shelve episodes of a prime-time series in deference to a single advertiser. The executives also said CBS's action was a potentially worrisome example of the tastes of a large advertiser being able to influence a network's programming decisions."

The story dealt with a domestic abuse case, where the MOTHER had a handgun. P&G got the network to not air the rerun. Gag me.

KABA NOTE: This makes a great case for boycotting sponsors to make our voice heard.

Our safety, our liberty depends on preserving the Constitution of the United States as our fathers made it inviolate. The people of the U.S. are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts - Not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution. Abraham Lincoln

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